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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Atmosfear, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. MrGhosty

    Just as a curiosity, what is so broken in the LA class that it absolutely needs to be tweaked again? Infiltrators definitely needed some love as it is really only viable in short stints with a dedicated outfit or for use in lone wolf scenarios. Medics could also afford some attention as well. I don't think engineers need love as the seem to have the most to do out of everyone.

    I just recently started putting some serious time into my LA class and I've seen a considerable spike in my performance since doing so. I would naturally welcome additions to the class allowing for more utility or something to encourage synergy between classes but it's not desperately needed for the LA so far. All that said I would be interested to hear what long time dedicated LA players feel need changed or added.
  2. Aesir

    I'm sorry about participating in the derailing of this ...

    Well let's talk about changes for the LA. The LA is clearly centered around mobility, flanking and disrupting(annyoing) the enemy. So the most important slot should be the Jetpack slot followed with a tool to give him something to disrupt the enemy.

    I'm pretty sure you guys have ideas for jetpacks, like short cooldown jump jets which pretty much just jump you up with more limited movement and no jetting afterwards but you can use them very often to jump from roof top to roof top.

    Things similar to the Adrenaline shield of the HA only that this one charges faster while your shields are down or get a certain % of fuel everytime your shields go down.

    The ideas of the drifters to slide around on the ground in a separate jet pack which allows more accuracy while allowing strafing on ground level.

    However I think there also would be a nice option to say "I don't want the jetpack" and instead the class get's greatly increased runspeed permanently(but not increased strafing speed ...)

    More, LA class specific Armor slot options, the faster ground speed is a nice option but what about increased fuel regeneration and/or capacity as an option or regenerating health suit slots(think of it as the SCII reaper passive)

    As for tools for the LA that goes in a separate slot(not the utility slot) could be things that work kinda like the opposite of the Infiltrator tools or things that he will get soon. Meaning instead of showing enemies on the map with a recon dart the LA can place something to disrupt spotting for a set duration. So while the Infiltrator is focused on providing more information, the LA get's a tool to disrupt said information, like making a deploy-able generator that makes the enemies minimap all fuzzy with statics the closer they get to it(Maybe add a small deployment range to it to stop stacking).

    The Utility slot should get throwable explosives as an option, like magnetic AV charges which deal moderate damage but immobilizes the hit Vehicle for a set duration(with diminishing returns to counteract stacking or perma locking someone down) or satchel charges that you can throw further than C4 that are either remote controlled or timed like grenades that are less effective against Vehicles and more aimed to be used against Infantry. Or options to carry more types of Grenades at once.
  3. vanu123

    I am not saying keep it exclusive but since it can float over the ground it should have the best "traction". I barely missed beta but I do not want ANYMORE lockons after what happened with the striker. Also I dont care I want my old saron :(
  4. bourne

    jetpacks bro. jetpacks. when a sensor dart kills a tank let me know.
  5. Iridar51