Planetside 2: Nerf Giraffe Camo Volume 2: Nerf Harder

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Winky, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Winky

    I swear to god I did not knowingly use any sort of exploit, hack, or connection trickery in the making of this video. It's possible that I was lagging or that there was some sort of server problem, but as far as I know my ping was excellent and nothing else seemed wrong.

    I choose to believe that this 10 knife kill (and 3 shotty kill) streak was due solely to the transformative power of giraffe camo.


    Also, Nerf Giraffe Camo Volume 1:

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  2. Darkalfx

    You sir have made my day and I am buying this camo right now.

    Thank you!
  3. Kommissar Klose

    I wonder if this is a Vanu giraffe thing only or something.
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  4. ed_anger

    pretty funny. although the camo might give a real advantage in that it takes slightly longer for people to realize you are an enemy. those that were actually paying attention, i mean.
  5. Roobarb

    Behold the power of the 'raffe.
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  6. lordprinceps

    so buying this, its like the only camo in this game that is acually camouflage!

    EDI: also, what gun is that? i NEED that gun.
  7. VoidMagic

    Obviously NC weapons need a buff... lol
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  8. Winky

    The gun is the Pandora. It's an excellent auto-shotty.
  9. Jinu

    Love the Panny...or the Pan Pan...or the Pancake...just wish either A) Had larger starting clip (6) or B) Had a slightly faster reload.

    Giraffe camo is my next
  10. Winky

    The extended magazine for the pandora is probably the best 100 certs I ever spent.
  11. lordprinceps

    i dont normally play LA, but i might now.
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  12. PoopMaster

    I've killed a good number of giraffe. It comes down to how much the player is actually paying attention, and you can see how much they aren't.
  13. Braken

    Really, you should get the NS-11A. Slap some camo and a silencer on that, and go to town! ;)
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  14. Good_Kitty

    LOLLLLLL. I don't think NC needs a buff. I think their players need a clue!
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  15. Marinealver

    Lol I see, Garrafe cammo gives you golden yellow armor and the VS helmet looks very close to blue so for the NC you end up looking like them.

    So another pre launch pre beta promis they failed at. The cosmetic skins were supposed to be designed so they make you look distinctive but without making you look like you were on the other team. They clearly failed with the garrafe cammo making VS soldiers look like NC soldiers.
  16. Marinealver

    Yeah I would say Garrafe makes a VS look like NC.

    The devs didn;t consider their pattern very well. Head still stuck up in the clouds with their biodome.
  17. Freyar

    This worked just as well with Rocky Tundra too. ;)
  18. Cuze

    I've seen a few vanu trying this since that video came out. It is almost impossible to pick out the guy in the yellow-brown armor against a group of yellow-brown team mates, even if you already know the guy is there.
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  19. xtoph

    I agree, NC players are just generally herp derps, they don't need a buff all good NC think their weapons are fine.
  20. Rec0n412

    I think the big issue is that people really ,really hesitate when they see someone that isn't wearing extraordinarily obvious faction colors.

    In fact, I've had the exact opposite problem where people on my own team have started shooting me, and then after a couple of seconds stop once they realize that I'm on their team.

    So, I suspect that this is a case where people are having a hard time identifying their target, and are hesitant to shoot because of friendly fire.

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