Orion/ Betelgause Nerf?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Lekaseta, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. Scr1nRusher

    I play VS aswell.

    0.75 ADS is gamebreaking on LMG's.
  2. Mianera

    Why don't we all just hop on VS?

    I think that would raise an eyebrow on the developers. Everybody playing the OP faction.

    Oh wait... we can't, because the majority is for some reason emotionally attached to their character/faction. So enjoyed being pwned ;)
  3. prodo123

    Just my humble opinion:
    If NS-15M gets 0.75 ADS and 625 RPM, why shouldn't the Orion?
    Plus, why should the VS LMGs match the "rapid fire" faction's RoF?
  4. Zoobe

    Can you link your chars in game that show the differences you get. Be interested to see where your coming from
  5. TheKhopesh

    And adding the AR damage tier drop off.
    (Though the Orion gets the 0.75x ADS multiplier as well.
    But I'd prefer we let all mention of that debate end right here before it begins.)
  6. ATRA_Wampa-One

    So is 0.35 Bloom while ADS & Moving.

    Also... ROFL, you're still going at this after failing to prove that 0.75 ADS is gamebreaking on LMG's?
  7. Scr1nRusher

    0.75 ADS is gamebreaking on primary weapons when factored into/with the HA shield.
  8. ATRA_Wampa-One

    This is 100% your opinion and is not backed up by any evidence such as the results from server smashes or other forms of regulated/competitive play.
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  9. Scr1nRusher

    Denial as usual.

    Also the games not balanced around "regulated/competative play".
  10. vanu123

    Because the rest of the VS arsenal is totally OP /s
    Orion is fine, it is not that much better than the carv (which is as good in close and is better at range) and the Godsaw 1.0 which is a great headshot machine.

    It is fine, and should not be touched, besides the rest of the VS LMGs (outside of the Sva-88) need some serious upgraded.
  11. ATRA_Wampa-One

    What's there to deny, I'm simply pointing out that you have nothing but your opinion backing your claim that 0.75 ADS is "gamebreaking", which is factually correct.

    And yes... yes it is which is why AV grenades were nerfed because they were proven to be massively OP in several server smashes.
  12. Scr1nRusher

    sigh, how many players raging and hating & data showing things will it take before you acknowledge 0.75 ADS is broken on LMG's?
  13. toxs

    i put da crosshairs on da head of bads. no matter what distance bads is i always gets head****s
  14. asmodraxus

    No nerfs are forth coming for the Orion / Betelgeuce as it would involve also nerfing the Gauss and the T9 Carv as these weapons are actually balanced around each other.

    That and after 17 pages of omg the orion is sooo OP nerf it now on the main discussion, the devs posted no it actually wasn't that and the VS pointed out that the NC have 2 Carbines with 0.75 ads, TR have 2 assault rifles (not 100% sure on TR) whilst shock horror the VS have only 1 in each category.

    Also how hard must it be to hit NC heavies with Jackhammers (they also get 0.75 ADS along with all other shot guns, SMG's, pistols etc.

    So how would you like the Gauss and the T9 nerfed seeing as we are theoretically removing the .75 ads on the orion

    How about reducing their clip sizes to 50? Damage, rate of fire reduction for the T9?
  15. ATRA_Wampa-One

    When there is actual data showing that 0.75 ADS is broken on LMG's, which there isn't.

    Bad players whining about their misinformed opinions don't really matter to me.
  16. Scr1nRusher

    0.75 ADS on LMG's is borken due to how it mitigates the HA shield movement speed penalty.

    Its not complex.
  17. ATRA_Wampa-One

    And yet your opinion that it's a "borken" mechanic has not been shown to be "borken" in any measurable way during competitive play.
  18. Scr1nRusher

    People are getting sick of you crap.

    How manly broken things will you abuse and defend til they get over nerfed?
  19. ATRA_Wampa-One

    If you have evidence of something being "broken" please post it... if not then what something you're claiming to be "broken" is simply your opinion which doesn't matter.
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  20. Scr1nRusher

    You keep PR spinning this.