Recursion Real Time Stat Tracker - Beta is now open to the public

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  1. Exploding Fist

    Download it here:

    The team has been working on this in pretty much all of our free time to get this release tested, debugged, and polished enough to be ready for a wider audience. We've done what we can to find problems, but please keep in mind that this software is still beta, so bugs will likely still exist, and we want you to find them. We will be releasing frequent updates to fix any bugs you guys may encounter, as well as enhancements (we will be focusing now on getting in some additional achievements).

    What does this app do?
    • It allows you to monitor yourself and any other player in real time
    • Track the session statistics of that character, with a very detailed kill/death graphical kill board
    • Review up to last 1000 historical events for that character (massive historical kill board), and an infinite number of real-time (session) events
    • Provide vocalized arcade style achievement vocals (Motivated by Unreal Tournament, Quake, Duke, and various other games) in real-time based on what you do in game, recorded by Radlock himself
    • A detailed graphical stream overlay to show your stats, kill/death history, and achievements in real time
    • And much much more
    This was built to provide features to different game styles and needs in mind, and to enhance your experience even if you don't stream or care about statistics.

    What do we want you to do?

    If you give this a try, we would appreciate if you take the time to provide your feedback to us, as we are currently planning what features we enhance or work on next right now, on top of fixing any bugs that may arise.

    Teaser Trailer

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  2. Coltorl

    Morning bump.
  3. nooblet91698

    Seems like a really awesome stat tracker. I saw it when Wrel liked it :p
  4. nooblet91698

    oh god, when I created an account, that welcoming voice was epic!!
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  5. HMR85

    Bump, can't wait to try it out when I get home from work. :D
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  6. vsae

    Creating an account totally turned me away...
  7. Coltorl

    Not sure why it would since it's an easy process and it's used to track your achievements throughout your life time of using the app.
  8. HMR85

    DL'd it yesterday. I had a couple hours to play around with it. I really love the real time stat tracking. Great work guys.
  9. Taskforce

    I have heard great things, you guys have really out done yourselves this time. Great work!

  10. Cross

    I can see why someone may not want to create an account. It was something we thought about for awhile before making a requirement. Just keep in mind we provide automatic updates, automatic error reporting (this is a beta), and achievement tracking. There are also a number of other future development plans that require an account based approach.
  11. Ghosty11

    My only question is: Will this program get flagged by SOE as hack and possibly get your account banned?
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  12. Flapatax

    Yea, waiting for an official SOE endorsement before I try this.
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  13. Coltorl

    No it won't be, hopefully Arclegger can come in this thread and say so, but he has seen the app in use and knows that it will not be flagged as it does not involve the client in anyway. It simply uses the API which will not get you flagged/banned. It's the same thing that the Dasanfall Stat site uses and the players.planetside stats use.
  14. Amundsenkalmah

    I though the same but after reading the FAQ on the website.
    The overlay only works for streaming or local recording.
    So there is no problem by using this.
  15. xdox

    Wait, there is no throttle or something on the api? I'm asking because blizzard does limit our access to their api afaik.
  16. Latrodectus

    Man, that guy at 1:20, "PREPARE FOR THE WRATH OF PISTOL MAN--BEYAARG!"
  17. Flapatax

    While I doubt anything would happen, I want a screenshot of someone with an SOE tag saying as much.

    Regardless of where it's pulling the info, it's an overlay, which has me wary.
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  18. Coltorl

    Overlay is entirely optional any actually works through streaming software.

    That can help you set it up and you can test it out if you are still unconvinced.
  19. Tar

    The account thief paradise.
    No, thank you.
  20. Ghosty11

    This is rather surprising to me as well. After a numbers of user start using an app like the one advertised in this thread, SOE might be forced to throttle the data flow from their API. This does remind me of how the third party apps forced Blizzard into throttling their API updated calls.