New conglomerate need to start with a better sniper.

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Frejoh466, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Gary

    Funny how on the other side of the table the TR and the VS are complaining about starting without a bolt action. Take your time dont worry to much about been a "sniper" instead hang just a tad back from your team mates tag an enemy with the bolt driver making the target an easier kill. (assist points soon rack up) Works the other way to you might land the hit that kills!.

    They do not get goddam stealth! They get cloak which is different. If you know they are about you can easily spot them. Its simply to help avoid detection not completely hide you. Try using it running from cover to cover or when the enemy is already engaged and not focusing that well on the surroundings you can easily slip by them. When you are actively aware of a cloaked recon near by you can almost always see and kill them before they even get out of cloak.
  2. Meiu

    Forward grip isn't going to do anything for your bolt action and the suppressor will actually drop your dmg and drastically increase your rounds droprate which is counterproductive for using the la80.
  3. Frejoh466

    Yea, because this guy surly can't aim and empty the chamber at the same time. You sure you know something about guns?

    (I know it's paintball but just think a lite more recoil and slower fire rate)

    Well, that's the thing. If you're alone you will have hard to kill with a bolt, someone has to do damage before you to kill a target (unless you get a head shot) because the fire rate is to slow and your target will get behind cover.

    With a semi you can get of lots of shots and kill them before they get behind cover. And I go for people that isn't that close, so you will need a other sniper to get damage on them before they go behind cover.
  4. KrystOutlander

    ._. Not sure if trolling or just incompetent.
  5. ISKNausicaa

    The semi automatics are more forgiving if you are having trouble aiming or are in a hotly contested zone like a biolab landing pad, but once you start getting the hang of hitting folks in the head then you will want to give the bolt actions a go, they have a higher learning curve but are fantastic for long range engagements
  6. Anethma

    That's the thing, it's a paintball gun.
    The stock is extremely long, the scope is only an aimpoint and the bolt only came out an inch.
    If you're going to try and disprove my statement at least use a relevant video.
    The way he's holding that paintball gun also looks very uncomfortable, it's as though the rifle wasn't made for him.
  7. Frejoh466

    An heavier gun. Or do want more, someone who is in crouch and take the shots? I have showed you that it is possible to still aim and empty the chamber.
  8. RAS

    Are you joking ? i'm lmao @ your post , the bolt driver is awesome and so easy to kill with , i've spent SC unlocking the xm98 on vs which is the same as the bolt driver ................

    No offence but you must really suck to post this
  9. iller

    Liking the feel of it so far! Nice crisp firing + stopping power. And Manual reload, while a challenge to get used to, really makes me feel like a dedicated "Spotter" too and not just another mindless 50cal turret ... My only complaint is the awful "Add 10fps of additional lag & unnecessary animations" unoptimized Scoping that also sort of prevents quick-scoping. I don't know why they couldn't just simplify that whole deal and cut out all the unused periphery FOV calculations you can't even see in such tight tunnel vision.

    ^Obviously every Rifle gets to deal with that unnecessary crap^ so it's no wonder a lot of people are going to feel it's prohibitively unaccessible. (it's not the class or the gun, it's the bad Coding that Nvidia & Intel probably payed them extra to make worse so they could sell more new hardware, lulz)
  10. Frejoh466

    Bolt action you need to get a headshot or help to kill anything, with a semi-auto sniper you can get off 3 shots and kill the target before the enemy even know what hit them.
  11. DuoMax

    Than get a headshot?

    Seriously, the Bolt Driver is amazing. Hell, as an NC I feel cheap using it.
    If you can't land headshots a lot of the time, work towards unlocking a semi-auto rifle or practice
    instead of whining on the forums. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that gun.
  12. Parasitic

    just go unlock the nc14 boltdriver. it oneshots ANYTHING heavies with shields up included.
  13. anaverageguy

    Shotguns can ohk at medium range with slug ammo as well. Just thought I'd add that. And grenade launchers also one hit kill if you want to count those, though they give no warning whatsoever.
  14. Beltway

    I gotta say I think NC snipers have the best start in the game in my opinion. It certainly doesn't take 4 shots to kill any infantry class with the exception of a max unit (2 full clips along with 2 pistol clips solo). Sniping takes some serious practice in this game considering bullet drop and swaying scope.

    Bolt action sniping is an art and it is not for the impatient or the easily frustrated. When you roll with a bolt action it means that you are going head hunting. It means head shot or nothing! Automatic rifles are geared for novices or beginners because you can immediately follow up with another shot.
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  15. RAS

    his post is about the bolt driver not a semi auto sniper rifle , i don't understand your reply ?
  16. Vepo

  17. ThElement078

    No offense but semi -autos are for noobs.......

    P.S. ^ THIS
  18. Chemicalnurd

    I really hope the OP is trolling.
    NC start with the only sniper worth using, the other two are awful - you can't even get one hit kills with them.
    Well with the vanu one you can, but you have to use it like a shotgun.
  19. FrostDragon

    Well i think the VS sniper is the worst in the game i can get a kill almost every shot with the NC bolt rifle, and if the 1st shot isnt a headshot (normally because they are close to me) i switch to pistol and in about 1/3 shots they are dead, can use the semi-auto snipers at all so underpowered and head shots seem to only do twice damage so even slightly wounded enemies still seem to take at minimum 2 shots to kill with VS sniper.

    Mainly down to play style on how you think the guns act, the NC rifle is like the bolt actions in BF3 which i loved, and all the semi-autos seem to be underpowered (which they should be really, getting spammed shot at from close range is far too common).
  20. Scorponok

    NC14 is the best sniper without a doubt.

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