New conglomerate need to start with a better sniper.

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    This topic is hilarious. I never thought I would hear someone complain about the bolt driver. I remember switching over to NC during beta from the VS and having a field day with it. Of course, I went back to VS and continued to complain about the awful rifle we were given for 80% of the beta.
  2. hostilechild

    NC bolt action is a beast. Getting 2 body shots is not to hard, 1 head shot not all that easy unless they stand still for a bit.

    But VS/TR need to stop complaining as they can headshot kill(most classes) with the semi-auto and if they hit the body fire 4 more times before an NC can reload his bolt. Had many a VS/TR sniper kill me as a heavy with semi-auto in a split second, good VS/TR sniper can hit you 3-4 times in the body faster than an NC sniper can hit you twice.

    SO if you want headshot fun, go bolt, if you prefer faster shooting lots of 50% crit assists go semi-auto. Which in a large fight a lot of those body shots will be kills anyway as people are already damaged.
  3. SgtSliver

    I'm sorry to hear that, I'm pretty ****** at sniping, and when I tested the NC sniper at the end of beta, all i got was head shots. just takes a little understanding of bullet drop.
  4. Vitriol17

  5. WingMaker

    If you don't like the bolt action rifle, buy the plenty of semi-auto rifles. Be thankful though, many of the other empire's have to buy into their bolt action rifle.
  6. anaverageguy

    Dude.. I'm TR.. let's trade.
  7. Sadim

    So we all agree that the NC starting rifle is the BEST starting rifle, right?
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  8. Devilmark

    They definitely have my favorite sniper by far, don't see how it takes you 4 shots to kill one guy. I usually pull off 2-3 kills with one clip.
  9. Anethma

    While it is possible to recock a rifle while still looking down your scope, it's not a natural feeling.
    Your hand would be bumping around hitting your face while attempting it, and depending on the stock on the rifle you may not even have enough room to pull the bolt back.
    When recocking a rifle you naturally pull your head away so you can see what you're doing and have enough room to recock.
    So no, the least they can do is remove the black border from the screen and leave the animation how it is.

    Here's a fact for you since you know nothing about firearms:
    Contrary to what people seem to think, you don't jam your eye into the scope (So why do we get a black screen around the scope?).
  10. Rogueghost

    Bolt actions are some of the best snipers in this game, they are one of the few one shk weapons, and one of two that's a real gun.
    With the shotgun being a ohk at point blank.
    Direct hit rockets, grenades and vanguard/mag shots being the other ohk.
  11. Wobberjockey

    first thing i bought as an infiltrator - the VS bolt action rifle

    seriously. it's like a scythe pilot complaining about their ESF's maneuverability here.
  12. Abye

    8/10 troll. Quite a few people fell for it.
  13. iller

    So uh hey.... I wasn't gonna play this game b/c SONY was involved and stuff, but then I saw stream of BroTeam getting annihilated by the same exact class over and over again which looked like it had a huge sniper rifle.... I [VGW]'d and then saw in some "PS2 infiltrator" video that they get stealth too? ...needless to say, I was instantly aroused.

    So my question is.... How long till this whole class gets nerfed?

    We got atleast a couple weeks right if I install tonight? Maybe more?? I remember it took like a month or three for Sony to nerf Hardlight Gankers & DualWield blockbreaker in DCOU so their turn-around time is probably just as bad here too right?
  14. Curze


    roll a sniper, i´ll take bets on how much time you endure the punishment before you reroll HA...

    snipers are terrible in this game, they are only good at killing sitting ducks noobs. play one and you´ll realize that 95% of the people moves nonstop, you cant get a headshot out of every 20 shots, your k/d will be 1/30, and you will be getting xp at snail´s pace.

    the saddest part is that even if you were God´s gift to mankind as a PS2 sniper (allow me to doubt it LOL) you will still be all around useless to your team in the grand scheme of things.

    infiltrators barely have a point in this game
    sniper infils have none
  15. Rebur

    How much am I loving the Bolt feel? I loved it so much during beta I went ahead bought a LA80 day one because I liked it more. Now I just need to get the Foward Grip and Suppressor and my Sniper is set.
  16. iller

    Ah sweet!... that's exactly what all my friends told me about sniping in TF2 & Tribes.
    So then I probably got a good couple of months before the nerfhammer falls. Thanks Pally! :D
  17. Revanmug


    -Bolt action : 1 HS
    2 chest.

    -Semi : 1 HS and 1 chest
    3 chest

    This is the case for any faction.
  18. xpsyclosarinx

    I know that feeling bro, ah sniping in Tribes, never heard people rage so hard when I deny them their flag caps with a neat headshot mid flight.
  19. Meiu

    I played TR through Beta and then VS later and the semi-automatic rifles aren't actually as bad as all you bad infiltrators like to think. You can put a shot into their head then body in the span of time it takes for a human body to actually physically be able to react. The only difference is the semi-autos are far less forgiving if you screw a shot up than the bolt is. I wish people would stop complaining about what rifle is more OP when in reality all the rifles are really effective for their intended functions.
  20. Sharisflips

    WTF? for me is the best start sniper LOL

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