New 4 man NS air vehicle Valkyrie revealed

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  1. Trudriban

    Sweet jesus why would you NOT want this? Emphasis on teamwork being rewarded by the buttload, and this is coming from someone who plays on the least organized server for his already least organized faction
  2. Stigma

    If you are coming at this from the angle of comparing it with a harasser rumbleseat I think a rumbleseat in a valk would be very different. From a harasser you have a very limited angle, you are still on the ground (and thus often have terrain in the way), and if the harasser is moving at all it is a very bumpy ride. I agree that AA launching from a harasser isn't very effective. Any airvehicle like the valk would be all smooth motions though, and thus far easier to keep tracking on targets. Fast motions potentially, but smooth - and the further the range the less fast relative motion. I could be wrong of course, but I don't foresee it being very hard to lock on an AA launcher from a valk - not up until the point where an ESF can engage in close-combat with it. At that point you'd risk getting "no angle" situations a lot, depending on how liberal your viewing angle in the rumbleseat is - but of course at that range you also would get near intant lockons and basically unflarable missiles as the reactiontime would be far too short unless you pre-flared.

    I obviously can't tell for a vehicle that isn't even on test yet - but I'd imagine it would be very similar to lockons from a transport or littlebird helicopter in BF4 - and that isn't hard at all. In fact the littlebird with dual stingers basically instakills anything else in the air exactly because of this - and were it not for the fact that the aircraft is so fragile and that G2A is so powerful in that game it would also be nearly invincible due to being able to repair the vehicle to full health in seconds.

  3. LibertyRevolution

    All I want to know is can I put 2 dual burster maxes in this thing.

    4 engineers with utility pouch dropping mines is going to be awesome anti armor zerg.
  4. M2_Bradley

    Scratch that.Later in the 2025.
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  5. Accuser

    SOE doesn't want teamwork to be effective. The majority of players are incompetent and uncoordinated. They follow the zerg and shoot anything with a red name. The more effective teamwork is, the more this majority of PS2's population will leave the game.

    That's why we don't have basic things from PS1 like squad experience, dedicated driver/gunner MBTs, and capture points behind enemy lines (see PS1 tower of power).
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  6. Stigma

    Well some of these things may be genuinely fun and good gameplay additions, but they shouldn't be added willy nilly. In order for them to add to the game as a whole they have to be balanced (to not make playstyles and vehicles entirely obsolete) and ideally also offer opportunities for counterplay. If say - it turns out to be possible to take a few of these things up at max altitude over a tankzerg and literally rain down hundreds of AT mines then that might be great fun for the people flying in the valk, but you also have to take into account how that would play out on the recieving end as dozen of tanks just "randomly" blow up with no real warning or potential to avoid it - potentially without the enemy valk even being close enough to render for the guys on the ground. Its hard to say how all this actually plays out until we get our hands on it, but that seems like it could turn out as a example of poor counterplay just as an example.

    I'm sure there are a few "tank haters" who would say "frack the tank zerg!" and giggle at the above described scenario, but just to mention it, there is no reason why you couldn't do the exact same with proxymines and make life a living hell for infantry... Just keep in mind.

    Personally I'd hope for good balance and traits suited to its actual role as a small squad transport - being fairly tough, have good manouverability, and extra good defensive options (such as perhaps 2 defensive slots for multiple flares or other defensive measures) to add to survivability to do the job it was intended to do - rather than the vehicle turning into some sort of missileboat/airflakcannon. Half the anti-air "fighters" on my server of Miller is already consistant of liberators and galaxies, which is a little bit disheartening.

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  7. KnightCole

    These are so goddamn annoying in every game they are put in.....
  8. Killbot

    Give it cloaking like the flash and call it a day.
  9. RyanGUK

    I like what I hear about the Valkyrie... But when I hear massive balance pass, oh god I can already see April as the month of the most intense rages and forum whinging Planetside 2 has ever seen.

  10. Critic

    Since balance always seems to be an issue, what is going to be the counter to this particular aircraft? Ground forces will get what to offset it's role? Frankly, after getting blown to bits shooting a mosquito today from an AA max with maximum flak armor and seemingly having little effect on it whatsoever, IMO, more aircraft will create a screaming blunder effect. I really don't care, but people are always screaming about OP weapons and such, I see this being used in ways that make it considerably OP. Furthermore, since I was ridiculed for talking about things that I had purchased and were later nerfed and I was upset that it was done seemingly right after I decide to purchase said OP weapons and then don't get to use them to the same benefit of other players who acquired them before me.

