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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Atmosfear, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. Atmosfear

    As someone who primarily plays LA, I've become increasingly frustrated with the game's handling of the LA class. Up until now, I've been a regular monthly subscriber with the Alpha Squad boost. I've decided not to spend anymore money on PS2 until LA gets properly balanced. If C4 is going to remain 100 infantry resources a pop, then it should persist through death... or undetonated c4 should not be removed from the LA's stock. LA have so little utility that C4 is practically their class ability... unless Infiltrators have to spend infantry resources on darts, and HA have to buy their rockets, and Medics have to buy their resses....
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  2. RockPlanetSide2

    They will never admit that C4 is the only reason to play the class, they just keep thinking its about flying around and making bad montages with a shotgun or an SMG.
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  3. Wolfwood82

    Cool, rage quit.

    Fools so focused on one weapon shouldn't be playing the class in the first place. They should be... ahem... "blowin shii up wit dat der rookit lawn chair! yeehawww!"...
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  4. RogueComet

    I too have been contemplating letting my membership lapse here real soon. SOE (Higby) themselves have admitted that Light Assault is the least finished class, yet they don't even plan on doing its update any time within the next six months. Frankly, I'm tired of it for that reason. Plus... well they do keep nerfing us, every single GU. I'm really tired of that too.

    Know what though? Even though I LOVE light assault, I've been playing Heavy Assault move. My K/D improves by at least 1 or 2 when playing that class over LA. *sigh* There is so much more to do! Same with any other class really, compared to light assault. It is pretty depressing that SOE would neglect a class that they admitted needed serious love.

    Oh yeah, and honestly, C4 is fine the way it is. Sure it is annoying that we lose bricks if they are dropped and not detonated, but I can live with that. Any other nerfs though... *shudder* might just spell the end for any kind of utility LA has. =\ I'd rather not see that. Just keep C4 the way it is please.

    I'm not going to rage quit or anything, but damn, they are sure giving me fewer and fewer reasons to keep giving them my money.
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  5. vanu123

    The scary part is that people want to completely nerf C4. Even though a tank has every advantage over an infantry player.
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  6. Mastachief

    It's a tank........
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  7. vanu123

    Yes and....
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  8. Village

    It is a utility slot item. Players don't want C4 being spammed non-stop, the resource cost is so this doesn't happen. Learn to use your C4 properly or play Heavy Assault.
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  9. Iridar51

    I had zero problems with infantry resources both while f2p and being a subscriber.

    Stop using C4 as main weapon?
  10. Aesir

    Arguably this depends on terrain and what the Tank has mounted, a Kobalt, yes the Tank has a high chance to kill you if he sees you.

    Tanks are so dependent on situational awareness like nothing else since everyone and everybody has a mean to blow us up. If I only had to focus on the LAs playing bomber I would say, yeah C4 is balanced against Tanks. The problem is however that there are so many things to look out for that it's getting absurd. Tanks are already dead and almost useless in the game ...

    Enough Tank ranting ...

    I agree that the LA could use more utility and other things to make it more useful. Instead of C4 I would like to see satchel charges that can be thrown further but are less effective against Vehicles and more aimed at room clearing. Magnetic shaped charge mines that can be thrown and stick to Vehicles that deal around 1000-1500 damage but immobilizes the Vehicle for a set duration.

    Other utilities like deploy-able drop beacons or a second set of different grenades, so you can run with flash bangs and Frags. I'm pretty sure there are more interesting ideas out there but in general more utility that is not C4 ...
  11. Wolfwood82

    That's not entirely accurate. It's not even close to being remotely similar to a statement that might conceivably be called accurate in one of an infinite number of dimensions.

    No matter what the situation, the tank has the upper hand. Speed, firepower, maneuverability, potential for multiple eyes. Then there is that "everyone has the potential to destroy us" bs. No, everyone has the potential to destroy infantry. People have the OPTION to have the potential to destroy tanks. The only ones who are likely to take that option are HA (who are pretty much forced to it or AA), and LA (who don't have alternative jobs and have a far easier time using C4 on tanks). Engineers had their mines nerfed and have to choose between AI and AV turrets which require certs, medics have other roles to concern themselves with and while they have the option, they aren't as likely to actually use it against anything other then C4 traps against infantry. Infils can be just as scarey as LA but the circumstances surrounding their effective use aren't as likely to sync up with tank use.

    If the driver sees the LA, he can move and shoot. If the gunner sees the LA, he can warn the driver who can move and shoot. If the gunner has a good AI weapon, he can warn the driver while shooting so that the driver can move and shoot.

