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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Atmosfear, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. Aesir

    A direct hit would kill 1 guy and splash a few of the others for their shields a little bit of health. HEAT splash has been reduced to 5m, HE has been nerfed into uselessness with the extended reloads. Splash mechanics have been changed to remove 1shot-splashing, only your shields will die.

    Towers are elevated you can not splash the pads, you HAVE to hit them in their face to kill one and splash a few others, who will just wait for their shields to get back up. More often than not they lock/fire and than back off for the rest of the time a few meters behind to be in cover.

    Most of the time 10 of those 50 guys are exposed to at best 5 Tanks, while only 5 Tanks actually have cover against incoming fire and the other 45 Tanks are sitting ducks. More often than not Infantry is not even rendering unless they are firing at you to engage the threat render mechanic.

    Than there are still drop beacons, Squad Deploy, C4 on everybody except Infiltrators, Air mobility(Infantry can go everywhere using Galaxies). Instant revivals via Medics in the back, a down time of 45 seconds best if even those are not around.

    Infantry has all the cards in their hands in Zerg fights, there is no denying this in any shape or form.
  2. HellasVagabond

    How do you figure ? How can a tank survive a HA with a Striker hiding behind a cliff ? In real life a tank could BLAST that cliff to bits, here that's not happening and with Striker missiles going around corners i can't figure out what you mean with "a tank has every advantage over an infantry player".
    I could continue by talking about the Mana turret and of course C4/mines but i think you get the idea.
  3. vanu123

    strikers are OP and they will/should be nerfed with a hammer. Also a tank can 1 shot an infantry and zoom away from all threats except the air
  4. HellasVagabond

    The Magrider has superior gun stability so it's kinda easy. Try shooting the Vanguard canon onto infantry from afar and especially when on a cliff and you will see just how hard it is (especially with AP).
  5. vanu123

    If u are using AP against infantry you are doing it wrong.
  6. HellasVagabond

    If the Vanguard had the gun stability of the Magrider nothing would be wrong ;)
  7. vanu123

    With your armor, firepower, along with decent speed youre fine
  8. HellasVagabond

    250 points more Damage-wise, hardly remarkable.....On the other hand you have faster reload and no bullet drop.
    Same top speed at the same racer chassis.....Almost 2 seconds better acceleration however for the Magrider....
    The 10% armor increase matters not. You need the same amount of AP/HEAT shells to destroy a Vanguard that you would need even if it didn't have that 10%.
    Long story short i think that all MBTs should have the exact same gun stability.
  9. vanu123

    we still have some bullet drop. and i wish i had a little more armor and firepower
  10. HellasVagabond

    Trust me, if they gave you 10% more armor and 10% more firepower and took away your traction/acceleration/gun stability/strafe, you WOULDN'T want them...
  11. vanu123

    Until the mag can increase speed by combining strafe and forward thrust i wont be pleased.
  12. HellasVagabond

    You have 4s from 0 to 65, the Vanguard has almost 6s and the Prowler has almost 5s (2s more from 65 to 70 which is a bit funny), how much faster would you like the Mag to be ?
  13. vanu123

    I just want it to combine the forward thrust along with the strafe thrust and combine it like it used to be. Or better yet keep it the same speed but have it be more "hill climby".
  14. Nixaerie

    My two cents here.


    That's your class. You don't, and you shouldn't need anything else "special". Why? Because it's damn powerful.

    Did you know that, in lots of games, players use risky/costly means to achieve some control over the third dimension?
    (Rocket-granade jumping in quake, rocketjump in TF2 and more...)

    Is it easy? NO

    Is it everyone's vodka? NOT AT ALL

    Is it safe? NO

    Can you be shot at while flying? SURE

    Is it rewarding, in the hand of a skilled player? TOTALLY

    So, the problem is, that LA isn't everyone's class. It's an "elite" class, imho. Not a random camping bullet-hoser, or shotgun backraper. It's about style, finesse, and strategy. It's an HIGH RISK high reward class.

    I'm not that skilled, and I don't play it. Likewise, I don't fly ESF because I'm bad at dogfighting and I rarely load up a sniper rifle, because my aim is not that lethal.

    COULD I fly ESF & snipe? Sure. Low Reward for me. My problem, I know my limit.

    What you want, sir, is an easier way of achieving good results. This is not the way of the warrior light assault.

