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Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Hashlak, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Hashlak

    So the new lasher is here and seems to be slightly improved. This thread can be used for feedback and further development of the best (or what used to be the best) HA weapon ever made.

    I gotta say its not that bad now, seems to function pretty well although it still has a bit of a strange feeling due to the unrealistic tick of hit-points. This was more evident in the beam version but still the new one could defiantly use some improvement. I managed to get some serrious killing sprees with it today tho :) amazing weapon for heavy support.

    I've also noticed the sound is completely WHACK ! I mean im sure that its just temporary and the devs will address it sooner or later but the sound really does impact the whole feeling and power of the weapon. Would be great to have something similar to the ps1 version but rejuvenated..

    Another very important point i would like to make is that the new design is absoultly rubbish imo.. It doesnt match up with what the weapon does/fires and what its capable of.. They make it look like an assault rifle where u can run around fast with it and shoot massive plasma orbs :confused: It just doesnt add up. A proper more thought of design is really needed.. For example the ps1 model was much larger/bukly and you couldnt run so fast with it due to weight. It was very powerful and not highly manouverable. A more underlung/Bulky design would be very desirable.

    Heres an example of some fan made concept for the lasher ( Not the best design but its a start ) :


    The ORIGINAL Lasher :

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  2. EvilMonkee

    Please please get rid of the self lash when too close to enemies...
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  3. Goats

    The Lasher would be drastically improved if it actually lashed, instead of just exploding around where the orb hits.
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  4. oherror

    Id take the PS1 lasher over the crap they have now. That is a pipe dream though. So pro tip dont use a lasher.
  5. Fugly

    The lasher totally sucks. The projectiles are WAY TO SLOW.
    The TR chain gun is like a hundred times better.
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  6. omegaflarex

    I agree, or just add AP to Lasher's ammo.
  7. WaRadius

    Lasher does a great job at suppression and area denial. It's best used in top-down outdoor and mid-long range indoor combat, where you can aim at something behind the enemy.
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  8. Maer

    Your weapon has been locked.

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  9. 46and2

    Lasher sucks. It's far too situational and unintuitive to use, and when it is in it's perfect ideal scenario, it's not noticeably better than other guns. A weapon that does crap damage when it directly hits your target is a crap weapon.
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  10. Copyrighted

    I love it actually. It is definitely a good suppression weapon, and I think that's how it should be used, plus it has a good rate of fire and is much more accurate than the other VS heavy guns.
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  11. Strongback

    Used it in beta, but I never cared much for it.
    The damage it did simply was not enough, although was an amazing terror weapon.
    Can damage enemies in light cover where normal guns wouldn't.

    Problem is however that it's too situational for my liking.
  12. Metallideth

    self lash needs to go away

    I'd like to see lash damage on teammates go as well, but not direct orb hits. That was the lore of PS1. VS had special armor that prevented the lash effect of the lasher.

    That may solve the too easy to team grief/weapons lock issue without making it a spam into friendlies to kill the enemy weapon.
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  13. Gomezie

    makes me laugh seeing people try to use this at long range... great gun though,

    Would trade my left ball for a PS1 version though
  14. Tyrael

    The sound of the orbs impacting is active but the weapon firing sound is not active. I like the speed of the orbs for medium range combat - its very good for clumps of enemies huddling behind cover. It is different from every other weapon except grenades & rockets which are both single fire and area effect vehicle shells. The lighting of the orbs is awesome at night as each one lights up the area around it. Definitely a side-grade; the orbs don't do enough direct damage when impacting but I feel the lashing effect is strong...
  15. Nicholai

    It's too situational and the situation in which it is good (clustered enemies/enemies behind cover), is a niche filled by grenades or (at a pinch) rockets.

    I really can't justify using it.
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  16. FurtherViewing

    I love my Lasher. Love it. I soloed a tower stairwell by killing 4-5 guys hiding in a doorway per salvo. For mid-range engagements you always end up on top, especially indoors. So far the only time I have lost is when the enemy figured out what I was using and charged towards me until the lasher shots were hurting me too.

    My only problem is that its not clear how big the AoE from the balls are. I'd like the animation to match the area that the damage occurs in.
  17. Supermop2000

    Problem with the Lasher - it replaces your main weapon, and is actually no good at anything other than suppression fire. Doesnt actually kill anyone except yourself.

    So you're stuck with the pistol or lucky kills where noobs walk into your lasher fire.

    I really dont understand why they thought this was a good weapon compared to the other empire heavy weapons?
  18. MartianDiscoFish

    The projectiles are way too slow for me, it's like lobbing snowballs at the enemy, sounds like it too (as in there isn't any)
    Also the MCG and Jackhammer got their own model, Lasher just looks like another Pulsar. BORING.

    This gun has seen a huge improvement over BETA; was stacking kills last night with it.
    The model is complete garbage though. It's just reskinned carbine/shotty.
  20. Sancus

    Yep, it's just stupidly bad. By the time an orb reaches a target, you could have pumped enough LMG bullets into their head to outright kill them -- and it's going to take a lot more than one Lasher orb to kill anybody :p

    It's not bad when you're firing into a group, but that's way too specialized and even then I'm not really convinced it's any better than a LMG at firing into a group except for aoe damage on people out of line of sight.

    Orbs need to be sped up like 5x, if I'm standing 30 meters away a target shouldn't be able to move out of the way before an orb hits them but right now it's trivial to do this, and the aoe damage is insufficient to make up for this inability to put damage on targets.