New 4 man NS air vehicle Valkyrie revealed

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NinjaTurtle, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. Tycoh

    Where are the ball turrets mounted on the wings! It's supposed to be like a Huey correct? Then why aren't there support weapons on da wings!
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  2. Shadowomega

    What is great with in 50 seconds of seeing the vehicle and its intended for I figured out an attack variant. By Dropping the Rumble seats, giving the pilot rocket pods, and the gunner air to ground missiles in addition to the main gun we would have a true attack craft.
  3. Luighseach

    Should be 6 man plane. 4 in Rumble as most people have suggested.
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  4. Engine91

    It more resembles...
    A Valkyrie... (For the Emprah!), only with a single tail boom, open cargo bay, and tiny wings/engines.

    Anyways, It looks awesome and it should be a blast to fly. My only concern is the cargo bay looks much to large for only 2 people. It looks more like 4 should be able to comfortably sit inside of it with weapons. with an upgrade passenger total to 6 (1 pilot 1 gunner, 4 passengers) it could preform the squad insertion role, using 2 of them to move a full squad of 12 or more aircraft to more 12 passenger. They can preform a lot of other roles easy depending on what the passengers are armed with and potentially whatever the gunner has. surgical strikes against spawn points or other important points would be possible with the smaller and faster Valk.

    Maybe you could trade 4 passengers for 2 and let MAXs ride as a certable upgrade? I pity the fly boys that come across twin duel burster maxes in my Valks bay. Let it rain lead!

    I have only 1 other major thing. I want a giant gold Aquila emblazing upon mine...
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  5. AdmiralArcher

    i have to say i love this new design, not only is my faith in the art team at SOE restored, but im actually excited for once for something in planetside 2

    there are some problems though, the valkyrire really needs to carry 6, 1 pilot, 1 gunner 4 passengers in the rumble seats, otherwise its just a puny galaxy and a pathetic liberator, it also needs to be compact, smaller than a liberator, more along the size of the PS1 liberator or the mossie in PS2
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  6. theGeicoGecko

    I definitely agree that the ship should hold 6 people. Currently it only holds 1 more than a lib. Even if it costs less in resources, you might as well wait for a lib, given the fact that the lib will have more weapons. It would make more sense if the ship held a pilot, a nose gunner, and 4 passengers ( 2 on each side). That way you could carry 1 squad in two of these. If you go for a base, and you want the pilot and nose gunner to cover from the air, 2 people on the ground won't be enough. In order to decrease the amount of weapons being fired from the rumble seats, you could have 2 rumble seats, and 2 enclosed seats. This would allow for 4 passengers, but only 2 that can fire.
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  7. NovaAustralis

    1. COOL! :)

    2. No in-flight repairs by Engineer passengers! :mad:

    3. Give it 4 passenger seats, not 2, so a 6 player fire-team can crew it.

    4. No shooting from the passenger seats! (Have you fired a rocket launcher in a confined space? Bad idea...)

    5. It's speed has to between that of an ESF (slower) and Galaxy (faster). (Fast insertion / extraction tactics.)

    6. Galaxy might need some love after this goes live, or the venerable SkyWhale could go extinct...

    * What happened to this?:
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  8. Kanil

    Why not just carry one squad in... ... three of these?

    4 people is fine. It's not a Galaxy.
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  9. Lafladitu

    I think if they make it a 4 sitted rumble seat, Valkyria would be the most OP vehicle in the game. Two rumble seats is enough for Valkyria and it do not need 2 extra passanger slots as it would cross the galaxies intended workload.

    I also can see Valkyrie as a good aircraft to learn to fly in Planetside 2, you can focus on flying while the dedicated front gunner and the two rumble seats deals with the treats you would encounter

    But the tactical applications Valkyrie presents is very high, in its current design. What I look forward the most is to use Lasher in the rumble seat and see how effective it would be, as your in a highly mobile platform and your not easy infiltrator food ^^
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  10. Kulantan

    Because then you only have half your squad on the ground unless you're using them as disposables, in which case they aren't competing with Gals but with deploy options which are 20 seconds to anywhere and free. With 4 in the rumble seats you have 2/3 of your squad on the ground.
  11. Engine91

    Well. For the 4 seats idea why not only allow 2 people to fire their weapons while the others just sit and watch?

    But to be honest we can only speculate at this point if a 2 passenger, 4 passenger or 2 seated and 2 shooting passenger model would be more/less effective as they are not even in the test server.

    I mean the number of passengers could be worked as cert upgrades, switching for more passengers and trading something else like armor, speed or maneuverability while there could be a 2 passenger heavily armored cert or 2 passenger version where the 2 passengers are manning essentially Gatling turrets or single barrel basilisks instead of rumble seats that trades something for the added firepower.

    but there is no way to know how it will work until we get our hands on the flying beauties.
  12. Kanil

    Then drop one on the ground and leave the other two in flight. Same 8 guys on the ground and 4 (with two guns) in the air as a theoretical 6 man variant.
  13. ZeroErrorz

    disable the tool slot PLS (include rep tool,rocket launcher and med tool) But let primary,secondary and utility slot usable.
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  14. ZeroErrorz

    which games were talking about, i have great fun with them in arma 2
  15. KnightCole

    Bad Company 2, Any CoD game.

    I am talking primarily when they are enemy........on missions they are in..they are insanely annoying.

    BFBC2 SP campaign mission Sangre Del Toro.....they are esp annoying there.
  16. vincent-

    I don't want a mobile platform I want too land these near my allies sundy than pick people up and put them in spots at the base they're attacking to stop bottlenecks and get them into spots above the enemy or on the point itself. I can see this super useful on tech plants getting into upper tower levels and front top entrance.
  17. BlueY

    HIGBY SPEAKS!! Say something in outfit once in a while, your stone-cold silence is creepy.

    Please do not allow repairs to happen while flying, or this will turn into the infamous BF3/4 scout helo, an infinitely repairing flying platform of death dealing doom. I can see 2 strikers sitting in the rumble seats, 2 engineers sitting pilot and gunner, and them switching mid air when in need of repair - only landing for ammo. Heck, it may actually even be worse than the BF3/4 scout helo, in the fact that infantry AA in Planetside is more diverse and powerful.
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  18. Brogan9001

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  19. libbmaster

    I guess it could be dangerous to balance if you had two engineers with maxed out tools, but it really depends on the weapons they give it.

    The scout helos were powerful because their miniguns could shred anything that flew, and a lot of stuff that couldn't.

    I suspect that ESFs will not only be more maneuverable than these things, but will have the capacity to engage them more effectively at all ranges and the speed required to dictate the terms of the engament.

    Unless they give it air to air missiles and a tank buster. Then we would have a problem.
  20. TheLeader

    reminds me of the phantasm in ps1. Seriously one of the most useless vehicles in the game. and that vehicle had full time stealth while flying.