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Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Hashlak, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Aaron

    The DPS for direct hits may need a boost. DPS feels a little low.
  2. Nicholai

    I'm starting to come around to the lasher now.

    It is not really a solo weapon - you need to be engaging from mid range or further and supporting friendlies. A few seconds of single fire tapping at range from a lasher will cripple everyone in the area you fire into and damage degradation feels like a non-issue. You can set up a dozen people to be slaughtered by your buddies with a third of your mag.

    Spamming spot and tap-firing the lasher into clusters of enemies provides a boat-load of XP, far more than the 2 or 3 kills you would get with a LMG in a similar situation with other people nabbing kills at the same time.

    Also - elevation is everything. As long as you are slightly above your enemies, every shot will be damaging them.

    I'm starting to feel that if the direct damage was better, this gun would be OP. Lacklustre 1 on 1 combat is its weakness that justifies how good it is in large fights - its a pure squad support weapon.
  3. CaptainCthulhu

    When looking at the general stats, it claims high damage...but in EVERY situation I run into anyone one on one, I hardly do any damage before dying. In 1v1, if you run into anyone using perhaps anything but a sniper rifle, you are boned.

    It's a detriment to the team because of friendly fire, as well. So, to summarize the weapon is not reliable against anyone in a 1v1 showdown (which are often over in a split second anyways), and it's dangerous to use in groups...

    Seriously disappointed with this weapon, was definitely not worth the 700 SC I spent on it...real unfortunate these items are so expensive.
  4. Deadeye[3.1]

    I'll admit, that I got the Lasher together with the Nemesis yesterday, and sofar I'm really loving it.
    Sure, its a horrible CQC weapon, since up close you damage yourself and easy to damage nearby allies too.
    But working in squad, this piece of sweet purple candy become an amazing suppression weapon.
    Constant fire through a doorway and watch them TR/NC's take cover, letting your allies close in with relative ease.

    That said, it really could use a damage buff. Just a minor one. Also an increase to the projectile speed.
  5. Zaik

    A guy got the jump on me today using the lasher, I pretty much just crouched, turned to him, and killed him.

    Admittedly, he was spraying all over the place with it. I dunno if it needs to be burst fired or if it works like the MCG and has a tiny circle that it fires into, but they were flying in my direction pretty regularly, just not really hitting me specifically. The AOE was hitting me every shot, but it was really low damage. Just shot him in the face with my SAW three times and went about my business.

    If it makes you feel any better, having to do 3-4 body shots at <5m with the jackhammer to kill is rather silly too. Dunno why they cut it's damage to like 30% of it's old damage, but hey now all three are awful replicas of MAX weapons, right?
  6. Ganjis

    I love the lasher. I still use the LMGs when I am likely to be fighting 1 on 1 a lot or fighting across open ground. However, if you have lots of allied infantry around, the lasher is great for support, either by flanking or firing past infantry in front of you. It is a unique weapon that actually makes a difference. That is enough for me.
    There does seem to be a RNG element to it because I have killed infantry in three hits, but other times it takes about 10+ hits to kill.

    The lack of sound makes it good for flanking.

    My only real problem is splash damage hurting friendlies/yourself. I feel it should either do more damage and keep friendly fire or (better) not damage friendlies unless with direct hit.

    I recommend you test it out and find a biolab to right in :)
  7. Timujingeo

    The lasher excells at backdoor/stair defence at a tech plant; just spam the doorway from the mezzanine above and watch the XP roll in.
    Most sensible enemies try and find another route in if they see lasher spam, so it's an excellent deterrent.
  8. Vedge

    The kill speed of the lasher is really slow for my liking. I can take down an enemy way faster with Orion, and much more reliably as well. I agree that it's very situational, but those situations are so rare, i can do without it
  9. Midax

    The direct hit TTK is horrible. In 1v1 you will lose 8 out of 10 times, the 2 out of 10 are people with sniper rifles and people new to FPS. On the plus side this weapon is brutal against groups if you have the high ground or a nice doorway. If they would just raise the direct hit damage slightly so that you can out damage a pistol, I think it would be perfect.
  10. Sancus

    Yeah I don't think the Lasher should do as much direct damage as a LMG, but I really don't see why it's lower than pistols...
  11. Valeriu

    weird weapon.

    Long range - people can avoid it, and you an announcing where you are pretty damm loud...
    short range - nuke yourself and probably allies aswell.

    It seams suited for close battles, but with friendlies running round, you jsut constant Friendly fire warnings......
  12. Vexar

    I've loved every bit of my lasher. But, there is a damn good reason. I've specced into Sunderer/Deploy/Armor, I hold that sunderer like it's a girl on the internet. I ain't lettin' that ***** go until she blows up.

    We make assaults at back, front, and side doors. Up close, zerg, and hit hard where it hurts. My lasher holds corridors and entrance/exits very well. Pair that with the hades/nemesis for support and it's tough to get by. Granted, for now; when the going gets tough; Orion. Until I figure out the all in one Flare.

    Lasher is a situational gun. A damn good one at that. But don't take it to close quarters and expect to win. That gun is the tool you need for certain jobs. I take mine to a specific job, killing lots and breaking lines. It does that perfectly. That's why there is self damage, the damn thing is telling you "Hey, I'm not made for this, moron."

    Some of the best SC I've spent so far is on that gun though.
  13. Blitzkrieg

    Reporting super obvious bug, but I don't think any one has mentioned it.

    There is no sound from the Lasher at all.
  14. Grotpar

    There is, but it only plays when releasing the trigger.
    Still doesn't seem intentional, though.
  15. Blitzkrieg

    The only sound is the projectile going through the air and colliding with something. The actual weapon makes no sound.
  16. Grotpar

    Plays a sound for me when I release the trigger.
    Starting fire, and continuous firing makes no sound at all.

    Never heard anything from the projectile, except the impact.
  17. Blitzkrieg

    Hmmm interesting, it's rock silent for me.
  18. Grotpar

    Quick video.
  19. Blitzkrieg

    Hmmm, I'm not getting that sound either O.O
  20. Makaijin

    As a few have said, the Lasher isn't exactly a high DPS weapon. It shines as a support weapon, mainly for suppressing the enemy. With the extended magazine cert, it takes well over a minute to completely empty a full clip. Spamming through a door entrance, shooting down a narrow passage, the lasher is an amazing choke point denial weapon. It also does damage through walls or other forms of cover. In fact, used correctly, you can actually 'herd' the enemy to some extent by forcing them to continually dodge in the same direction.

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