NS-11C Carbine

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by ladiesop, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. ladiesop

    New Carbine out today. Seems like a carbine version of the NS-11A, with the same magazine size (35) and max damage (143); not sure about the rate of fire, but seems the same. I suspect it has the double drop off of Carbines.

    What do you think so far? using it in VR, I think the foregrip is the more useful rail attachment as it jerks around a lot without it, and doesn't have the RoF to compete with true or even stock CQC carbines like the Trac-5 and Mercenary in that area, so I see it as a medium range thing, IMO.

    New sound effect too.
  2. VanuSovereignty

    Well I know what my next SC purchase will be...
  3. NoctD

    It feels like a GD-22S of sorts... uses NC optics like the MH2 reflex sight. Not sure really beyond that... I think the Razor, T5 AMC, etc could be better. Plus why would you want to use a weapon that has BULLET DROP if you're Vanu?

    Seems more the attraction is that its an account wide unlock.
  4. Djarunen

    I think I will pick this up due to my love of Carbines and their great variety of usefulness in most situations. I have been dabbling in characters other than my TR, and I think this will give me the ability to have an available weapon I'm familiar with. Also, it looks freaking awesome!
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  5. blzbug

    That would be handy. It also gives you a generic sounding weapon, which draws less attention than your empire specific carbines.
    Hopefully this won't result in much less diversity on the battlefield. It will get boring if the NS carbines are good and everybody is using them.
  6. vulkkan

    Definitely picking this up with double SC, I'm sick of these identical looking TR carbines and shotguns.
  7. Bankrotas

    It's actually kinda nice. 35 ammo clip is great and kinda feels good allrounder weapon to be honest, I really would like to get this, as it feels as it would be my go to weapon instead of Gauss compact S
  8. Flukeman62

    it lied to me about the stock
  9. Venomoroth

    don't let numbers fool you!

    damage per magazine for most nc weapons: 167*30 = 5010
    damage per magazine of the ns-11c: 143*35 = 5005

    both do 5 kills on 10 meters without nanoweave armor.

    i can't say much about the accuracy on different ranges of that new weapon but dps-wise it seems to be equal to the ns-11a and so has only 1554dps and that's pretty low. most short-midrange weapons are spread from 1600dps-1780 dps. you seem to be nc, so just to show you a number, the af-19 mercanary deals 1670dps.

    i don't know which one is your accurate-range-carbine but if you want an accurate mid-range weapon and play tr you could buy the t5amc, which is much cheaper, quite accurate (don't have numbers to compare), deals more damage per magazine and has the same dps.

    the big questions here are:

    how is its accuracy, cone of fire, hipfire compared to other empire specific weapons and if it mixes some of them - will this mix be more useful than the standard weapons of your empires, which are often cheaper to buy?

    for me it looks like a waste of money because:

    1. no matter how good it hipfires or how accurate it is - you will get your *** kicked on close ranges cause of the very poor dps
    2. there are several good mid-range weapons for each empire which deal nice dps, are cheap and fulfill the same role

    really, from what i know and what i have tested i can see absolutely no field of use for this weapon.
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  10. vulkkan

    Interestingly, the stats on the NS-11C say that it's a long range weapon, whereas all other TR carbines are noted as medium range weapons.
    Already, I have noticed a bug: ammunition belt does not work with this carbine.
  11. Scabs likes knives

    A step in the right direction for Light Assaults, SOE, but I wouldn't buy it.

    Tested in VR and trialed with a friend.
    Inaccurate at range - you will still be chewed up by HA and Medics

    What I would buy would be either:
    a slower RoF, higher damage faction-neutral variant,
    or a long-ranged faction carbine.

    And fix the goddamn accuracy.
  12. Demyer

    Tried it out for a bit. Feels like solstice sf with left pull recoil, 5 more rounds and 0.75 ads movement but no UGL.
    Not interested.
  13. Bankrotas

    You know that this statement contradicts your post most?

    Anyway, it still feels nice. I have a bad aim, thus slower ROF is better for me to compensate my bad aim without wasting too much ammo. Good thing I'm NC
  14. o.Solei.o

    I've found that as carbines go, it's pretty accurate w/ foregrip. Most accurate thing my NC LA has access to. Compensator is optional, depending on your motor-skill preferences for compensating for recoil. (Prefer a modest verticle kick myself, walks from upper chest to head pretty naturally.) Can be used w/ laser instead, but the 2nd gen SMGs are better at the ranges laser would be handy, that and fore-grip alleviates most of the real problems of hip-firing in CQC.

    I think it's a solid choice for a carbine user looking for a versatile weapon that can bias into med-short or med-long ranges depending on which attachments you use. Personally, I really like it because it looks and sounds very satisfying without sacrificing flexibility and kill-potential.

    That and a weapon for 2 classes that unlocks on all toons for normal weapon SC prices is pretty dang sweet. (That and by being a cross-faction weapon, you are not immediately identified by the enemy team as being hostile by sound alone.)

    Honestly, the biggest downer of this is that while the CCO are NC, the RCO are TR... Not a fan of TR ranged combat optics.
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  15. ScorpDK

    1. It looks, sounds and feels more like a gun than the VS carbines. The same goes for the NS-11A, which performs beautifully in almost all situations, or atleast it FEELS like it does. No pew-pew.
    2. I gladly trade the no-bullet-drop for additional damage at range. It involves more skill to hit people, but that is OK and might even be a bonus, as you don't feel as bad about yourself when you're scouting on the top of The Crown's tower, and manage to headshot people as they cross the bridges :D (which basically tells you what I did for 2 hours today while defending the place, on Waterson. (I was TR there, but the weapon handles the same on all sides, so eh!) Put a 4x sniper scope on it and you're set for scouting...
  16. Joram

    Its not great, but i love those 5 extra rounds and the sound is awesome, sometimes is nice to hear other things than pew pew sometimes
  17. Rudette

    Seemed like a good alternative for a long range carbine when I tried it out in VR, I'd recommend that TR who aren't fond of the AMC to take it for a spin on the shooting range and see if he/she likes the way it handles! If you've never tried the AMC you should try that out as well before coming to a decision.

    If you have alts that you dabble with when you don't feel like socializing, as I do, then the whole common pool account wide unlock is another consideration to factor in.
  18. Sian

    Definitely a factor, there. Also more potential for Giraffe camo shenanigans.
  19. Springheel Jack

    Oh my god yes.
  20. Flashtirade

    It performs too much like the Mercenary for my tastes.
    NC: A rich man's AF-19 with some more attachments, base performance and handling are pretty similar. Horizontal recoil is balanced both ways and really jumpy. However, the extra 5 rounds and access to a compensator may tickle your fancy.
    TR: A nice change of pace from all the high RoF, slow reloading bullet hoses. Use it if you like or just want to get a feel of NC weaponry.
    VS: At this weapon's effective range, the loss of bullet drop doesn't really matter. Use it if you like or just want to get a feel of NC weaponry.
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