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Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Hashlak, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. omegaflarex

    This concept can be changed: a direct hit by an orb will cause substantial amount of damage (can be researched into different types of ammos and upgrades - see my thread via general discussion). If it misses, the area-of-effect will take over but not by much - SIMPLE, HUH?
  2. Ciddie

    This! I bought it and use it solely for base defence and suppression.
    Covering the Landing Pad entrance of the Bio Lab can be really effective.
  3. Stadulator

    You're doing it wrong
  4. JPax

    So basically, from the jist of most posts here - the lasher is a great ambush and flanking weapon.

    If it is, then give it to light assault. I want my HEAVY ASSAULTING weapon. One that I can confidently ASSAULT something with. Not sneak around them and fire at their backs.
  5. JPax

    Greetings earthling!
  6. Lightwolf

    You... don't like... your weaponized lights show?
  7. Vermana

    Doing it wrong. I use the Lasher exclusively for Assaulting.

    The Lasher is unmatched in camp cleaning AND door camping. EVERY SINGLE attack/defense in a base has both of these.

    If you're attacking, use your Lasher to fire into camped areas, areas packed with people, etc. You will normally do more damage and cause a lot more chaos than poking your head in with an LMG and firing a few shots before getting Swiss-cheesed. You can fire around corners with Lasher. Use that advantage, for Vanu's sake.

    Have you ever had to defend a choke point against an unending wave of TR/NC Heavy Assaults, Medics and MAXes? I have. Pretty much every time I defend our territory. There is NO weapon (other than grenades) better for defending chokes than the Lasher. Get on high ground, fire down at the choke point, kill them as they flood inside and try to hide behind light or medium cover. Cover is worthless against you.

  8. Slev

    What's the best attachment for it. I'm using the laser sight now and seem to be doing alright. Also, is it still the case that it's innacurate sighted and should always be hipped?
  9. JPax

    If you can point out the corners, corridors and choke points on hillsides then I'll give you a cookie. Otherwise, Lasher = Situational to indoorsy HA's.
  10. Grotpar

    Personally, I'd say no attachment. But I guess the laser sight is probably the best, but because of how the weapon handles, attachments just seem completely pointless.

    I don't know if the extended magazine is at all useful, but last time I checked, the tooltip states that it only adds 4 bullets, so that's like a second and a half longer firing. This might just be a bug, though.


    Things the Lasher needs:
    -More direct damage.
    -Ignore friendly targets.
    -A sound effect while firing.
    -The ability to damage airplanes.
    -Headshots.(I don't even.)
    -A lash effect instead of AoE. Why the **** is this even called the "lasher", if it doesn't "lash".

    Also, AR and Carbine equivalents for a mega VS lightshow of doom.

    That last part may or may not be serious.
  11. velourfog

    The old PS lasher was a cool weapon. Despite being nerfed hard over the years, it had its uses and stood up well against the other heavy weapons at medium range. (Although the TR chaingun was obviously superior at all ranges >_>) However, the new lasher is absolute crap. The damage is laughable, the splash is mediocre, and the friendly fire is impossible to avoid. The weapon is completely useless when compared to any LMG. I guarantee that I could kill ANY player using a lasher with a pistol 100% of the time, and that's just sad.
  12. Donaldson Jones

    The Lasher is an amazing SUPPRESSION weapon. It really bites up close because it hits you as well and at long range it can be seen from almost as well as the VS rocket trail. It's advantages are in bunker busting it can people to move if they are in cover because they may not know where they are getting hit from. It's TTk is about right to me. Indoor CQC work I use a shotgun with slug ammo..a reflex sight and really saving certs for the extended magazine. Long range...I use a Magrider.

    But the look is sorta ..ok..but I feel that way about most vs guns. The sound ..truly I don't really notice much.
  13. FearTheCow

    The Lasher is a joke, it is basically worthless at close range and indoors due self/team damage. It is worthless at long range due to bullet spread and speed. It is almost worthless at medium range due to just about every other weapon out damaging you.

    I switched back to the Orion and suddenly started actually killing people, so pissed that I paid money for the POS Lasher.
  14. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    I did cave in and bought it.
    In a massive battle, I actually managed to rake in kills.
    However, there were so many enemies I couldn't see them anymore.
    I think it could be tweaked for requiring a bit more skill, but don't quite know how; Team damage was a MASSIVE annoyance, still, if it had sound, it'd be a fun weapon.
  15. Shockwave44

    It's too situational. Who has time to use it indoor, then once you head outside, need to find a sunderer halfway across the facility to reequip, then run all the way back but wait, you're headed back in again...

    I honestly think they just don't know what to do with it. The only way I would ever spend SC on it is if it shot just as fast as any lmg, made the orbs much smaller and no damage to user. Right now, I can blow bubbles out faster than the lasher shoots. It's just a sloppy gun.
  16. Imij

    hahahahaha. I sure hope you're being sarcastic.
  17. Glenndal

    The lasher is a great area denial weapon. Unfortunately, one doesn't get comperable certs for area denial. Current cert incentives punish otherwise valid forms of defense which involve just controlling the flow of opponents without actually killing them. This makes some interesting strategies a lot less common.

    Still hoping for a -75% projectile speed variant. Super slow projectiles would make for a much more interesting weapon.
  18. Jjix

    I don't know how you guys do it, but for me, any extended use of the Lasher results in a weapon lock. It is pretty much guaranteed. Most of the situations where you want suppressive fire are also situations where you have a ton of teammates around strafing back and forth and doing all sorts of crazy things. The lasher isn't like a grenade or a weapon where you fire in short bursts, it uses sustained streams of orbs which, unfortunately, are all to easy to run in front of. The slow travel speed of the orbs makes it difficult to quickly respond to an overzealous teammate. When an enemy gets close to your group, even if you land every orb directly on him you will still get friendly fire splash damage. The gun seemingly was designed for maximum friendly fire. This is the number one problem with the gun IMHO, not the lack of single target damage.
  19. Vermana

    Why the hell would you use a Lasher outside?

    Not every weapon in the game is meant to be amazing in every single situation. Use the Lasher to its strengths and it is unbeatable. Be an idiot and try to use a Lasher when you shouldn't be using a Lasher, and it's one of the worst weapons in the game.

    Holy hell guys, learn to swap Loadouts.
  20. Deathrus

    I can confirm this mans story. HE HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD!!!.

    My favorite thing is to shoot and kill a retrteating enemey thats behind cover lol. I alos aim at the feet, I have yet to get a headshot with a orb And my KDr seems to go up when I aim for the feet, that way if they dodge an orb it still hits.

    Can any else confirm my findings as well?

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