NOOOOOO What have you peasants done!

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  1. Takara

    They once released a patch from PST to PS2 live with PPA balls the size of biolabs. I'm not even joking. It was on the test server for a week...people reported it...alot but somehow they still put it out to live :p

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  2. Archiadus

    If it's like that at any range then it'll obviously be a bit too much of a buff but I do feel that AA weapons such as the Skyguard and the Bursters should completely destroy any aircraft that decides to fly so close to them that you could hit them with a rock / dumb-fire shot.

    It would be the end of those daredevil Libs and Gals that just fly straight up to your AA with no fear of dying. :p
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  3. Haquim

    Ahahaha yeah I remember that.
    It was not quite as bad as it seem tho - only the visual was that big, the damage radius was still "normal".
    Of course that didn't help too much, since you could ******* see nothing at all over the glorious funky disco spam.
  4. tf2hero

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  5. Doc Jim

    Ok people, time to calm your testicles :)

    I must admit I would love this bug on the live servers because I'm a "peasant" and I hate "skyknights"...
  6. JudgeNu

    I highly doubt this will go live.

    As has been stated before AA vs. ESF is "balanced"
    Libs are tougher but not invincible.

    I think most of the time its the players who are always playing on off hours and low pop that talk about this stuff imo.

    I do have a suggestion though that may be a good idea and maybe not.

    I think they should tighten the CoF on the Skyguard and maybe Velocity.
    This could help somewhat for libs but I think it could be a good counter for Harassers.
    They are already decent against them, it's just the Harasser is too quick to hit a lot of the times and too powerful for the average tank.
    I tried side armor and Skyguard for Harasser's but with that OP TR gun it is difficult.
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  7. Endlave

    oh heck yes. ALL OF MY YES!
  8. \m/SLAYER\m/

    make it LIVE
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  9. Opapanax

    Why do so many keep calling it a buff? Looking for anything to complain about maybe but this is confirmed bug on PS4 where NC burster install kills infantry and destroys aircraft in seconds.

    It's not a design choice (buff). Wow folks...

    Funnily enough I see more arrogance by people who barely fly when it comes to air, as proven by this thread btw. It's also nice to see that the majority of folks who pull AA seem to do it for the sole reason of literally trying to piss off the person on their receiving end, completely regardless of what their actual intentions might be, because "it's air and air deserves it!", which often makes me wonder how far we have come...and then I wonder what else you guys do in your spare time. Probably something akin to stealing lollies from babies I suppose. Always on a hunt for the most delicious tears amiright?
  11. Xind

    Man I took a long *** break after the last play session I got in on where I had to spent 20 minutes in a Burster MAX for all of 3 kills. This would make me come back and smile. (And brave the hackers) Please don't be a bug!
  12. Maelthra

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  13. RadarX Moderator

    If this hasn't been fixed on PTS it will be soon.
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  14. FocusLight

    Delicious accusations of IRL lack of morality due to butt-hurt is delicious. Thank you.

    And yeah, I sure would take that lolipop... if that toddler was a known fly-boy and so would have it coming.

    You see what makes the fly-boy raeg so delicious is the fact you know you are poking holes in their ego's by actively stopping their activities. Just robbing a toddler would be neither challenging nor entertaining and those tears are not earned.

    Sky-boy raeg and tears on the other hand is awesome and sweet, exactly BECAUSE it's not always easy to farm them - obviously the better the pilot the harder to take them down, thus the sweeter the kill - but when you do they flip out on occasion. Usually if this happens it's shared and hilarity ensues on coms.
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  15. FocusLight

    Good to know, this would be game breaking in the extreme if it is not.

    Then again now that you have promised it will be dealt with, imagine how long it will take for you to hear the end of it if it's not :D
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  16. Yuki10

    this would be ok change if they made it effective at closer range
  17. Badname707

    Does anyone even still play air only? I haven't seen any dedicated pilots for at least 6 months.
  18. Doc Jim

    Yes, check out LazyTR from Miller. I have yet to see him on the ground.
  19. HappyStuffin

    Why would you "fix" this?! It isn't a problem, it is a solution to all that is wrong with Pilots and AA!!!!!

    BUUFFFF IT!!!!!!!
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  20. ZomboWTF

    guys calm down, it's a bug with ONLY THE NC MAX

    they obviously mis-coded some of the shotgun stuff into NC MAXs, so they fire about 9 pellets of flak with one shot