NOOOOOO What have you peasants done!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Jawarisin, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. Liewec123

    lol, people actually think this is a feature and not a bug? :p
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  2. Cyropaedia

    Great. They already "fixed" render range but they are going forward with buffed up OP Bursters.

    Shouldn't they account for the Nanite cost of Aircraft?

    This buffed up AA system would work if Aircraft cost went down by at least half (175 for an ESF).

    Infantry is squishy but forgive able because it's also free. Vulcan-H against MBT? Frustrating. Why? cost. New Bursters against ESF? Frustrating. Why? Cost.

    It they are revamping AV weapons then revamp vehicle cost.
  3. Zen_Master

    When Bursters become Anti-Air Daltons...
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  4. Gutseen

    Mah Lockdown just got a meaning

    Shouldn't they account for the Nanite cost of a MAX?
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  5. Problem Officer

    Hey, at least it's approaching A2G's effectiveness. ;)
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  6. Jachim


    I hate air just as much as the next guy, especially as a tanker and having ESF's piss all over my body without breaking a sweat, but this is just absurd.

    AA is currently a deterrent, not an outright killer, and gives score accordingly. It also seperates the plebes of the majority from that one ESF who roadkills half your squad as they AA camp a spot to keep it clear.

    There has to be a middle ground. If this is direct-hit damage only being buffed, then sure I'm all for it being increased, as that's the skill of the MAX, but one-clipping a Gal, and the TTK on the Lib is way too high with direct damage.
  7. FateJH

    Okay, I ran some numbers. Assuming the information on broken Bursters as shown in the video is accurate and they still do 56 damage as Flak Bursts, and they took 50 shots to demolish that Galaxy (7000HP), the Damage Type resistance value would have been changed to -150% (a wild swing from 40%).
    Checking the Liberator (assuming 21 was the kill shot):
    The MAX was interesting. Either the direct damage of the weapons is also different or the MAX's small arms resistance value has been wiped away by this bug. At 100@10m, and 20 shots fired, the Bursters did precisely 2000 damage to the MAX, enough to destroy it, and the 80% small arms resistance would have obviously gotten in the way of that. The numbers are correct for that pure Infantry player the MAX turned its Bursters against, as it destroyed him in 10 shots at 100 damage.

    Something is screwy with the damage resistance table in at least two places. Testing involving other damage interactions should be performed.
  8. Pelojian

    I'm kinda hoping DBG will leave it in for six months so Air will know what it's like to be Ground year round.
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  9. P4nda

    It's a bug, on PTS.
  10. Veph

    Pilot tears taste the best. Screw you ground farming lamers, you're the reason I need 3 rockets for a MAX cause I need that AA launcher with me at all times. Me pulling a MAX on you means I'm very pissed and spent more nanites than you did for your ESF, so suffer my pain and get your rear elsewhere.
    ESFs contribute in no way to any fun part of the game, personally. The opposite very much. Libs somewhat included.

    If I cant get away from lamepods, why should you get away when I go after you?
    Much yes for buffed bursters.
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  11. Jawarisin

    the stupidity in this thread is beyond what i could of possibly imagined
  12. Stigma

    I love how the air haters are so completely out of touch with reality that they think this might be real *boggle*. gg.

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  13. Veph

    One can dream, no? Still, nothing wrong with generally buffing AA, if a little weaker than this. If I thought this was "real" I wouldnt have had the need to reply in the first place ;)
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  14. Syphers

    Bursters are perfectly fine as they are even great however galaxies can soak a lil too much though imo.
  15. CNR4806

    Galaxies are mostly fine. Yes, they're comically tough and should probably get some tweaks some day, but at least they can't melt you in return.
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  16. Pelojian

    If people did honestly believe it the content of their posts would be very different. the point of posting in this thread is for our amusement.
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  17. SanPelicano

    Even if the damage is a bug. Its accuracy is INSANE... I can 4hitkill ppl at 50-120m or kill maxes 50+m easily. Far better than Blueshift or HEG-Pounder in AI role..

    Unfortunately on PTS it is available only for NC maxes. I would see how OP it is on a Lockdowned TR max..
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  18. FocusLight

    Blatant bug is very blatant.

    As for your 'peasant' comment, thanks to your arrogance, I will dedicate more time to playing AA in my next few play-sessions.

    For any of you fly-boys out there that I molest with my AA fire, you can thank this fellow right here, this guy Jawarisin right here, for your misery.
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  19. FocusLight

    Hatred agaisnt air is primaraly fueled by the arrogance of the air-only kind of player who laments the fact there is a whole extra level of play to be found on the ground. These are the kinds of players who rage every time the 'filthy ground-peasants' dare to mess with their fun.

    And their tears are both nutritional and so, so delicious.
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  20. Mezinov

    Would pay to be able to walk around as a MAX with a Dalton carried underslung like a chaingun in both hands.

    Can even keep the same gravity and everything as the Lib version, but with only a handful of rounds, and triple the reload time.