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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by codeForge, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. MasterMeNL

    Before you guys fix this please allow us to disable the really, ~!@% annoying FXAA, it's looks like a layer of mud is laid across my screen, my 2560x1440 U2711 doesn't need AA FFS! And FXAA is so, so ugly.
    Please do consider this, injectors are not allowed and this seriously should be an option!
    It would perhaps take a few minutes to add.
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  2. Hellsscopeqq

    To all the people saying they aren't hoping to get more then 5 FPS with Optimizations running on AMD CPU's, stop freaking out, its very well known that this game is running about 20-25 FPS WORSE on AMD systems as compared to similar spec Intel systems, when the optimizations are finished, I would expect AMD systems to get at least 15-20 fps increase.
  3. charliebrown_au

    Its good to see Im not the only one that suffers lag jumping and bad fps . Thou my CPU needs an upgrade . My video Card is still fine.

    CPU: 2.1GHZ Duel Core (socket 775)
    RAM: 8 gig
    OS: Windows 7 64bit
    HDD: 2TB WD Black
    GPU: Gigabyte GTX 560Ti OC (Factory overclocked)
    LCD: Asus 27" LCD
    Logitech G19 keyboard

    Anyone know if the game has an opengl command line switch to use OpenGL instead of DirectX ?
  4. ImNotDrunk

    Okay well for a first person shooter the ideal fps is 60. I mean if it doesn't go below 30fps that isn't bad but most people see 60fps for a first person shooter as the standard. So yes if you meet recommended system specs you should at least play medium settings with 60fps. I understand there so much going on so i can be forgiving if I don't get 60fps but when it's going into the 20'S and lower thats where I start thinking "wtf?". Another thing about the recommended system specs is that it recommends a phenom ii x6 am i right? If you play this game go look at your cpu usage while playing you will see only 1 core being used and the rest just stays around 20%. So its kind of mind boggling why they will recommend that cpu. Maybe sometime in the near future all cores will be utilized but right now i'm still thinking"WTF"
  5. ImNotDrunk

    It better be better then that when my phenom ii x4 is only running at 35% cpu usage there plenty of room for improvment... 20-25 would be a nice impovement though i be happy with that for now. lol
  6. Iceuhk

    I knew what the IDEAL FPS rate is, but what i was asking was, what can we EXPECT "optimizations" to really do, considering how CPU hungry this beast is. Also, yeah they said they want to use more cores, i end up using 3 with less than 50% however i got this thing that " unparks" my cores and i immediately got 5-10 more fps. However thanks to some clever options tweaking, ive got about 45-50 in battles and 50-60 in open and 40 in HIGHEST stress areas.
  7. Nexeus

    Also a side note, on 120fps your auto guns tend to shoot faster, faster ammo depletion and lead to reload sooner then on 60fps. My question is still not sure if that affect the damage on enemies.

    Logical speaking the more fired bullets it should do more damage. But is not tested intensively i can't tell.
  8. ImNotDrunk

    Well considering that they put an phenom ii as the minimum playable requirements. I'm sure everyone will agree that 30 fps is the minimum playable fps on a first person shooter or pretty much any game. Considering that you have a cpu that meets requirement you should see at least 30 fps. It's not like these developers are unaware of what gamers see as IDEAL fps in a game. So they should fix it so where there a huge jump in fps. Thats what i expect from them to optimize the game where it actually keeps me no lower then 30 fps. No developer should make a f2p game where only 30% of the people who play the game will actually spend money. my system is above the recommended specs and my fps is as low as 18 fps that's ridiculous. Yeah i did the option tweaking to but still go below to mid 20's at time so still pretty frustrating.
  9. brent234

    W t f are you trying to say??

    Don't use google translate...

  10. Master Mace

    This game is extremely processor bound, turning down the settings does little to nothing to alleviate this.
  11. iller

    He's talking about a very serious security loophole in clocking/timing that's been exploited way too much in a few of SONY's other MMO's. It can actually make rather creative "users" invisible or appear to be invulnerable even in melee-range. Reports of invulnerable players/vehicles in this game again points to a long pattern of Sony's proprietary Coding lacking a lot of Foresight. ...this isn't news but it probably shouldn't be discussed here. (Plus I already went through this once in DCOU with people who believed such a thing was impossible, until I showed them video of it happening in real time).

