NS-11C Carbine

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by ladiesop, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. Bankrotas

    But it felt so right! And yes, I won't disagree, that what I did was wrong, but I won't regret doing it. Would I do this again? Probably, yes I do suck at debates, yes my comprehension is terrible, I do not understand a lot humanity does, nor do I care for that. But where did I actually use and shown my math "skills" for you to judge them, I see not.

    Well then, me not buying it and defending is something different then.
  2. Heyitsrobbie1984

    this. i cant have weapons that doesnt have the stock on it. its not for me
  3. Aparition

    I play as NC.
    Tried this sucker out for about 15 minutes in the VR zone, compared it to Mercenary and Razor.

    Foregrip, x2 scope.

    Sounds and looks good.
    Single fire is almost perfect accuracy. I could fire a shot ever half second from medium/long range and hit the same spot easily.
    As soon as I tried burst firing accuracy and bloom exploded.
    Pulls hard to the left and bloom is quite large.
    Short range hip firing is horrible. Missed point blank range 2/5 burst shots.

    Aiming Down Sites:
    While I could group 4/5 burst shots at medium range into the dummy target chest easily with both the Razor and Mercenary the 11C was difficult to keep on target and would only land 3/5 shots consistently and leave me constantly re-adjusting my aim.

    Single Firing with the 11C I could place a whole magazine (35/35) into the target dummies head with little effort.
    I'd say if you want a sniping Carbine as NC this is competing with our AC-X11.
  4. Bankrotas

    Question if I may, did you compensate for it's left recoil or did you compensating it as your usual carbine?
  5. Venomoroth

    1. dps of t5 amc and ns-11c are identical (1554dps for both weapons) fire rate and damage per bullet are identical too. so this point of you just shows your bad knowledge and desperate need for causing trouble AGAIN.

    2. i usually reload after firing/killing.
    ns-11c reload time: 2sec
    t5 amc reload time: 2.15 sec
    -> almost no difference but t5 amc has a bigger magazine.

    t5 amc fills a special role, the mid-range -> long range attack. its accuracy is equal to the ns-11c but the t5amc can get the advanced forgrip AND has a lower recoil on the first bullet shot and is so easier to control on range. PLUS the t5 amc has a bullet velocity advantage over the ns-11c of amazing 130 meters/second.

    the ns-11c has absolutely no role. it's worse than all dedicated long-range carbines on range combat, but usually has better movement speed while using ads, which makes it better for close combat. but, really, do you really think a 1554dps weapons can compete with any sort of close-quarter carbine, which usually have about ~1900-2000 dps?


    t5amc -> good at range, bad at close combat, little costs of 580 certs (full-certed)
    ns-11c -> worse at range than t5amc, bad at close combat, high costs of 1230 certs (full certed)

    what i want to show you is that this thread is not about "opinions" it's about facts. facts, which you should know to avoid spending money and cert points on useless crap. it's hard enough to get certs and it hurts to waste money on useless items, this is why i'm so serious here and not because i like argueing on forums.
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  6. Venomoroth

    you are absolutely wrong about vanu damage on range, cause usually vanu weapons reach their minimum damage on ~115meters, while tr/ns weapons reach it at ~65meters.

    if you want to compare the minimum damage, you need to look at vanu weapon damage at 65meters.

    pulsar c example:

    min damage of pulsar c: 112 damage at 115 meters

    pulsar c: 167dam - (55dam/105m)*55m = 138 damage at 65m

    ns-11c: 112 damage at 65 meters


    1. **** weapon bought, money gone.

    2. VS weapons deal more damage on same range than NS or TR weapons. Combined with their zero-bullet-drop they are just awesome on range.

    3. just as bankrotas you got fooled by misleading numbers, yell-chat-rumors and opinions.
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  7. Wolfwood82

    I did not see that coming... -.^ Wait a tic, Pulsar C starts at 167damage and has a min damage of 112@115m, so if I follow the same formula I come up with about 143@65m... Which makes absolute sense since the Pulsar C is the Vanu's AC-X11 which has has a minimum damage of 143@85, so it stays within competitive ranges.

    No empire has an excuse to buy the NS-11C, let's just keep it at that.
  8. Venomoroth

    lol, i messed it up somehow. think i mixed some lines of the data sheet. when i did this i just came home from a birthday party and had some drinks.

    here's how it should be:

    pulsar c deals 167 damage at 10 meters. miminum damage is 112 at 115 meters so there is a "fall off range" of 105 meters.

    damage decrease per meter is: max dam - min dam / fall off range

    -> 167-112/105m = 0.52 dam/m

    from 10 meters to 65 meters there's 55m of damage decrease.

    -> max damage - decrease/m * fall-off-range

    -> 167dam - 0.52dam/m * 55m = 138,2 damage at 65m for pulsar c

    pulsar c dps at 65m = 1329dps -> 0,75 sec kill-time
    8 bullets needed to kill a guy without nanoweave armor

    ns-11c dps at 65m = 1217dps -> 0.82 sec kill-time
    9 bullets needed to kill a guy without nanoweave armor

    result is the same, but math seems to be right this time. i should not do this when i had a couple of beers. ;)

    case closed
  9. tsubakki

    i think a long ranged carbine defeats the point of the classes using it being mainly short range assault, as a carbine itself is designed for shorter range combat, as it looses range and accuracy due to its shorter barrel, maybe a medium range carbine, or a medium long range semi-auto carbine
  10. ARCStormtrooper

    I really enjoy this carbine for my general loadout and play style. It's a great change of pace for the NC LA. Less so for the VS, and worthless for the TR.
  11. Aparition

    Compensated it for its' recoil while burst firing. I find compensating for the Razor's recoil a lot easier.
  12. Bersigil

    Its not a great gun, thats for sure. I don't think the low recoil and quick reload speeds balance out its slow bullet velocity and the bad dps.
    It has one redeeming factor though: The .75 ads speed combined with its good ADS_moving bloom. Each one alone wound't amount to much. But if you are constantly strafing while firing and prefer ADS to hipfire, than the NC-11C isn't that bad. And since it allows for foregrip and compensator, it can really be fitted to that playstile...
  13. FROsTBYtEN

    Well I love the weapon, its just that the bloom when 1v1ing is really a killer, so a handlebar is probable stellar to this. Invest in a bar and you'll clear squads with this thing. (well not really, you get the point.)
  14. Iridar51

    Handlebar? I assume you mean forward grip? It doesn't affect bloom in any way. You really should get your facts straight before making such statements.
  15. Corezer

    dude the handlebar is the most important part, ever driven a flash without one???
  16. Iridar51

    I have no need for handlebar. As a flashmaster, I drive it without hands. That's how good I am.
  17. mer1c

    My battle sundy has a handlebar too!
  18. Dumpsterprophet

    one of my favorite carbines right now.
  19. Leivve

  20. DG-MOD-02

    Please do not bring old threads back to life.
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