NOOOOOO What have you peasants done!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Jawarisin, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. Takoita

    Aaah, such a sight for sore eyes...

    You sure we can't have this for one day at least? Remember that one time when tanks didn't do damage with their cannons? Didn't we have fun then?

    Jokes aside, AA needs to get looked at.
  2. ColonelChingles

    Oh come on... did they ever get around to fixing the "bug" where the Liberator's TB fires two rounds per "shot"?

    If they let the Liberator keep doing that, at least let flak weapons fire two rounds per "shot" as well! :)
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  3. Hicksimus

    I'm glad this is a bug. Air to ground and ground to air gameplay mechanics are well-thought-out and not frustrating in any way. No doubt another factor in the amazing success that is Planetside 2.
  4. Veph

    I don't think this is a community that can manage to spot sarcasm very well, so be careful with that xD Made me laugh though.
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  5. Haquim

    Wait, thats a bug? I always thought it was intended to do that :eek:
  6. Auzor

    Soo.. combined arms can't be against ground?
    After all, if an ESF hornets an mbt, he's ruining the mbt's tank fight.
    If a lib daltons a lightning, " ".

    If an ESF rocketpods infantry, he's ruining a ground fight.

    The fact that air can so easilily "ruin" someones fight, where-as air takes longer to ruin is precisely the issue.
    The most mobile assets in game.. are tough vs their counters. And can take upgrades to survive those counters. (flares? 25% selh-heal? )
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  7. Ballto21

    "I dont know what tank AI spam is like on connery, but on emerald its a nightmare. Tanks are dirt cheap at 175-350 nanits for lightnings which are just as good or at times better tham MBTs, and 225-450 for MBTs, yet in order to even have one deterrant you need to pull a tank and get a friend and then be unable to switch weapons at all when the tank is gone and still be able to effectively grind infantry, or 450 on a max that will scare away a tank to go repair until you get bored and grab an AI build, and will be unprepared when the tank comes back.How is this balanced? The only solution i can see is buffing all forms of AV to be essentially a OHK against tanks. If they can spam me from a mountain i should spam them from spawnroom."
  8. Ronin Oni

    "bug"? The liberator's TankBuster was intentionally designed to fire shotgun like munitions...

    It allows it to be very powerful in close but impractical at range where the shot spread severly reduces damage.

    Also, the Dual Burster MAX popped the Lib faster than a Lib can pop a tank to the rear FFS.

    I might be willing to try out a lil buff to flak, but get real... this bug is broken beyond belief (lets also ignore that ONLY the NC MAX got the bug, so this would effectively end VS/TR air while then leaving NC air entirely unopposed in the air... remember the Striker days and TR air swarm superiority? Yeah, it'd be JUST like that... but actually even worse if you can imagine it. Not that you'd care I'm sure as NC yourself)
  9. ColonelChingles

    The issue is that it has a drastically decreased TTK as a result of it, as opposed to what you might calculate simply based on the raw weapon statistics. There was no need to have the Liberator fire twice in order to give it a CoF... it could have just acted like how MAX slug shotguns act now, which is firing a single projectile in a random CoF.

    It'd be like having a Skyguard shoot two shells instead of one... which naturally would drastically cut down on TTK. I think it's fair if the Liberator gets its TTK halved due to this "bug", then the Skyguard ought to get its TTK halved as well due to a similar "bug". This video is a bit extreme because it is only 1/5 of the TTK, but 1/2 of the current Skyguard TTK against targets seems reasonable.

    Now obviously as I'm a NS Skyguard operator, such a change would not be faction-specific. I'm very generous with my buffs, and every faction would finally get effective Skyguards! :)
  10. Rhumald

    Because, despite it being combined arms, there's almost nothing that limits the use of those arms.
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