    Yeah I wouldn't be surprised at all if they were trying to skate-by on the same thing here even though this is literally one of the biggest MMO companies out there and historically the BIGGEST over the long term of MMO's.... OR if they are sharing cores per sector now, they're not using it to it's full potential in a way that would make the game playable for 50% more users engaged in Cover-shooting; while also removing the threat of ESP/wallhacks ... APB already did. I think a few other FPS games have also gone that route. GW2 did as well and it's not even an FPS. Plus it's not even EXPLOITABLE here b/c Sony doesn't have to worry about Portal Bombing or stupidly overpowered thieves. (just OP Tanks with not nearly enough damage falloff vs Players)...
  12. l3lak3

    i dont know why people are saying get a new cpu, or get new hardware, the game only utilizes 40% of my hardware
    and i got a hd6870, phenom x2 1055t and 16 gigs of ram. trust me, i dont believe its the cpu.
  13. mmstick

    You must be using drugs. I have an AMD system (AMD FX-8120@4GHz + AMD Radeon HD 7950) and I get 50FPS minimum in large fights, 70FPS average, 90FPS max. I even use ULTRA graphics settings with my UserOptions.ini. The main problem initially is the game tries to render to infinity distance, so by setting RenderDistance=750 you are instantly awarded awesome framerates at little to no visual difference.
  14. jordo2k1

    i just wouldnt bank onthis game being worth much tbh.if you look at how long the games taken to get to the release point you could realy argue that the engine and performance has been dead from day one. i think the team developing had a great idea but lack the skills to implement them on such a scale,sorry guys but you give me the software as it is and i write my review on what i see.

    planetside 1 ran better and had huge scale wars and battles night in night out and that was like that from day one not countless months of patches apart from some server issues and game content changes.
    whats pissing me off here really is in the fix notes of the last week or so u can see the team are updating and fixing things with the store items?
    who gives a **** about your items????? shut the store down completely untill the game is playable and then let people buy boosts etc etc!!
    its as if this is a snatch and grab attempt by the team to make money tbh and realy poor for all of us.
    one more thing that has wound me up is all the review of the game in pc mags and online gaming sites. have they even played the bloody game??? all the review say things like "amazing and mind blowing"
    what a load of old ****!!!
    im playing a beta of a game this weekend called firefall and its tipped for greatness as a free to play game so if anyone else wants to ditch this ****e and come join me then your welcome
  15. dr_Fell

    Some pages before I have written, that during big battles my fps drops to 20-25. It was not true, I just haven't seen large battle yet (3 days of playing). Yesterday my fps during large fight dropped to 10-15...
    On 4x3,6 GHz Phenom... It is making this great game unplayable. And they call it "recommended requirements". I am wondering what cpu should be truly recommended ? 2x8GHz ?

    I could call it "hungry" if it used 100% of at least one of my cores. Now, during CPU limited battles, the game is using at most 70-80% of one of my cores. (and 40% of the rest). I call it terrible optimisation.

    What the ...?? Are You serious ? If so, and the damage is associated with FPS then I am stopping to play this game immediately. First Counterstrike has the same problem (afair - the higher FPS You had, the faster was Your character running), but it was made over 10 years ago and I didin't think any modern game developer could do such stupid thing.
  16. husse

    man apearantly you play too much mmorpg cuz people from first person shooter games know that minimum fps should be 60 otherwise its not shooter or even broken game :)
  17. TheEvilBlight

    Running on quad sandys, and PSide is using about 1.7GB of 8GB of RAM and is set to a default priority of Low. Doubt if raising the priority will do much.

    Life would've sucked if we only had one continent to concentrate the zerg, but at the moment there's little incentive to hit along multiple fronts. If people would do it, then the number of servers on-hand could be reduced and people would hopefully fight at different locales, but what generally happens is that any number of people are psychologically wired to go to the one biggest fight. :|
  18. Hatamoto

    I cant use sweet FX and no updates on optimization ... oh, there is going to be a LONG while before i release any money in your direction. Its not whining, just the simple truth.
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  19. MrBaracu

    A friend have the same specs as me and i have bad FPS and he not oO
    I format my PC for this game!

    My PC

    CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE (3,4 GHz)
    RAM: 8 GB RAM
    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
    GPU: Radeon HD 6870

    I hope you optimize the game really good.
  20. clantix

    OK OK OK, now I just want to know, is it a myth floating around that the game doesn't use more than one core properly? Or is it tested and true fact, I run a 2.8 2core (amd) and it matters to me that the game could get twice the power going once it is fully optimized. Cause then i could actually play it. :L

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