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  1. Rooklie

    it doesn't really matter what you do or can do, what matters is what most people do, and most libs kill any vehicles in less than one second.

    You're not going to kill any vehicle in less than a second with a lock on, by definition, you need to lock on first, and then, your damage will be peanuts, cause it's a lock on.

    How many lock on rockets do you need to kill a tank? Cause with a dumbfire rocket, which is a lot stronger, you still need at least 4 depending on where you hit the tank, that's a hell of a lot more than 1 second to kill a tank.

    So let's put it this way, if you get 2 friends and pull heavies, and kill more tanks than in a lib, it's because you and your friends have no idea how to fly a lib. But even then, I doubt that it's true, cause any noob can kill an enemy vehicle with a liberator in less than a second.

    edit, that's not to mention 2 more things :

    1. mobility, a liberator can FLY, do I really have to argue why BEING ABLE TO FLY is better than not being able to fly?

    2. tanking.

    Any inviltrator sniper will one shot your heavy. Your heavy, and your 2 friends, will die to grenades, enemy rockets, enemy infantry, enemy vehicles land and air.

    Infantry, by definition, does not tank.

    A lib however, is immune to small arms fire from infantry, hardly gets tickled by grenades, even anti vehicle grenades, can take a hell of a lot more rockets than infantry (duh), and generally, isn't only tanky, but because of its mobility (it is flying), it is a hell of a lot harder to hit.
  2. AbsinthSvK

    good points, but lib is already good balanced. Only thing broken is dalton, it should be nerfed.
    OR make ground vehicle one shot lib. (at least to fire) huge AA missile or something.
  3. Somentine

    Are you even listening to what you're saying? You want a 'combined arms' game that is rock-paper-scissors: infantry, vehicle, air, but the only counter to air is air. That means either infantry or ground vehicles are there just to be farmed.

    And yes, I expect a zerg of 64+ people, with enough dedicated AA, to delete Air, as it should.

    If you want reduced effectiveness of flak and lock-ons, then you have to completely re-balance all aircraft platforms to be far more realistic in their durability and flight mechanics in regards to this game.
  4. Lord_Avatar

    Do Daltons 1-shot ESFs again? :D
  5. karlooo

    I bought the M202 Wyrm on the Mosquito. Description: "High damage rounds most effective vs heavily armored air vehicles."

    I used in it air anomaly and it does nothing to the Liberator. I also have to do quick strikes or else it will turn around in a stupid flying pose and one shot me with the Dalton.

    I don't see any weakness on the Liberator. It's got a front gun, tail gun and a heavy gun on the bottom designed for attacking ground.
    Logically you would think it's weak spot is its top but this heavy aircraft can actually flip around and fly upside down being able to shoot you with the Dalton is this. A heavy aircraft shouldn't be that maneuverable.
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  6. Fisheyed

    You're crazy. The wyrm 3 clips libs. You must be missing a lot of your shots
  7. Trebb

    Check again. This thing does huge damage at close range, it can almost one clip a Lib at min range. The trick is to run stealth, wait until they either engage or are running away from flak. Then just swoop in and finish them.

    Play around in VR with it, you'll see how much Wyrm does to Libs. Against an actual opponent, do your best to stay directly above them, and fly random to avoid the OHK Dalton.
  8. Liewec123

    yep >_<
    they decided to buff it again a few months ago (less than a year i can't remember when exactly)
    because we all know how much libs needed buffing, they're soooo helpless!
  9. Fisheyed

    A rotary, needler and a banshee vs a lib.

    (watch 1 minute in)
  10. Silkensmooth

    So you are saying that its bad for air to counter air, but its ok that vehicles counter everything?

    Without a role for air, there is no combined arms.

    Thats why the game was designed to have libs kill tanks and ESF kill libs.

    Also combined arms means that if you have 64 tanks and my side has 64 tanks i should be able to pull some air and participate.

    In what scenario is air supposed to be able to participate in fights?

    Currently when you pull air you do your best to AVOID big battles.
  11. Somentine

    How are you not participating? If you enter a 64-64 tank/inf battle and people are dedicated to AA, then you are effectively battling the AA. I'm honestly curious what you think should happen - should the lib just have free reign on tanks and infantry until you kill enough that they pull ESFs to kill you?

    In reality, an air zerg of 64 pilots would obliterate a ground zerg.

    Now, where you kind of have a point is with roles, but that exists for all vehicles. Infantry is the only real role in the game for 99% of bases. Ground and air vehicles pretty much exist to transport infantry or support them by shelling chokepoints/open areas or protect/kill infantry spawns. This isn't an issue only with air, and you can even see that when a vehicle zerg enters a hex and skews the pop.
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  12. TRspy007

    enough of max height aircraft raining hell on infantry and vehicles while our expensive AA does nothin more than tickle them.
  13. blackboemmel

  14. Fisheyed

    This is completely incorrect.
    10 anti air vehicles alone would destroy 64 air units. Yet alone the rest of the players.
  15. Rooklie

    I actually have done that, a few years ago, during a special ops. At the end of the the ops, to finish off the evening, the whole platoon pulled air, and let me tell you, we obliterated every thing lol
  16. Somentine

    In another game that isn't PS2, maybe.
  17. FLHuk

    Wonder what the Skyguard usage stats are since the Lib buff.... Champagne? :)
  18. Campagne

    Not too much to say on this one, being common-pool on all accounts.

    According to Dasanfall, the Skyguard sees a total 5347 users. Compared to standard Lightning cannons, this is fairly average to just below average. Interestingly, the NC seem to use a notably larger number of Skyguards.

    Voidwell indicates there has been a decline over the years, but this is likely due to player populations declining. It would seem there hasn't been a significant increase or decrease due to Liberator changes. However, that said we are coming in to an all-time low for Skyguards, consistently lower than in previous months.,3106&startDate=2016-07-08&endDate=2020-02-11

    I imagine players who use Skyguards are used to the situation by now, but it's clear they remain unpopular.

    *Campagne. No "h" :p
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  19. LodeTria

  20. adamts01

    What's the point of this? You've got a 2/3 lib that didn't land a single hit. Of course ESF would slowly chip away his health. If that were a 3/3 Hyena Lib then those 2 1/2 ESF would be running.

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