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  1. ArcKnight

    this reminds me of the nerf infiltrators and nerf tank threads from many years ago.

    libs are deadly in the following circumstances only
    1. crew is competent, coordinating and skilled
    2. has back up
    3. the target is alone and has no support of any kind or they have support that ignores the giant target raining death on their heads

    I've tried shooting from a lib with zero experience, didn't go over well.

    to deal with libs, here's a few methods from the old days i.e soon after the game released when dalton's and lolpod's made infantry life horrible
    1. have 2 skyguards up and about, they can either devastate group of ESF's or turn several libs into swiss cheese pretty quickly
    2. have spawn sundy's equipped with 2 AA guns at all times, unless your fighting on the front lines your not gonna need any other weapon equipped
    3 Have HA's use the G2A lock-on launcher since the dumb-fire lets you shoot ground vehicle, or use the G2A/G2G lock-on launcher
    4. burster MAX's
    5. have an engie around to repair, this allows you to survive 1 or 3 shots which can make a huge difference

    target prioritization for AA:
    #1 Galaxy's with a full squad inside
    #2 libs
    #3 Valks & ESF's
    #4aircraft that's on the ground repairing (they can be shot at by non-AA weapons more easily so focus on whats flying)
    #5 a galaxy that's empty

    personally I wish there was a way to make players more coordinated, I miss the days when someone said to bring out the AA after noticing a marge enemy air formation then everyone did just that to deal with it in order to go back to ground combat
  2. AbsinthSvK

    dalton is anoying. One shot ESF is just not fun. They know it and nerf it and boost it several times but boost it anyway again.
    Shooting lib through half of the map and make it burn but Lib one shot me and easy repair with fire suppression system is normal (yes i dont fly straight ahead). Combination of OHK gun with huge HP and repair in air is not fun at all. Yes it needs skill and even more skill when only one player fly and shooting in liberator but still very very annoying. Dalton should never have been OHK gun for shooting 360s and even upside.
  3. FLHuk

    Ooopsey, my brain has always seen that h! Soz :)

    Thanks for that, it proves that my experience having lived in SGs on all three factions was biased due to having Libs suddenly sit on me and laugh :D
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  4. TR5L4Y3R

    3. lock on launcher HA´s you need at least 3 to deal with esfs quickly and that is a target with only one player .. against a lib it´s even more of a pain in the butt because it still has enough speed and vulnerability to avoid the missiles ..
    in either case unless the pilot is an idiot you at best deter aircraft to retreat, repair and come back ..

    every other situation simply leaves you at a bad state that isn´t an air threat ... and that´s also a problem of airfocused weapons like flak, if the airthreat has been dealt with or the pilot decided to go to a differend area the AAstuff you brought becomes useless for anything else ..
    burstermaxes are pathetic against groundtargets and even have the same nanitecost as the lib ... you need 3(!) of them to deal with a lib .. meanwhile the dalton lib 2shots maxxes along with what firepower its tailweapon brings ...

    no matter the groundoption you have to put in a bigger investmeant (be that in nanite or number of planetmanns) against the lib than the lib itself with what it is capable of ..
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  5. Fisheyed

    With afterburner, you can dodge the hyena rockets more easily than you can a dalton. The point is that the lib loses very hard.
  6. LineTrap

    Air doesn't hang around contested bases. A couple HAs can drive off several annoying air units with lock-ons. After a couple close calls airplebs get the point and leave.
  7. adamts01

    Sorry, your video of 3 bad pilots and a worse Dalton gunner doesn't convince me of overall balance. I mean, one was using a Banshee and none of them even attempted to go in to hover. Meanwhile, on most servers, getting within air lock range of actual Dalton gunners while hovering, while boosting will get you smacked. I have to stay at 600-700 while constantly in a reverse maneuver AND STILL run composite.
  8. LodeTria

    A thing that throws off most daltoneers is going down with ctrl rather than go up or whatever, for some reason many find it hard to adjust to a plane going down like that, probably because it looks like it's going up but it's not when against the sky.
  9. adamts01

    That allows the Lib to control range, setting any half decent Lib pilot up for a perfect shot. Anyone who's spent any time in a Lib will rush you, and while descending in an ESF you aren't going anywhere.