    I have this question. Since a sniper can sit long distances from an actual fight and do nothing towards the actual capturing of an objective and only shoot people who can't shoot back. Why is a sniper rifle and a one shot kill to the head not considered an OP weapon? Considering those they shoot have no real defense except running around like squirrels on amphetamines?
  11. Halon

    Early thoughts:

    4 player capacity is a bit low, I'd probably prefer a pilot and 3 rumble seats on each side. 7 players, (6 droppers and the pilot). A vehicle mounted rumble seat gun on each side like a Fury would go a long way. It's probably not gonna go up against any vehicles or flak walls so it needs to get into the drop zone, clear out a safe area for the troops to drop, and get out. I don't see it clearing/suppressing any drop zones of enemy infantry with a forward facing nosegun and 1 rumble seat on each side with no mounted guns.

    -Resource cost and timer need to be appropriate whether or not it's designed to be disposable. (It should not be disposable, and it shouldn't cost so much that you might as well get a galaxy)

    -Squad spawn/AMS when landed? Would give the pilot a reason to not bail with the others.

    -Drop smoke utility to cover the troops dropping?

    The Valkyrie is cool, but I would rather get a Thresher and have the Galaxy get an update.
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  12. Maljas23

    I agree the Valk should be a 4-6 seater for the same reasons most people have already posted in this thread. Cool idea for sure though.

    Also, that video mentions that all factions will be getting some new weapons, in the April balance pass coming up, to "flesh out their arsenal" as well as make sure that each faction has some weapons that a unique.

    ^ This gives me hope for a better selection of weaponry for the TR, in the near future. Maybe even the MCG will finally be able to stand on its own as a viable weapon.
  13. IamDH

    Dedicated pilot + Dedicated front gunner
  14. sustainedfire

    Its slated to be a "fast attack" vehicle. It sounds like they are trying to prevent it from stepping on the Galaxys big whale toes, as a transport vehicle.

    It seems the Valerye is intended as a somewhat versatile 4 man Light Assault/Support vehicle. The versatility coming from being able to use different troop classes in the rumble seats.

    I would bet that the heavy assault will be the most requested rumble seat gunner, followed by engineer. Maybe a medic as the nose gunner, Triage may finally have a use in game! Helping keep those rumblers alive may be something of interest.

    I do like your "drop smoke" ability idea, that should be strongly considered for a Galaxy addition.
  15. Halon

    I hope it turns out well but I'm worried that it's not going to be much of an attack vehicle and not much of a transport.

    It needs to be effective, not a coffin/XP pinata, and not take away from the other aircraft. I guess we'll see if they solve that challenge.

    Higby pls?
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  16. sustainedfire

    I was very excited to see an addition to the game that was unexpected.

    I agree with Halon, its likely going to have an odd role in the game. There is a lot of AA, and Liberators make fast work of ESF/Galaxy/Liberators- I wonder how this Valkyrie will fare?

    Its going to have to have a lot of durability, or be able to defend to a good degree, or its not going to be used very often.

    The nose gun variants and its degree of pivot will be extremely important to how the Valkyrie plays.

    I have a feeling it will get something like that photo you posted Halon, the real ESF Locust cannon will return as a nosegun for the Valkyrie.
  17. Cirevam

    I can't wait until SOE stops making this game like "Battlefield on crack" and starts turning it into "Planetside on steroids" so we can get some better gameplay in here. I'm tired of 1/2 tankers and tired of waiting for the resource revamp, among other things.

    I've been thinking about the Valkyrie and, since I usually play in a squad with four players or less, it will probably be a good addition for smaller groups. A Liberator is a wee bit too small and a Galaxy is far too big. This may be a good craft to fill the gap depending on how the stats and weapons are tuned. The rumble seats should be interesting too. My flak armor 5 and utility pouch engineer are ready.
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  18. CNR4806

    Unless they're uncrapifying my Lightning after they screwed it up with a completely unasked change, this still means nothing to me.
  19. -Synapse-

    Looks like a brick with a hole in the middle.
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  20. ChillyPhilly27

    Great concept. I agree that there should be 4 rumble seats, not 2. Only having two passengers just means that it won't have any utility as an actual transport vehicle.

    As for the remote turret, please give it 360 degree traverse, and access to the same weapons that are available on harassers and the top of MBTs.

    This could be a new dawn for CAS.

    I can just picture it - 4 men on the ground, with two more in the Valkyrie. The pilot just keeps it hovering, while the gunner smashes all hostile infantry with a proton II PPA, or a M60, or M40. If you have a full squad, have two Valkyries, one with AV, another with AI.