    Because of the way C4 works it is always always always the drivers fault the tank dies to C4. However this is something that most tank pilots will never come to terms with and will constantly ask, beg, lie, cheat, steal for a chance to nerf C4.
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  12. ShumaKun

    C4 is fine, but way that SOE moved LA revamp is just bad :(
  13. Aesir


    Yeah it's the drivers fault to be C4ed, it's also the drivers fault if he get's killed by AV Mana turrets or by Tank Mines or by HA Launchers or AV MAXes or by Aircraft or by suicide Medics/HAs/Engis/LAs/Flashes or by Base Turrets or by other Tanks or by Harassers or by a Lightning or by debris.

    Why do I even pull a Tank and bring it to combat ... I might as well be a HA which is way more effective than trying to drive a Tank. This is why the number of Tankers is constantly dropping, why no big outfit has a large and consistent Armor Battle Group. Because Tanks are not worth it.

    Tell me one thing that a Tank does better than 2 Players doing Infantry? There is nothing, Infantry is better against Air, better against Tanks, better against other Infantry and actually can capture points! Tanks currently fill no role in the game that other arms don't do as good or better than them.

    Mobility and Firepower is no argument if you can't use it. Try playing HA only with your launcher, put away your pistol, your LMG/Shooty/SMG and ONLY use your Drumbfire Launcher, welcome to being a Tank. Splash is nerfed, the TTK against Infantry through splash is worse than jumping outside your Tank and SMGing the enemy.

    Only if you direct hit can you kill and than still 1 kill every 4 seconds at best, a pistol has more killing potential against Infantry than a cannon! Yeah Tanks can mount the Kobalt, which as of late I started more to do, otherwise all I could do is camping 300m+ away from every base in the game and let the Infantry charge in and only join for spawn suppression ... yeah like that is fun ... Tanks are in more need of love than the LA actually, the LA atleast has a role. Sure dropping C4 and being a cheesy window shooter might not sound as epic ... but atleast it's a defined role, Tanks do not have this because everybody else does their job better!

    Tanks fill no role ...

    /end offtopic
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  14. GraphicJ

    I at least want the ability to pick up any deployed C4. AT LEAST.
  15. Iridar51

    If that is true, than why I'm so happy to see you (dedicated tank pilot) suffer?
  16. Aesir

    To be honest, dunno ... I'm running more Infantry as of late than I drive Tanks, so calling me a dedicated tank pilot is no longer true by a long shot I haven't logged into my Tank char since several days.
  17. RogueComet

    People AREN'T spamming C4 non-stop. Running the numbers shows that C4 has fewer vehicle kills (BY FAR) than almost any weapon in the game. We are talking less than 4 per hour. Infantry are about equal to vehicle kills. So are you saying that something which gains the average person about 8 kills per hour is being spammed non-stop? ROFL! Sorry but no. You are incorrect.

    Resource cost already is high enough to the people who use that, grenades, and other infantry gear, they already feel the pinch enough that they do use it in situational ways and not "all the time." I am almost always so low in infantry resources (even on Indar when we have lots of territory) that I can almost never pull a MAX suit, that is with membership and boosts too.

    Increasing it will just kill Light Assault. At that point, SOE no longer gets my money.
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  18. Wolfwood82

    Well that was an utterly predictable response. One big long whine followed by a pointless rant made by someone shedding tears because their theoretically super powerful toy isn't as super powerful as THEY like to think it should be. Shocker!

    It is the drivers fault for all of the above. It's the infantry's fault for dying in over 90% of the time as well. The few exceptions involve facing off against a tank or ESF with little to no means of engaging it properly. Because unlike tanks, infantry aren't immediately rendered invulnerable to certain weapons. For any reason. Everything in the game damages them and everything in the game can and will kill them.

    So before you go off on another pointless spazz-fit about the woes you face, use your brains and think about the bigger picture for a few seconds.
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  19. Atmosfear

    If you had no problems with infantry resources, it's because you don't play LA or MAX primarily. C4 is a main weapon of the LA, just as Rockets are for the Heavy, turrets are for the engie, med gun is for the medic, and recon darts are for the Inf. None of the other classes get charged for their extra option, so yes, I'm going to ***** until LA gets utility/fixed.

    At this moment, I've killed more people with c4 (1500+) than any other weapon... but I've also earned Auraxium medals with every carbine except the Gause S Burst (all 1050-1350+ kills), so I think I know when to shoot and when to blow **** up. I've destroyed over 6600 vehicles at this time, according to stats, and over 16k kills.

    As some have suggested, retrieving C4 back into the inventory would be a quick fix, as would having C4 nanites dissolve and return to the inventory.
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  20. Iridar51

    Lol. I don't play LA primarily. Well, good to know. Thanks for letting me know, I was under impression that I do.

    Most Played Class: Light Assault
    You don't do research before you say something, so I'm not gonna trust not one your word.
    There's been 999 threads about how C4 should persist through death or we should be able to pick it up.
    Congratulations on being 1000th customer. This game came a long way in last six months, and got a lot better than it was. Give it more time. If you don't like it - quit and then come back later to see if things got better. Creating these threads is just attention seeking. Nobody cares about you or your subscription.
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