New 4 man NS air vehicle Valkyrie revealed

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  1. Stellus

    If you watch this with the sound off, it looks like Higby's explaining to you how he is going to murder you and how intense it will be.
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  2. Drstrangewolf

    Will Valkyrie support Empire specific weapons for the nose gunner and possible pilot mount weapons that are independent from the gunner like they do in other games with the apache/ mi-28 gunships where turret cannon and pods are crew based. And will there be possible stealth mounts for adding in that extra raid and pillage feel?Plus sold for this aircraft cause "Raiders gotto raid"
  3. Kumaro

    nuff said people...Just shut up and enjoy a gorious ride PS2 just went to the Vietnam stage. Next one coming is Gulf!!!
  4. Hosp

    My 2 Cents:

    Looks Sweet, but Door Gunner concerns + small passenger capacity make this kinda meh.

    Add 2 seats, remove Door Guns, Add some sort of Pilot ability(ies) to the bird w/o necessarily adding more weapons.

    Ability Ideas:

    - Cloak as Phantasm (PS1). But not unlimited. Tie it to vehicle speed. Faster you move w/ cloak on faster it depletes. Hovering w/ it on is slowest depletion. Landed w/ cloak on = No drain. Can only recharge by turning it off.

    - Vernier. Directional thrusters to aid in dodging incoming fire. Kinda like a magburner in mid-air, but doesn't work forward, only up/down/left/right.

    - Shield. No not like Van shield. Like a shield default infantry have, but added, to soak up some extra damage and (ASC aside) Slowly recharges. Heck, treat it like ASC. (Also like PS1 vehicle Shields)

    - Perhaps something supportive such as dropping flares @ night, smoke screen during the day, EMP Grenade Launcher?

    /My 2 Cents
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  5. Scientiarum

    You are wrong, missiles DO show up on the mini-map right now. Clearly as glowing red dots. You obviously don't use your mini-map.
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  6. Destroyer7000

    Cant wait to fly this, I don't really think that maxes being able to shoot out will be OP as long as the front gun isn't amazing. Although I can see my outfit taking a bunch of these with AA maxes and good pilots and gunners and raiding bases. However I would like to see them being very agile and fast, as this would make them all the better. Also equip them with some different attachments (not the normal) and then we will have an amazing time. (There's always going to be complaints, but deal with it guys).
  7. Tuco

    huh, I didn't know that.
  8. questorhank

    you just made me want this about 100x more than I already did.

    I cant believe so many people think it'll either be OP or useless. even with maxes I cant imagine this being OP as long as its gun is weak-ish and it doesn't take tons of rockets.
  9. RomulusX

    A bulldog that shoots EMP grenades that disable the weapons on vehicles!
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  10. CoronaFire

    Hey so my summer is DONE its snowing here, so is summer over or not because i'm impatient and there is no Valkyrie, I bet it will be worth the wait though
  11. CrazyDave

    Already tried the Valkrie on the PS2 Test server! It's freaking amazing right now, Wireguided missile is gonna be the new Dalton with 1800 damage per missile, wire guiding, and better reload. CAS-14 is pretty good for anti infantry, decent firerate with almost no direct damage at range, with 100 splash damage for close shots, good spamgun.

    NC and TR got the (slightly) shorter stick on this one in terms of anti-Valkyrie, as I've found the PPA is amazing for taking them out, as splash damage hurts rumble gunners at the same time. Rockets fired from the Valkyrie can hit your own ship, so be careful (T2 will be bad for this if the pilot doesn't give the T2'er a good firing window). Godsaw is still amazing for hurting it, takes it out in less than a mag. Lasher is gonna be amazing from this for rumble seaters, because you can deal damage without extreme precision. Phoenix is amazing for secondary wireguided, especially since it got it's small buff (+50dmg, +projectile speed I think). Underbarrel Grenade Launcher takes on a whole new meaning in the rumble seats, like a mini-bulldog.

    The only thing that needs fixing is the ammo box. I've found that, as an engineer, placing an ammo box next to you on the rumble seat works rarely, really only when the vehicle is stationary or landed. It also has a tendency to fall off if the ship takes a hard turn. If they fix the ammo box, all will be good.

    Otherwise, Great work SOE!
  12. Moltke

    HAHAHAHA!!!! this was so funny
  13. Knightfury

    I'll see your "fortunate son" (etc) and raise you a "gimme shelter" :D

    And as an idea (not sure it's been posted, be suprised if not. How about just letting the 2 passengers sit either sides (i.e can both go left or both go right)? If it's got about the hit points of a bomber it's still a flying coffin if the pilots not SUPER careful about picking his fights. The stabilizer on the side wing would maybe effect the firing angle of the passengers (so requiring more skills from the pilot/co-ordination with his fire team dangling out the side). Most weapons with lock have a pretty healthy amount of time needed to "paint" their target. Being relatively stationary for gunner to get lock goes from flying coffin to sitting duck and keeps it fairly balanced.

    I had the joy of flying in 5 vehicle galaxy gunship squadrons in planetside 1 and that is EASILY some of the most amazing fun I've had in any game. They weren't all that OP (could take a moderate kicking and could lay down some fire but it wasn't crazy) but even being on the receiving end of seeing a few of them turn up in formation was imba, you knew s**t had got serious :D
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