New conglomerate need to start with a better sniper.

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Frejoh466, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Aktarus

    here we go with the noobtube video argumentation just to deny that the gun is fine and you suxx
  2. Ayfid

    So the game doesn't need to render the scene twice. Or would you rather your framerate halved when you were scoped?
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  3. gunshooter

    The bolt action rifles are better than the semi auto ones imo because of the 1 shot headshots. I wish I started with the NC rifle so i didn't have to buy the TSAR. It's not 4 shot kill btw, it's 2, 3 for HA
  4. Scorponok

    for TR maybe the VS one was horrible...pew pew odd the guy is still running after 3 face shots :p but i havent played that since beta so it might have changed.
  5. iller

    El Oh El.... it ALREADY IS....

    I get 45 FPS when looking right at our giant Tesla Shield at the Warp gate.
    ...which immediately drops to 15 FPS when I use the scope. W.T.*. is up with that???

    And yes I already bug-reported it ingame...
  6. Anethma

    Since I run the game at over 100fps, dropping to 50 when I scope in wouldn't do a damn thing.
  7. sniperlove

    what are you guys are whining about, VS needs only 130 points for a boltaction rifle, 100 for the rifle 30 for 12x scope, dont know about TR but there semi auto i tried and wasn't as bad as the semi auto for VS so i sticked with it, never even bothered for NC cus there to slow
  8. Arrack

    Love the NC bolt action rifle, it kills. Only bad thing is that you have to de-scope to reload, which is a bit silly.
  9. Scorponok

    that goes for ALL bolt action rifles...thats the whole point of the bolt..if you didnt have to do that think of the storm of complaints there would be.Theres already been large waves of complains about the sniper 1 shooting people.So thats the disvantage by using the bolt action you have to reload when your not aiming.
  10. Zinus

    wait what .... o_O

    The NC starting rifle is DA BEAST compared to the other starting rifles.

    The bolt action riffle is actually one of the main reasons why i chose NC, besides that they are blue and have nice music.
  11. Scorponok

    sure i like blue too...just not a big fan of yellow and blue :p
  12. Cohzee

    I'm generally a really poor sniper in any FPS, the only game I've ever had any sort of success sniping in was QWTF/TFC. But for some reason I have been able to really adapt to the NC starter rifle.

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