    That does work against bad ESF pilots, but screws you when a good pilot simply reverses over the top of you.
  10. LodeTria

    Whilst this video is very old now, the concepts in it is still the same all these years later:

    You have to keep your direction changing, with ctrl to go down sometimes. You obviosuly shouldn't use ctrl all the time, because then you become predictable which is what dalton gunners love. Long afterburning sweeps are also easier to predict.
  11. adamts01

    You break directions in long afterburn sweeps too, obviously. The difference is that vertical thrust is MUCH stronger than descend. As for that video... None of those planes rushed with the intent of giving their gunner a shot. Never. I use Precision Bomber for this exact reason and there's not a single ESF that's ever been able to stay out of my gunner's view for more than a second. But I also fly for some insanely good gunners so I rarely bother with the nose gun. Seriously, some of the best in the game, and the one thing that reliably ***** us is long range plinking. But I don't blame ESF for doing it when the Dalton is so broken. Nothing but a OHK cq bolter like infantry combat but instead with as much luck as skill. This guy in your video even pointed out how annoying that long range plinking is, well, that's what you get with a OHK dice roll gun and Hyenas.
  12. LodeTria

    What's your character name? If you're on emerald I wonder if we've seen each other.
  13. adamts01

    Connery. I've got a BR15 or so On Emerald just to see what the air game was like there, not impressed by the way. Are you on TR over there? Maybe we could fly some time. I suppose I could start another character as well. ESF are quick to cert.
  14. LodeTria

    I have all three, a vs tr and nc. The NC is the most certed so libs or a battle gal (tho they are **** these days so who cares) isn't a problem. I think the TR has a lib certed but I'm not sure. The VS is mostly just infantry these days when I actually play.

    CAI kinda killed the game for a long time for me, and all the people I played with at the time quit aswell so it was little reason to log in anymore.

    If you use steam I'll send you DM with my account name, if not it's
    NC: LayZboy
    TR: Lodertria
    VS: I forgot but the game is down anyway
  15. Rooklie

    Out of all the things I've ever complained about.

    During all the years I played this game.

    There has never been something more absolutely, categorically, obviouslly, universally and STUPIDLY ******** than the current libs.

    Not only that, but no one, I repeat, NO ONE, disagrees.

    Whatever the nerf thread, say infiltrators, whatever you say about infiltrators, there will always be a million infilatrators defending their class, fighting to not be nerfed.


    its R E T A R D E D
  16. CptFirelord

    The same people that have been crying this for years are the same people who still refuse to adapt and counter. Pull flak. Nothing forces air out of your zone quicker than a bunch of losers on the ground spamming lockons / flak from outside of render distance.

    This is a game of counters, stop trying to nerf everything your one specific infantry class can't deal with.
  17. Rooklie

  18. Rooklie

    You're right!

    I'm sooooo sorry!

    My one specific infantry class couldn't kill a lib the other day so I made a thread about it!

    I really sould never have done that :(
  19. InexoraVC

    Yes, LIBs ruin the game
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  20. XTCAndy

    I strongly disagree. The Libs do NOT need to be nerfed. I play a Harasser that hunts Air in this game. I can take out a Lib, and I have even taken out 2 libs I battled at once plus a stupid ESF helping them. I am a great driver and specialized in killing air, but still it is possible.

    If you don't like Air (ESF) especially Libs you need to buy/equip Anti-Air weapons on your vehicle. That is how this game works. Do you go with generalized weapon, or a specific type of weapon for a specific enemy type or function.

    It is about choice. Do NOT nerf Libs. Just like the original poster post every day and give a billion thumbs up for this thread. I am ok at best piloting a Lib. I am not bad, but not great and I get killed just fine so it is possible and mostly it is who is piloting, gunning and who you are the person fighting the lib. Do you suck at driving? Maybe and if so the real issue lies with your lack of skill.

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