Orion/ Betelgause Nerf?

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  1. Leivve

    Ideal Faction balance: (My opinion, and I am a person that thinks there should be no faction equivalents, just different ways of approaching the same problem.)

    NC: Weapons hit harder, and are more veritile by being able to to function at different ranges better then their counterparts
    Ex. GD-7F is powerful at close range, but unlike the Lynx can maintain it's killing potential at a longer distance, but will still fail compared to a precision carbine. So they are powerful in their element but can maintain their effectiveness even when other factions are wishing they brought a different weapon.

    TR: Lots of bullets, Lots of bullets going down range, each gun has characteristics to help make them better at their intended roll.
    Ex. TMG-50 has highest bullet damage profile for TR LMGs and is considered a baby gaussaw, with both the weaknesses AND strengths that title carries. Long range favors slower firing, higher bullet damage models, while CQC favors high rate of fire, .75 ADS movement, and reload speed. So I would make each weapon have a set role that it is intended for, and will outclass the other weapons when they are in their element; but if you change even one thing, you'll be on equal a playing field and and if you take them out of their element (Your long range LMG vs their long rang LMG while in cqc) you'll easily outclass them.

    VS: Fabulousness, Disco Parties, Female infiltrator uniforms, weapon versatility, unorthodox combat.
    Ex. Each weapon can have different mods. I would completely get rid of ammo, and they would have 2/3 mags, depending on the weapon, that run on heat. When you over heat you "reload" into the other one, but if you over heat that mag the other might not have cooled down yet, leaving it unusable till it cools; engineers would let you ignore that and let you just freely swap out your batteries.
    Each weapon would also have different firing mods, but instead of full/burst/semi it would be normal charge/overcharge; for balance I would make overcharge make your battery limit extremely more noticeable then if you were pacing yourself with normal charge.. Now it would require lots of testing to get right, but Vanu weapons would basicly beable to fit anywhere in the happy middle between the NC's "Go Big or Go Home", and the TR's HERE'S SOME MORE DAKKA! attitudes.
    VS would have a smaller arsenal for "standard" weaponry compared to TR and NC, but would also have a bunch of fancy stuff to fill themselves out, like low damage weapons that do damage over time, so a sniper/scout could play hit and run like no one else, but a medic will ruin their day as they can't put out the burst damage to drop a target without multiple head shots. Single shot cannons that can blast people away, but only have one shot and a long recharge. Charge weapons. ECT.
  2. Scr1nRusher

    0.75 ADS shouldn't be on any LMG.
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  3. Leivve

    There are some I think .75 is appropriate on some, like the MSW-R. But yeah, other then that I agree.

    LMGs contrary to their name, are not LIGHT. Those things are heavy as ****, and that's before ammo. **** you infantry guys, I'm sticking with my SMG and sitching your arms back into place.
  4. Onhil

    I'm 97% sure someone will send you a reply sooner or later and tell you "But Vanu weapons are made with alien tech and are probably extremely light in some cases"

    Oh wait I just did
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  5. Scr1nRusher

    0.75 ADS negates the HA shield movement speed penalty.

    Which is a balance nightmare.
  6. OldMaster80

    Yeah they are very good LMGs. That's in particular true for the Orion as it'a stock LMG.
    But they are not so OP after all, I mean Planetside 2 has more urgent matters than nerfing weapons that probably in the big scheme of things do not need it.

    I believe stuff like the Valkyrie or the Battle Rifles need much more attention than the Orion, for instance.
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  7. Akashar

    That's because the orion and betelgeuse are by far the best weapons of VS HA. There's no comparing them to anything VS HA got. That's that simple. From my POV you're simply asking to nerf the weapons the most used, and not asking for a game balance. And nerfing VS best LMG to bring them in line with their sub par weaponry is not what I call a balancing act.
  8. ATRA_Wampa-One

    We have a winner folks.

    People die to the Orion/SVA-88/Betelgeuse so much not because they're OP, it's because the rest of our weapons selection sucks.

    Seriously, when was the last time you saw someone using the Polaris, Pulsar, Ursa, or even the Flare that I actually love to use? We're not using the Orion/SVA-88/Betelgeuse because they're OP, we're using them because harsh language is more effective than like 1/2 of our weapon selection.
  9. Leivve

    Explain how plasma makes metal lighter? Sure you don't have to carry the bullets around, but the guns would still weigh the same.
  10. Onhil

    Does it say anywhere that Vanu weapons are made with common metal types used in real life weapons anywhere? I don't thinks so. It would be reasonable to speculate that Vanu weapons are made out of a completely different lighter material than say TR and NC weapons
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  11. Madrey

    0.75 ADS is a huge plus on any weapon that has it, there should be a few noticeable negatives.
    The Orion and BG should/could have: Lower ROF about 700 since 750 is TR territory.
    Bad Accuracy and Damage at Range because it would make more since design wise that VS had to sacrifice damage to achieve the Lightest LMG in game. Slower reload speed with an increase to accuracy at cqc to short range to give it a defined role.

    The ADS modifier is nothing to scoff at, it allows the user to effectively dodge and send damage at the same time.
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  12. Scr1nRusher

    0.75 ADS shouldn't have existed in this game in the first place.
  13. Leivve

    They do say that they have only scratched the surface of their advancement in technology. So I think it's fair to say they still use conventional alloys and materials.

    You don't go to war with untested equipment. In a year or two I wouldn't be surprised if they were starting to move away from "standard" concepts for weaponry; but for the time being it's very likely they are sticking with what works while they figure everything else out.
  14. Onhil

    Thats true aswell, isn't the term scratching the surface extremely vauge? Lets make some random example if lets say scratching the surface means 1 out of 10 it could also mean 10 of 100, 100 of 1000 etc. Now lets say that for every part of Vanu technology is the number 1 then for all we know you could be right and 1 of 10 for example is what makes the most sense or that 1'000'000 of 10'000'000' is what srcatching the surface is.

    I have no idea why I did that, but I have alwasy though sratching the surface is a pretty vauge term
  15. iSpank

    VS weapons are battery charged so no ammo weight, (50 to 200) conventional ammo in LMG drum weights quite a lot imo. anyways my 2 cents
  16. Leivve

    Batteries still weigh a lot. They aren't as heavy as a bullet of the same size, but they do have a bit of weight to them.
  17. iSpank

    Nope, one is compact and charged with energy (Little weight) other is large LMG drum filled with ammo (a lot of weight).
  18. BXAlbatross

    Yeah, the Orion series weapons are way too accurate for my taste. The Betelgeuse is the best LMG in the game, and while that's okay, it still needs to have a weak point.

    Also, why don't the NC have any unique weapons? The Vanu have the Betelgeuse (heat gen instead of ammo), the TR have the Mini-Chaingun (self explanatory) and we have... another shotgun. I mean, it's strong but, it's not really unique at all.
  19. Leivve

    I don't think you realize that acid is actually really heavy.
  20. Tbone

    Kay then i am telling u the same thing MSW-R auraxiumed 1.42 K6D if that is so *** important to you.It a bad *** gun i love it.