NS-11C Carbine

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by ladiesop, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. Bankrotas

    I never said, you're wrong. Why are you so aggressive? Do you have anger issues? Would you like to talk about it? Am I annoying you yet? How about now? And now? Calm down.
  2. Venomoroth

    1. somebody wrote he is going to take it cause of its 35 bullet clip

    2. i showed him that the whole clip of the ns11-c deals less damage than a 30 round clip of a common nc weapon and is obsolete cause of that.

    3. you tell me i would use my own stats against me.

    really, i assume you did not read my post completely and further did not understand a single word of it.

    please do me a favour, get that damn ns11-c. i'm happy about each opponent who buys it cause it will increase my K/D ratio alot.
  3. Singed

    I'd only buy this once it was buffed. Maybe a much faster bullet velocity a little less recoil. Right now the T5 AMC covers the role the NS-11C would fill, but with faster bullet velocity and and 5 more rounds. Sidegrades are nice, but unless the bullet velocity goes WAY up past AMC with HV ammo I'm not getting.
  4. vaxx

    I got this only for the my VS. Its a weaker T5AMC basically. While the T5, imo, is the worst carbine for TR, I will make do with the NS-11 for my VS. Its decent. Got plenty of kills with it last night.

    For the guy saying VS's no bullet drop is such an advantage....I guess you dont play VS at all. No bullet drop for faster damage falloff is horrible. Bullet drop in PS2 hardly comes into play in any battle, and when it does come into play plinking someone 150m out with a VX67 is pretty pointless with such horrible damage at that range.

    They need to fix the stock, and the grip on this thing though.
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  5. Bankrotas

    Damn you're angry...
  6. drNovikov

    They forgot to add recoil =)
  7. Kulantan

    I know right. It sure is a shock after using an AC-X11. The only reason I'm considering this gun at all (the stats says it should be bad) is the ease of headshotting everyone in sight with almost no effort. Got a solid 3 K/D while trailing it in varied combat situation because it was such a controllable gun. Plus the 0.75 ADS movement is really nice.

    After trying it in VR; if I get this I'll be using a laser pointer, HV ammo, the ironsights and perhaps a compensator.
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  8. drNovikov

    With HV ammo you will hit less. More recoil -- less hits. It is okay for Gauss SAW + 6X + compensator + adv. foregrip, for building a single-shot battle rifle. But not for full auto.
  9. Kulantan

    The problem is that the default bullet velocity is so poor on this gun (I'd say it was it's major weakness). The extra work in countering recoil is a static burden. You'll never find you have to compensate for recoil more over long distances. You will find with the exceedingly low bullet velocity that leading your target is a pain and just gets more bothersome over a long distance.

    I found that the increased recoil wasn't too much to handle in VR. It might not be practical in the real world, but given its low and biased recoil it should't be too much to handle. If it is, that is why you might want to stick a compensator on.
  10. OutlawSundown

    The ease of control, fast reload, and reasonable accuracy definitely makes the gun for me. It's a good gun for getting the majority of your shots on target which I view as more important than raw damage potential. It's probably a better fit for the VS or NC. There are a few modeling errors that need to be fixed. The foregrip floats, the folding stock is too short and blocks the trigger(they should just have it unfolded), and the compensator has a weird coloring. It sounds awesome though.
  11. Wolfwood82

    You did comment on his post with an irritating statement and nothing to back that statement up, nor a point on which to build an argument on. If anything, he isn't angry, he's just responding naturally to the work of a troll. That's all.

    The NS-11C is basically a minor upgrade for all 3 base carbines of each faction. It has a slightly higher bullet count compared to NC and VS, a slightly faster ADS move speed compared to all 3 empire base weapons, slightly better accuracy and faster reload speed compared to them, and a few other minor advantages and disadvantages over base carbines.

    It's just a non-oriented base carbine. Not really worth spending SC on unless you REALLY want a weapon that feels different from your own empire weapons in a very minor way.
  12. MrIDoK

    They should at least unfold the stock, in the store image it looks much better with the unfolded stock... :(

    The thing that mostly leaves me curious is the bullet speed... The NS-11A has a fairly high bullet speed (a bit lower than the Gauss Rifle, which has the highest), but the NS-11C is among the slowest, only superior to the Jaguar and the Serpent which are cqc carbines and don't need the bullet speed.
    A bullet speed around 520 m/s would be perfect for it. Not fast enough to outshine the T5 AMC and the Razor but still better than most carbines. Low-rof and low-damage carbines need this to be competitive at range compared to high-rof or high-damage carbines.

    Not a bad gun, but surely not worth the 1k certs. It looks good though.
  13. Bankrotas

    Actually, all I stated, that his first statement contradicts his use of number latter in his post, but no, let's make it personal, let's insult the person, who only states, that there is some wrong wording.
    Yes, I might have been stating it with bit of troll, but just in good faith, that his first statement also works for his post too.

    On weapon discussion, NS weapons should have been THE STARTER weapons from the start and every faction weapon would be a sidegrade with factions specifics and character.
  14. Springheel Jack


    That's why.
  15. Wolfwood82

    There was no point to your statement. It doesn't even make sense, as anyone at a 5th grade reading level would clearly understand what he was trying to say. You just barked it out to be a smart ***, then proceeded to poke fun at him for getting pissed off at you. That isn't being "a bit of troll", that's the freaking definition.
  16. Bankrotas

    Well, if it's how you percieve it, I apologize, Venomoroth. However, I won't agree with your point of view on neither of statements.
  17. Venomoroth

    1. thanks for the backup ;)

    2. what you say about the ns11-c is right for its close combat values (ads movement...), but who would use a 1550dps weapon for close combat engagement?
    about the stats: the vanu pulsar-c has much better stats for a long-range carbine (accuracy, bloom, recoil is best of all empires, as usual...)
    for TR the t5-amc makes just more sense cause of an ->!!! 130 m/s !!!<- bullet velocity advantage over the ns11-c, which makes it a better range weapon with the same accuracy, same dps, same recoil and only 1/4 of the price of the ns11-c. really, the ns11-c is a **** weapon and has only been added to find people who are stupid enough to waste money on that damn thing.
  18. Venomoroth

    yeah, but you only think/say/write that, cause you didn't understand what i wrote. my numbers are correct facts which proof that i'm right and don't contradict a ****. so there was absolutely no need to answer for you.
  19. Bankrotas

    No, we could go over the AC-X11 carbine then count in reload times, firing times, it's never only about pure dps, when you fire more. There is more discussion than you think there is, not that it matters. Game is too much about preference anyways and we'd be arguing too much about opinions, what is just ********.
    But first I might have wanted to see how you react to that statement, cause it really irked me, your post looked to me like such statement: "Don't let bacon fool you, pork is better."
  20. Wolfwood82

    And your use of the word "opinion" shows how ignorant you are of the situation you plopped yourself into.

    It does not matter how you slice it Bank, you trolled, and you were wrong. Unquestionably, irrevocably, and inexcusably wrong. You fail at debating, math, AND reading comprehension.

    Given human nature, if there was anything more to discuss on the subject, you or someone else would have dug up the numbers and discussed it by now (probably someone else, since numbers seem to confuse you). The NS-11C is a piece of **** and the only people who are defending it at this point are the ones who spent money to purchase it.
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