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  1. Rooklie

    I will spam this every ******* day I swear to god.

    Call it "lobbying".
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  2. Liewec123

    i'll give it a thumbs up every day too then XD

    yep, fk the Libs,
    well fk DALTON to be more exact, ESFs are supposed to keep Libs in line and stop them from farming the ground vehicles too hard.
    instead libs are spinning around in the air like freaking ballerinas, oneshotting every ESF they come across...
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  3. adamts01

    It's a weird thing. It takes equal players in ESF to kill a Lib. Which I'm kind of OK with. I've never supported the Dalton OHK though, just because it's so random and stupid when you get hit by one half the time. Even the better gunners know it's half luck at any decent range. Two skyguards can easily chase away a 3/3 Lib, or flat out kill it if they bait it and use terrain to their advantage. My only complaint with Skyguard balance is how pathetic the platform is against anything that isn't air.

    What's more frustrating than Libs, by a HUGE margin, are spawnroom bursters. not a single thing you can do about them without eventually getting banned.
  4. InexoraVC

    Despite I hate "nerf threads" but I totally agree to nerf LIBs. Their damage resistance and the Dalton's damage should be 30% lowered
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  5. adamts01

    This didn't go over well on Reddit, but I think the Dalton needs a damage falloff. Say full power out to 300 meters down to half power at 600. This would let them keep OHKs against ESF where aiming>luck. The other half of the equation is giving AA a damage falloff. Let it be twice as powerful as currently up to 50 meters, like the Shredder, but let it taper off to half at 600. Without having to worry about full power Dalton hits at the flight ceiling there's no reason to have such long range AA. ESF are essentially capped at 450 meters when it comes to A2G. That's where hornets despawn. I think this would be a good move for both sides.
  6. TR5L4Y3R

    how about BUFF A2A and G2A instead? ..... the lib itself can about stay as is, MAYBE don´t have daltons oneshot ESFs ....
    but other than that EVERY ESF secondary needs to do more damage vs airtargets .. A2A locks are *****, coyotes are more than friggin ***** ... hornets that are superdificult to hit aicraft with are a joke ...

    groundvehicles (particularly ANTs, lightnings sundererbackslot) need more AA options and their current options buffed, maxxes need more surviveability outside of the friggin spawnroom and their AV options buffed to do propper AA damage also more options even NS ones ..
    infantry needs more AV and AA options, give the medic access to the rockletrifle aswell as a AV grenadelauncher as primary for certs, rockletrifle to the infil as primary ASPoption, give both access to AV grenades for certs that do propper damage to aircraft ...
    engineers need more turretoptions or/and their current ones buffed to do propper AA damage and pitching, ASP for missilelauncher to swap either as primary, secondary or toolslotoption ...
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  7. SikVvVidiT

    LOL nerf the libs? Just wait untill a few weeks and you can spawn big ole battle ships.... I swear this development team is clueless... AA does nothing now compared to how it was in PS1.. Imagine after Flying battleships take over...

    BTW we told them in beta to make Libs like they were in PS1, since we heard rumors they were going to change it...but Capt Everquest and the rest of his devs ignored us and decided make them some flying hovercraft fortress....GG
  8. Rooklie

    That works for me too, in fact, I'd prefer my G2A guns on my sundy to do more damage and to keep the libs as they are rather than nerf them and keep my sundy's G2A guns as they are.

    Obviously, my experience is in G2A, where any vehicles, is ridiculously a sitting duck to even the biggest noob in a lib. There's no ******* skill in destroying vehicles while in a lib.

    As to A2A, I don't fly, but I've got 2 eyes, and I can see libs hovering 20 meters over a base, practically one shotting every single vehicle in the area (and by practically, I mean that one shot on my lighting and its burning).

    I don't care how or why, whether it's the people pressuring the devs on the test servers, I don't do test servers, whether it's because devs like libs, or they have kids who like to boom boom, but it's ******* ********.
  9. Rooklie

    They weren't always like this, I couldn't give a precise time, but I'd estimate that it's only been a year, maybe 2 at the max, since they've been over powered, and that means, a good 5 years after the beta?
  10. Somentine

    Idk if you'd count a single weapon making the entire platform OP, but Zephyr could wipe out a platoon of infantry in seconds for a decently long time.
  11. adamts01

    Exaggerations like these don't help anyone.

    The Zepher deals 250 damage out to 1 meter, and 50 out to 4. 500 direct damage. So that means two direct hits or 4+ indirect at full damage.

    The Duster deals 225 direct, 350 splash to 2 meters, and 50 out to 6. You're not getting direct hits with that thing, so that's 3 hits per person.
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  12. Rooklie

    I'm not really sure what you mean, but I'm guessing you're saying that Libs have (since launch?) always had such a strong DPS.

    That isn't the case, but either way, remember, it's not only about how much damage they dish out, it's also about how squishy they are.

    It used to be that if any liberator was dumb enough to fly at almost ground level, it would immediately take a couple dumbfire rockets from the local infantry and explode in seconds. These days, it just sits there laughing.
  13. adamts01

    I'm happy to fly for anyone on any faction on Connery or TR on Emerald if you want to farm helpless ground. Send me a message and we'll set it up. Maybe experience the platform from the other perspective.

