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  1. Rooklie

    well that's two posts lol

    I knew that as soon as I wrote that no one disagreed, that even the lib pilotes agreed there would be a couple smartasses lol

    On the other hand, not sure they count as one thinks I'm a infantry class who can't handle a lib and the other "drives a harrasser" and also "dies just fine" while piloting a lib

    funny stuff :)
  2. Lord_Avatar

    Well, TBH - I didn't mind that one bit. No complaints from me.
  3. Liewec123

    Do you fly ESF at all? Because if you do, you should HATE this change.
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  4. Lord_Avatar

    No, I don't. I do gun for Libs occasionally though. :D
  5. InexoraVC

    yes. 3 decent esf pilots required to get rid of one 3/3 vets Lib.
  6. Liewec123

    a 2 person lib is by far the most deadly thing in the game, there is no other vehicle or weapon that is a threat to it.
    you just agreed that it takes 3 vehicles (a total of 1050 nanites) to have a chance, does that seem right to you?
  7. Rooklie

    I think he was agreeing with you :)
  8. Liewec123

    ah my bad XD
    i thought it was the old "it should take 3 people to take down a 3 person vehicle!" argument XD
    (debunked if you consider a flash as a 2 person vehicle, should require two lightnings to destroy!)
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