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Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Hashlak, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Fugly

    Lasher AOE constantly results in hitting allies too
  2. msisepleld

    It is a GREAT gun! Best when you can get an angle away from the zerg and just pump 75 rounds into a crowd of 5 or 6. I was able to get about 50 kills in 15 min. Also its aim is really true for a very long time. Lash damage in the air does not do much so you have to hit people with the orbs. But you can aim at the floor and any ground object will cause an explosion which does about 1/6-1/8th their hp. With 75 rounds that is quite a bit of splash you can spam.

    It was well worth the 700 gold. It is not the ALL MIGHTY god weapon though, and if someone gets close to you and you cant aim, you are dead.
  3. Arghy

    Projectile speed needs an increase as combat with the lasher tends to be you trying to kill the environment.
  4. anaverageguy

    I've only used the lasher during beta, but after they changed it to orb projectiles, I think it is by far the most worthwhile heavy assault weapon. One thing to note (assuming nothing's changed) is that the hipfire is more accurate than ADS, so it's best to just stick on a laser sight. With that done, you can keep groups of enemies pressured from long range and reap in insane amounts of assists and the occasional kill, all on your own. I would trade the TR heavy weapon for the lasher any day. Just don't take it into close quarters. That'd be very dumb of you.

    I'm quite certain that the people that have problems with this gun are the ones trying to get kills like they do with other guns. If you're just trying to help teammates, it does wonders as you can hit moving targets easily just by aiming at their feet. Not to mention that you can hit enemies behind cover in the same manner. Or if someone is next to a wall, you can hit them just by hitting the wall.

    I don't see how you guys can even complain about this thing. It's the only heavy assault weapon that does excellent at long range. And there's no friggin bullet drop.

    From an opponents point of view, you can even harass enemy snipers with it. Have you tried hitting a target with fat orbs coming at you? Covers everything.
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  5. anaverageguy

    Pistol with the shield. You still stand a good chance.
  6. Fugly

    The SVA-88 with a 2x, 3.4x, or 4x scope is far superior at long range. In fact any of the light machine guns can accurately burst fire any infantry up to the maximum infantry render distance. The lasher may more accurately land where you point, so it's argueable better at great distances for those who cannot handle recoil, but either way the projectiles are far too easy to evade.
  7. anaverageguy

    faction-specific heavyassault weapon*
  8. Slev

    I find the lasher ok, but not great. I've had some really good slaughters with it, but other times I'll land 10 direct hits, and the guy will turn around and slam me. Overall, I think it needs to be tweaked quite a bit to be worthwhile.
  9. Mogi67

    Was racking up kills left and right with the lasher last night.
  10. Lowback

    Idea- Two fire modes.

    Mode 1 - Acts like an Orion with larger projectiles and slightly less speed.
    Mode 2 - Lobs even larger (than mode 1) plasma bombs with less speed than mode 1. ( or same speed, but they arch. ) Lastly, it uses 2 ammo a shot.

    Now it's set up to be situational, without being too situational.
  11. Bogarth

    The Lasher is extremely strong around corners and indoors in general. If you can flank a group of enemies, you can literally shred them to pieces with the lasher due to the AoE damage. It's basically shooting small explosions is the way you should think of using it. Enemy behind cover? Shoot the wall behind him, or the floor next to him.

    Not to mention the clip is massive and the rate of fire is slower, with negligible recoil. You can literally easy mode with this gun into an infantry chokepoint and get ******** amounts of kills and assists (you will hit every single unit that runs through) just by aiming at the ground or doorframe or whatever.

    I think the real trick to using it is to never fire at someone head on, as they will likely kill you faster. This weapon is amazing for flanking and whittling down the enemy. It machine guns assists for you.

    It's biggest weakness is long range/outdoor encounters simply because the orbs move too slow and if the nme is remotely intelligent they will dodge them. However it is good at suppression because the orbs also block the line of sight pretty well, assuming they're aiming at you too.

    It's only weakness indoors is it's TTK is relatively long unless your orbs hit directly which is simply less effective than aiming for consistent AoE damage plus a few orb hits. Also really good at hitting friendlies because of the size of the orbs.

    All in all, a balanced weapon. It melts faces in Bio Domes.
  12. Frei


    I love its concept...but the situations its good in are ruined by ****** teamates rushing in even when they can see the lasher fire into the its magically not going to hit them. I have had to switch off the lasher twice in a day of play because of the teamfire issues...sometimes when there aren't even any other teamates around.

    It needs to have some kind of a perk to make up for slow projectile speed and suicidal tendencies. Perhaps making it pierce armor and put it into the rocket launcher slot so you have an option between CQC or Suppression. Just my $.02
  13. Sh00rs1gn

    Personally? My two points of improvement on the lasher would be:

    • Minor increase to direct damage
    • Make it sound like an actual electrical/plasma gun and not so much like a pleasant breeze going through wind chimes.
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  14. Arghy

    Its damage needs to be upped or projectile speed increased because i got the drop on a LA and fired at him for 4 seconds hitting him with every round and he was only at 20% hps when he turned around and killed me. If i hit a target in the chest with my orb it should be like hitting him with 3 splashes otherwise its just ********.

    Increase projectile speed and leave damage as is or increase damage and leave projectile speed as is--currently it is a gimmick gun.
  15. Oil

    As I stated in beta, if SOE want to make money on the Lasher, the following needs to change.

    1. More Damage
    2. Lashing effect
    3. More beefier sound

    Until that day comes, no one in our outfit will purchase it
  16. Grotpar

    I love the gun to death, but it's just so inconsistent.

    Sometimes I destroy enemies at range before they can react(hot dropped in, so no prior damage, and nobody helping me kill them), and sometimes they live with their shields intact from near point blank range and blobs clearly hitting their head and chest.
    I've also never had a headshot kill with it, so it doesn't register headshots?

    Hit detection issues? Or does the damage just randomize between 1 and 7?

    I'd also like the option to get fast reload magazines(Orion speed) with less bullets(40-50) in them. The default magazine is so redundant, and takes fairly long to reload. Such a waste.
  17. Grotpar

    It's even worse than I thought, it doesn't deal damage to ESFs, even my pistol does damage to an ESF.
  18. Slev

    The self damage is the worst. If an enemy is less than 3 meters away and you're shooting them, you hurt yourself too. How is that even a mechanic. So a gun that excels in CQC, also has its largest drawback in CQC.
  19. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    I tested this gun this evening, and while it was somewhat awesome as a concept, the weapon wasn't fun.
    An actual, working, visible Lashing effect for whatever miniscule damage would go a long way.
    Actual sound, too. This weapon is also in dire need of a better model, as others have pointed out; It just feels bad to use it.
    As for performance, I managed a triple kill in CQC, but I also managed to get a "Last Warning" from teamdamage by means of hurting myself.
    Is it seriously possible to get a weapon lock from suicide? o_O
    Anyways, I suppose this weapon has a niche, and if that's medium range combat from an elevated position (Can't I just shoot them?), then so be it, but it's the lack of feel that really stops me from using/buying it; No sound, unfitting model, and if it even lashes, I can't see it, neither do I have any idea about the explosion radius.
  20. Grotpar

    You can just shoot enemies, but the TTK is really long compared to an LMG, even if you hit all shots.

    Tapping the mouse button instead of holding it works really well, as the recoil and bloom will recover faster than you can tap, so you have near-perfect accuracy.

    In close quarters, I just hold the button, but I find tapping to be extremely useful at longer distances.
    This might reduce the rate of fire slightly, but it seems roughly the same to me.

    The weapon does need some sound, it only makes a sound when you release the trigger.

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