    There are legitimate complaints about the platform, but most of these threads are pure nonsense.

    Seriously, send me a message if you want to experience the air game. I'm always happy to get new people flying and gunning.
  14. Somentine

    I'm pretty sure this is just you misreading, as those are current weapon stats, if not:

    It isn't an exaggeration, just as HESH clearing out entire rooms isn't an exaggeration. They were broken as hell and fully deserved the nerfs.

    Their damage has always been amazing, there hasn't been a point in this game where Libs weren't able to delete armour or infantry with ease. The weapons have changed back and forth, but it has always been a flying powerhouse. I really don't think you know what you're talking about in this case.

    This, combined with the ease of certain a2g (mostly AoE) weapons is what makes air such cancer in this game.
  15. Rooklie

    ok I get it, they were always strong, but they are A LOT stronger now than they were less than 2 years ago (I honestly can't remember the time, it's a guess, maybe 1 year ago).

    I'm speaking from the point of view of a sundy owner, defending the sundy (and therefore the fight) against liberators.

    Sundy has 2 guns but is equipped with only one anti air, the other (on my sundy) is used for infantry and land vehicles.

    I didn't specify which anti air, cause that changes with patches, currently, it's flak.

    Anyway, it was long ago, if I was sitting in my deployed, shielded sundy, manning the anti air gun, and I saw a lib on the horizon, headed my way, I'd start shooting before it even came close. I'd keep on shooting until it was on top of me.

    At that point, either one of my allie heavies would nuke it with rockets, or I would get out of the sundy, and nuke it with rockets.

    To use your wording, it wasn't easy, I mean if an ESF tried this, I woudln't even have to get out of the sundy, they"'d be dead in a couple reloads, that's easy, but it was doable, it was manageable, experience and skill made it realistic. And this is is in the case where I would see the lib coming, most of the time, I'm not sitting in the guns waiting for it.

    Today, in the same scenario, that is simply impossible, there is, and I'm not using this as an expression, I mean this literally, there is NOTHING that you can do in this situation.
  16. Fisheyed

    One person shoots, the other person repairs. It's easy.
  17. Silkensmooth

    Clearly no one in this thread flies libs.

    Unless you fly around looking for solo targets libs are completely useless.

    Unless you have expert level gunners, libs are completely useless.

    If the enemy is sporting any kind of decent ESFs then libs are completely useless.

    How combined arms is supposed to work, is ground vehicles counter infantry, libs counter ground vehicles and ESF counter libs.

    Currently its ground vehicles get farmed by infantry, air vehicles get farmed by infantry and flak.

    The current attitude of players, is i have a vehicle why should the air vehicle DESIGNED TO KILL me be able to kill me?

    Try flying a lib over any decent sized battle, even with expert level gunners and see how many kills you get.

    Every ant, sundy, tank and infantry is shooting at you.

    You have skyguards and rangers on harassers ants sundies, and even the cute solo mbt drivers all have a ranger on the back.

    Its VERY clear that none of you fly libs.

    How its supposed to work, is that i'm getting farmed by the omni present vehicle zerg, so i pull a lib with a couple of friends and we kill vehicles until their air support comes in and forces us to leave.

    Combined arms means if you dont have an airforce you lose.

    It doesnt mean that all you need is a buncha rangers on your sundies and you dont need air at all.

    ESF's should be the ONLY counter to libs. Flak shouldnt even be a thing. And every ground vehicle in the game shouldnt be a flak source.

    Now you have combined arms.

    Currently you MUST have ground vehicles, at least a sundy in order to achieve anything in this game, but air is optional. Currently the only real use of a lib is as an AA platform, flying around one shotting the ESF that are supposed to be their counter.

    In reality air sucks so badly because whiners don't like it. I rarely fly anymore because its almost useless vs ground vehicles which is the only reason i want to fly anyway. So why not just remove air from the game and give me all my certs back?
  18. Silkensmooth

    Lets put it this way, if i get 2 friends, and we play heavies with annihilators we will kill FAR more vehicles as a team than we EVER could with a lib.

    I can kill more vehicles solo with an annihilator than i can with a fully crewed lib with expert level gunners.
  19. Somentine

    Look at this dude, thinking his lib should be able to counter an entire zerg of vehicles until someone pulls air to stop them... then calls that balanced 'combined arms'.
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  20. Silkensmooth

    Yeah thats what counters do. Having trouble with vehicles farming your infantry, pull a lib and kill them. Having trouble with a lib, call an ESF.

    It's not supposed to just be tanks and infantry and that is the current game.

    Air comes in for 2 mins, en masse, gets focused fired, 20 pilots 3-5k nanites gone in 2 minutes.

    I can kill more vehicles with my heavy and a lock on than i can with an ESF or a Lib. Makes no sense.

    And at just about every battle there is a tank zerg protected by a couple of skyguards or a flak sundy farming away with no counter, other than the aforementioned lock-ons which really only work against bad tank drivers or if used by 3 to 4 people.

    Try to kill the better tankers with locks and they just headshot you repeatedly, strafing or no.

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