New conglomerate need to start with a better sniper.

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Frejoh466, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Frejoh466

    New conglomerate start with the worst sniper that exist in game. It take 4 shots to kill a target, and every time you fire you have to go out from your aim so he can empty the chamber and then aim again, find the target, shot, and repeat. (Bolt action)

    Unless you get a head shot you will have hard to kill anything, and both vanu sovereignty and terran republic don't have to go out from the aim after every shot! You need to grind like 500 points with an other character so you can by an other sniper just to just get what the other already start with. Why can't we start with the SV99 that is a semi-auto sniper, the vanu and terran start with a semi-auto sniper so why can't the New conglomerate start with that to?
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  2. Thanatar

    wtf did i just read oO
    bolt acrion rifles kill with one shot to the head and two shots to the torso. if you dont like the bolt action reload, thats a matter of preference. imo, they are the best sniper rifles in game.
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  3. Frejoh466

    I got a hit on a vanu sniper on the torso and I did 25% damage, it wasn't that far away. But still why is the New conglomerate the only one to start with a bolt action when the other started with semi-auto?
  4. Sakharov

    First off, you cannot see a person's shield bar. Only their health bar. So your '25%' shot ate through his entire shield and still did a quarter of his health damage. This does not mean your bolt action takes 4 shots to kill.

    Second off, the Smurfs get a bolt action by default because your factional theme is 'hard hitting and durable'. I'm not too sure about it, but I know there was talk about making all the snipers start with a semi-automatic, and the NC infiltrators (who were the most played infiltrator pre-sidegrades opening up) were a little upset, to say the least. If you'd rather a semi-automatic, either consider switching to a faction that has them standard or get the side-grade unlock like the rest of us have to do with bolts.

    Besides, getting head shots isn't exactly difficult with a bolt, if you know the drop of your weapon and how to use the information the optic gives you.
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  5. RovingDeath

    I imagine NC starts with a bolt action rifle to fit with their slow firing, high damage motif. I wouldn't want to start with a semi-auto for any reason. The Bolt Driver is by far the best starting sniper. It takes no more than three hits (usually two) or ONE shot to the head to bring down an enemy. If it seems like it is taking more, the target is getting healed or using medkits (or allowed to have their shield regenerate).

    You wouldn't believe how much VS and TR cried during beta about their semi-automatic rifles and their lack of ability to kill in one shot. I can't really blame them, because the BD is amazing, and far easier to kill with than its TR and VS counterparts. That is all assuming, of course, that you can actually hit your target. If not, we could always use more sunderer drivers ;)
  6. Shazbotacus

    ...Did I seriously just read that? Frejoh, NC start out with the best vanilla sniper in the entire game. Aim for the head, compensate for bullet drop, and lead your target if hes moving, and you've got an instant and incredibly easy kill.
  7. Aghar30

    sound like Op cant hit the broad side of a barn. NC vanilla sniper everyone has to cert for. its 1 shot head shot 2 shot body. everyone else is 2 shot head 4 shot body.
  8. squairs

    WTF did I just read? o_O
  9. Allthra

    Did i just read that NC sniper was too weak?????? Hit head bam dead. don't know how many times i got 1 shot killed today by those bloody smurfs and the bolt driver
  10. Wraithscar

    If you're having trouble with the NC rifle, consider swapping to the VS. The lack of drop rate for their weapon is more forgiving, making head shots easier. It may take three torso hits to bring down a target but the damage difference isn't THAT noticeable if you're accurate with the head shots.
  11. Hadrian

    NC bolt action headshot > 1 shot > death
    VS/TR semi auto headshot > 2 shots > death
  12. Golden_Dem0n

    As Sakharov said, you can't see the shield bar, so it went thru all of it, and then did some health damage... another shot on the pinky toe and he'd be a goner...

    Someone hit just once, then came to complain... :rolleyes:
  13. StockpowerXD

    Every1 says that it's easy to get headshots... I NEVER get headshots except at very close range... mostly noscoping.
  14. CornTortilla

    Sounds like infiltrator isn't your class mate. There is a learning curve with every sniper though to learn their bullet drop and bullet velocity but once you get that worked out, you are golden and bloody. If you still aren't getting headshots I would think about trying another class, or get really good at landing 2 consecutive body shots.
  15. Blitzkrieg

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  16. McFace

    learn to use bullet drop, imo out of all the Snipers i testet the Bolt action still is imy favourite. ANd i have to say taht dropping amo from 10 to 5 was only fair. Easymode Weapons ftw
  17. Doctore

    what r u talkin 'bout son? did you sniff glue again?
  18. Anethma

    What the hell are you moaning about?
    I started with a semi automatic sniper that barely scratched shields, I had to buy some SC to get a bolt action rifle immediately.
    Now I can kill anything with one shot to the head (except max) at 350m :)
    Be happy you started with a decent weapon, I had to pay for that luxury.
  19. Frejoh466

    I didn't count in the shield. But still you have to go out from the aim to reload every shot? During the beta I got the SC99 and I can get 4-6 good aimed shots(and when in close combat I don't have to switch to the pistol), while I can get off 1 shot with the bolt-action and then find my target again. At least they can let you be in the aim mode while you reload.

    Edit: Also I didn't kill the VS, while I was in cover to reload, and then tried to find him again, a max unit killed him. I didn't get an assist for it.
  20. Ayfid

    I wish the VS started with the NC starting rifle. I can't stand semi auto sniper rifles.

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