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  15. Aesir

    Well AP is best against Vehicles but has the best properties to actually go up against Infantry on high ground. HEAT has splash, which has it's uses but ultimately lost it's use because of being overnerfed. You NEED to direct hit, AP does this the easiest while boosting AV firepower. Without having the high ground yourself splash is not that beneficial since you still need 2-3 rounds to kill somebody and the rof of the Vanguard is 4-3,6 seconds depending on your certs into reloading.

    Don't even try to think for a use of the Vanguard HE turret, it's useless in any situation and HEAT/AP are actually better solution against Infantry because all the splash mechanic changes and splash radius nerfs alongside other things made HE on Vanguards very bad. What literally killed the Vanguard HE was the increase to 4,75 seconds reload time for practically the same shell a Lightning fires every 3,75 seconds in terms of AI use.

    While the Magrider is lacking in the end speed and raw output department it definitely is not lacking in agility after they finally buffed strafing again and protection, since it literally is as durable as a Prowler. Endspeed should not be a issue just increase the endspeed and nerf the strafing at those newer higher speed, make it accelerate slower after a certain speed threshold to keep it balanced. For output, well it's a hard topic since strafing definitely is something you have to take into consideration, however things like less bullet drop is something the Magrider could use on it's AP and HEAT guns. As for hill climbing .. BIG NO NO, either all Tanks/Vehicles get better traction to climb hills again or none.

    The Vanguard is the "weakest" against Infantry of the 3 MBTs, but the "strongest" against other Vehicles/Tanks. The slow firing gun makes it bad against Infantry, however the high alpha and good average output and sustain in form taking 1 more round to die alongside the long cool down shield ability makes it the best standoff Tank against other MBTs. So if the Vanguard would lose his Vehicle killing power it would need a boost in Infantry killing power to come more in terms with the Prowler or Magrider in that section.
  16. vanu123

    There should be zero nerfs to the mag. I just want another slight speed buff by combining strafe and forward speed and it would only be effective for climbing steep hills to compensate for the weakest projectile and armor. Also I would also consider keeping the vehicle stats the same if I got my old Saron back either the 6 shot 1 shot or the old single shot heavy skill cannon.
  17. Aesir

    You are still wrong about the Magrider having the weakest Armor, you have the exact same base health and damage reduction as a Prowler ...

    And I'm not talking about nerfing the Magrider, add in more end speed but at those higher end speed your strafing becomes less efficient. Meaning once you reach your current top speed in like an instant you slowly accelerate past that to reach Vanguard/Prowler top speeds but at those speeds you lose strafing thrust. Increasing the top speed while still allowing full strafe controls will make the Magrider again very very hard to hit and you don't want SOE to overnerf strafing again right?

    I also said that keeping the hill climbing exclusive to the Magrider will create a big problem unless the other Tanks also get their old beta traction back. There was a time when Vanguards/Prowlers/Lightnings and Magriders could all climb hills back in beta ... Shortly after launch they completely nerfed all tracked Vehicle traction making you slide all over the place ... but they forgot to give this change to the Magrider ... which they later did and over did (again) ...

    About the Saron ... yeah I wish I could get my beta lock on Enforcer back ... or atleast the 300m/s 1500damage every 2,79seconds if maxed with certs version ... it had the same dps as the Saron and had more dps if maxed compared to the newer versions ...
  18. RogueComet

    I'm sick and tired of the MBT pilots. You guys have hijacked this thread. It was originally NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. Go away, unless you play a bunch of Light Assault, then lets talk about LIGHT ASSAULT.

    The fact of the matter is, Light Assault needs some serious love and many of us are feeling hurt/left-out because SOE keeps pushing (well unscheduled) our update.
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  19. NaySayer

    Must they nerf plans in the roadmap too?? Like everything else eh...
    I play LA all the time, I love it, but at the same time at this point I wouldn't mind if it didn't exist. It's high risk and **** reward imo.
  20. RogueComet

    Nerf plans in the roadmap... well we were the first to get an update/pass. Then they moved us to after infiltrators because they whined so much. Sadly they then moved us to after engineers and medics. Finally they just took us off the roadmap and put us in unscheduled. Now if they were more transparent and actually talked to us about their feelings/ideas/plans/frustrations, I probably would mind less. Instead we get Higby saying LA needs lots of love and then we get dumped on. Complete BS I say.