NS-11C Carbine

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by ladiesop, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. vulkkan

  2. OddChelsea

    Looks like there aren't many differences between this and the NS-11A and those that exist are extremely minor. That's good. It's quite interesting that there is no difference at all between the short and long reload times. That's actually an advantage in this case, considering it's reload is pretty short.
  3. SpaceKing

  4. paradroid

    Have to admit, the sound threw me once or twice. defending Zurvan Amp from the spandex faction when I started getting hit, not hearing pewpew I thought 'Who the f*** is TKing me?' then when the death screen came up it was a Vanu LA using this.
  5. vulkkan

    I noticed a couple of stark differences. The NS-11C has a short AND long reload time of 2 seconds, which I personally think may be a bug. Also, it has fairly pathetic projectile velocity for a 'long range' carbine at 450 m/s, which is identical to the LC2 Lynx, a dedicated CQC carbine.
    Here's the closest I could get. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet...1.5&sortcolid=42&sortasc=true&rowsperpage=250
  6. Marked4Death

    Hmm, I doubt they are bugs. Carbines typically have better reloads and slower velocities than AR's and they have more damage dropoff. Compared to the NS-11A it looks identical except for those differences.
  7. SpaceKing

  8. vulkkan

    No, if you look at the in-game description of the NS-11C, it's clearly marked as a long range carbine. The TR 'ranged' carbine is the T5 AMC, which is marked as a medium range carbine, but has a velocity of 570 m/s. Even the stock TR carbine has a better velocity of 490 m/s. Additionally, I was pointing out that the short (ammo still in clip) and long (completely spent clip) have the same reload times; for ALL other guns the short reload is shorter than the long reload, hence my reasoning that the lack of difference between reload times is a bug or accidentally coded that way.
  9. Marked4Death

    I get what you're saying, but I still disagree about it being a bug.
  10. Gruntilda

    Avoid it, it is just a bad version of the current guns you can get. Its a slight buff to the always terrible VS guns, but for NC or TR itsa downgrade
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  11. o.Solei.o

    These types of comments crack me up. Regardless of how it looks on paper, it's a great weapon and has gotten me lots of wonderful kill-streaks. (Not to mention it's just fun to shoot, it both looks and sound beefy.) I very strongly consider it a direct upgrade from most of the NC and TR guns, and I really don't consider having to deal with bullet drop a downgrade from VS weaps. (Honestly, having to constantly remind myself that VS guns don't have bullet drop gets me in tons of trouble. It's probably been over a decade since I played a game without bullet drop.)

    BUT... opinions aside, I have an actual word of caution about a real problem with the gun:

    It's CP. It's marked as CP in the store. It's from the CP "brand" in game lore. It's not attached to an emp specific vehicle (which would keep it from unlocking account-wide), and I purchased mine with SC. (Purchasing with certs would also keep it from unlocking account-wide.)

    As I'm sure you have all guessed, mine did not unlock for my whole account. I purchased one earlier today, but it's still not unlocked. My other toons can still attempt to buy it in the store, and it's still marked as CP to them as well. I have a ticket in, but am still waiting to hear back on it.

    Just a word of caution to those wanting to pick one up - you may have to wrestle with customer service to get things straightened out, or wait for a patch for it to unlock to characters other than the one you bought it with.
  12. FieldMarshall

    Keep in mind that it can be fitted with High velocity ammo to somewhat compensate for its crappy bullet speed.
    Also. The magazine makes it look like a friggin Boltgun. So you have to get one, Right now
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  13. o.Solei.o

    That effect is only augmented by adding the compensator barrel attachment. From the player's 1st person view, it makes the tip of the barrel look big enough to shoot golf-balls. ;D
  14. SpaceKing

    It's a decent gun, but such a tiny ammo pool :/

    team fortress moar
  15. OddChelsea

    I talked about the short and long reload in the post you quoted but perhaps it wasn't clear enough what I meant. The gun does have high velocity ammo which should help the projectile velocity being low.
  16. JudgeDeath

    As a Vanu only player its nice to sometimes fire BULLETS ! ... Allready have the NS11-A so this will be a nice change to VX6-7 and Pulsar-C
  17. Springheel Jack

    That's one of the main reason I'm thinking of picking it up. Tired of the weak VS gun sounds and performance.

    I've been looking for another gun worth working towards an Auraxium for now that my Nova is done. I think I've found it with this. Testing it in VR, it's pretty damn nice with a grip and compensator.
  18. ShumaKun

    It's such a waste :( I really like iron sights of the gun, 0.75 ADS speed is nice, but TTK is so slow and 450 projectile velocity is stupid. Default solstice has better ROF with same accuracy, better projectile velocity, faster reload and no bullet drop.
  19. Venomoroth

    no, i do not know, cause i am absolutely right. here's the version for guys like you:

    1. highder damage very guud in close combat -> ns11c very low damage, will make you dead.
    2. accurracy on range fights very nice -> ns11c range-abilities very bad, will make you dead.

    got it this time?!
  20. Venomoroth

    and why exactly do you need a weapon which is worse stats than most of your standard rifles?
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