Recursion Real Time Stat Tracker - Beta is now open to the public

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Exploding Fist, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. Corporate Thug

    Good stuff, will try it out. I wanted to do something similar but JSON and my lack of experience with those objects punched me in the face after that first hour and I've been deterred ever since.
  2. Bindlestiff

    This kind of enhancement is going to be a marmite app for sure. For me, I sit firmly on the "I love it" side of things. Absolutely fantastic, and something like this should have been built into the game. It doesn't matter how important "team play" is, ultimately I want to know how *I* am doing because *I* am playing to have fun.

    I wish you all the very best for this and look forward to future improvements.
  3. Buckeye07

    Great job all!! I love stats and have been waiting for this to come out. Was impressed with the auto update that happened today when logging on. I do have to say i leave the overlay on transparent because of the real estate it takes up on the UI. When moving people around in my platoon or simply searching for squads it "overlays" some of those buttons/features. I dont mind the transparent but I cannot see what the numbers mean that way...but most of them are self explanatory. Again...great work!!! Love it!! GO NC Waterson ;)
  4. Exploding Fist

    Thanks man. That's really nice to hear.
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  5. AdmiralArcher

    my only question is

    is this only for recursion?

    i love the use of the pacific rim sound track, that movie was great, and had an epic soundtrack
  6. TheScavenger101

    Account thief ? I may be a complete ******* but how would anyone steal your account with you using this client or making an account on their site ?

    Not pointing fingers, just need to be elucidated, in case I'm missing something because I would like to use this.
  7. IamDH

    Get Morgan Freeman to narrate while i play planetside
  8. St0mpy

    Heres some feedback/question, I only want one thing from real time stats, something that goes PING when my infantry resource reaches 750, and then again some user definable time later as a reminder, can it do that? If not ill use it the second it can :D
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  9. SystemAddict

    Wow imagine that.

    Recursion having coders in their outfit who make planetside related programs.

    I'm sure all of you are totally legit though . . .. . . ha
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  10. TheScavenger101

    Looks to me like they're trying to do a nice thing, there's no costs involved or anything. Why make stupid assumptions ?
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  11. Bindlestiff

    Please do enlighten me and others as to how. At no point do you provide any login details regarding Planetside 2 - it uses the API to pull the data back based on a text based name you enter within the app itself. If you create anaccount and register using the same details as your SOE account, well more fool you.

    I love how people dismiss even looking at hard work of others simply based on misinformed judgement rather than facts.

    I will re-iterate, I ran it for 5 hours straight last night and it enhanced my enjoyment of the game no end. Hearing "blitzkrieg", "triple kill", "unstoppable" etc is fantastic. Hearing "You're being farmed" not so much though ;)
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  12. Kunavi

    The final word is - If you want to be safe, as close to it as you can be any way... NEVER run 3rd party applications. And there's no point arguing about that, it's proven over and over. So you like this little app? Nice, run it. I like it too, I really do. But there's no way I'll run home cooked stuff along with PS2 where I enter PWs and IDs. And it DOES make me suspicious about the application's creators, can't help it. After the CheatFest Ultima was, no way I'm trusting people this much :)

    +1 for the effort, I LOVE UT2004. If this was an official modification I'd grab it at once, right now even the Devs approving it means nothing to me.
  13. hostilechild

    If you run an Outfit it could be very useful for watching a new recruit or how someone in the outfit is doing (suspicious or otherwise).

    • It allows you to monitor yourself and any other player in real time
    • Track the session statistics of that character, with a very detailed kill/death graphical kill board
    • Review up to last 1000 historical events for that character (massive historical kill board), and an infinite number of real-time (session) events
  14. Tar

    Any executable you download and run can do any number of things on your computer that you don't see and know about. Even the authors of the executable may not know about it, if their download server happens to get hacked or something.


    I will quite happily use web based tools, but not desktop ones. Can't this have been done online?
    Someone post some pictures please.
  15. Bindlestiff

    I get that bit for sure, and it is always better to be safe than sorry. Working in IT myself I've seen the consequences of naive behaviour.

    The tool has been run through McAfee, Avast, AVG and SuperAntiSpyware on my side and nothing has flagged. I've even run it through an online virus checker and that was happy too. That doesn't give it a clean bill of health of course, but this has been checked out by, and passed, more security programs than I've ever thrown at any other download.

    I've posted in the Tech Support thread asking for SOE to make a statement about it; blacklist or approve. Even better, they can just build it into the game.

    Edit: Here is the online analysis result -
  16. Mut0mb0

    wow, so many misconceptions and false assumptions....

    1. the login for the tool has nothing to do with your PS2 account, just use what you want.
    2. this tool doesnt interact with your game in any way. having a browser open on a secondary monitor with the site open, is pretty much the same thing.
    3. webbased tools arent more secure. just take the statistics, how many people got their PC infected just by browsing malicious websites and how many by downloading a tool?

    that being said, dont trust some random dude from the forums ;)
    check it yourself, if you arent sure, stay away.

    btw, i like it, its a funny tool and as hostilechild already said, perhaps even useful for outfits.
    props to the coders, nice work!
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  17. TheShrapnelKing

    I have to use this just to hear Radlock announce "HEADshaaawt".
  18. Exploding Fist

    Some people have already responded reasonably, but I wanted to answer this as directly as possible rather than having FUD in the air questioning our integrity.

    Issue 1: Having a username/password for our server.
    Response: We posted on our FAQ why we've done this. That said, while we've implemented authentication/storage controls that exceed industry best practices rendering them unreadable to anyone, but we do this primarily to protect ourselves. Please do not trust our site (or any site) with an important password you use for something else. Use different passwords for every site you use. Get a program like password safe to securely store and encrypt all of your passwords so you don't need to remember them. You should already be doing this. Worst case, you can always reset your password using the e-mail account you registered with.

    Issue 2: Concerns of us stealing your passwords for PlanetSide 2.
    Response: While I suppose it's easy for us to say 'trust us', we really have no interest in your account. Anyone who has experience looking at malicious software could take a look at our application and easily determine if were attempting to hook into areas we shouldn't be, and if we were, we'd be looking at potential jail time. That said, if this isn't enough for you, you have three simple options: A) Run our app on a different computer then the one you use planetside, or in a virtual machine (with sound). B) Buy the SOE authenticator for $9, which is very reasonably priced, and specifically designed to add protections to resolve this concern. Order it at: C) Do not use our application.

    Even if you choose not to use our application, hopefully this has been educational.

    With that aside, we are happy so many people are enjoying it so far. It is motivating us to add more.
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  19. Alarox

    I've been waiting for this. Will try it out.

    Edit: Uh... account registration apparently has a captcha, yet nothing is appearing beyond "Confirm You're Human".
  20. Exploding Fist

    It looks like Google reCaptcha services is down for everyone, which is the first I've seen. I've disabled the check until it's working again. Try again.