NOOOOOO What have you peasants done!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Jawarisin, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. FateJH

    It's scary that that's even possible.
    That's cool, however.
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  2. Sunflash

    I might actually install the test server just to experience this awesomeness....

    MAN I'd love to have this on the real deal tho. :D
  3. Meeka

    You mean, Bursters might actually do something to Liberators and Galaxies besides tickle them?
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  4. Mezinov

    Perhaps they were playing with numbers for the idea of faction specific MAX AA, and it accidentally got pushed to Test with the build?

    Wouldn't that be neat.
  5. z1967

    Seriously? shotgun flak sounds reasonably cool if it scales similarly to shotguns. Would only work on MAXes though, as they can actually change their weapons and not be as heavily screwed over if aircraft flies away.
  6. Foxirus

    Actually liberators fly just as fast as an ESF. In my racer scythe, If I don't have afterburner tanks on, I AM NOT losing that lib.
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  7. Foxirus

    I think the bursters need a buff to at least be a threat. Not a minor annoyance. You guys should improvise this to give AA a chance..
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  8. H4YW1R3

    I don't put too much stock in VR performance against stock vehicles.

    But if bursters are getting a boost in effectiveness, it just might be enough to make me start playing again. Since the AA nerfs and air vehicle buffs, in addition to the new resource system that basically lets players pull unlimited OP air vehicles to farm infantry and camp spawns with, I've lost interest in P2. This would be a step to bringing some joy back to the game if it becomes reality.
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  9. Leer

    I want to make more accounts just to give this comment more thumbs up.
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  10. Ronin Oni

  11. Ballto21

    NC shotgun AA? Nobody was surprised.

    Shotgun ravens?
  12. Prudentia

    actually: IIRC that was also coupled with 2 other bugs:
    1. stuff didn't despawn, so the entire map was littered in Pheonix rockets laying around screaming
    2. there was no splash damage, period.
  13. The Rogue Wolf

    The groundpounder side of me is making grabby hands and murmuring "do want".

    The pilot side of me... hit a tree and died on Nov. 27th, 2012.

    But yeah, guys, bug. Let's be nice to the flyboys (and girls).

    DON'T SAY THAT OUT LOUD! The devs could be listening! :eek:
  14. IberianHusky

    I don't care if it's an NC specific bug, this NEEDS to be a feature for all three factions! A2G ****ters can go die in a fire!
  15. Ballto21

    Do you not realize the implications this would have?

    They would be the greatest anti harasser weapons

    They would be the greatest AI cannons

    Ever fought an NC max in a biolab? You know that OHK? Imagine all three factions having exactly that, but fully automatic, and each shot does 600 damage, at 2200 DPS, and 25200 DPM. On one hand. Thats a total of 25 potential kills assuming no one wears nanoweave or is an infiltrator per burster. That a whole platoons worth of damage that can be dealt at up to 50 meters by a MAX.

    Also try flying sometime, see how strong G2A actually is, it gets significantly better exponentially, hell ill give you the same offer Jawa gives with his lib, ill spawn you my pretty much fully certed A2G ESF.
  16. IcEzEbRa

    That is f'd up.
  17. IberianHusky

    They could simply nerf the damage against ground vehicles and infantry. Bottom line is AA needs a buff. A2G spam may not be as big a problem on Emerald, but on Connery it is an absolute nightmare. ESFs are dirt cheap killing machines that cost 175-350 nanites, yet in order to have even one "deterrent" for them that usually won't even kill them, I have to either spend 350 on a Skyguard that's going to be useless the second the ESF flies away, or 450 on a Burster MAX that's going to scare away the ESF, get bored, switch weapons, and be completely unprepared when the ESF comes back. How is that balanced? The only solution I see would be to either buff the Burster or make an ES AA weapon for MBTs that absolutely demolishes any and all aircraft that fly near it.
  18. vincent-

    I personally take down air myself but jesus christ that is scary ****! I hope this is a bug because I haven't gotten my aurx for my aa weapons and if this goes live. I **** you not that air will die forever.
  19. DashRendar

    Make one burster MAX kill an ESF in 5 shots from hundreds of meters out, infantry response: "finally AA is 'decent' "

    Screw it, let these go live. I'll never fly again, but my NC MAX will finally have ranged AI weapons. One shot headshots at any range. Yes pls.
  20. DashRendar

    Tell that to all the people who have ruined my dogfights over the years with Flak/Lockons. I have 1140 kills as Reaver, 918 of them being Rotary vehicle kills. I can guarantee you that's not Magrider/Prowlers getting killed, it's ESF vs. ESF, and I still have plenty of fights ruined by Flak/Locks. Thing about it is, they don't even need to deliver the killing blow, sudden ground lock takes away 40% of your health = dogfight ruined. Of course you are so biased that you wont see this as a problem, but there are those of us that do more than infantry play, as fun as it may be.

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