Negating Nanoweave, 250 health is a big deal

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  1. Vyss

    That was meant to say "Otherwise we wouldn't get so many harasser/lib/mbt nerf threads" After all if we're trying to balance just between the specific vehicles. Why would anyone ask for harassers/libs/esf as a whole to be nerfed?

    Balance is far far larger than just "Does this VS gun stack up to this NC gun". It's a combined arms game and every element has to be balanced against every other. Balance does not mean a flash has to be able to kill an mbt. It means that the value of a flash must be balanced with all other vehicles. Flashes are cheap transports and that is their main functionality. They were turned into a cheap and easy AI vehicle due to cloak + fury and with this addition were rebalanced (fury nerf + cost increase).

    The game isn't much different than any other mmo. If class A bring 70 value to the table and class B brings 120 then why play class A? If one class has 80% more effective hp, comparable dps but much longer sustain, and bring another damage type to the table. Why use the other class (LA)? Flanking can work wonders and give decent kill streaks if the enemy isn't paying attention and lack the proper LA screen. However any class does much better when flanking and HA vs LA in a straight up fight is no contest. Not to mention flanking with LA most likely means one very imporant thing in organized play. No Rez.

    I don't really care about the 1 shot headshot fiasco. I care more about nanoweave being far more effective on one class than any other. I don't see why HA should have ~75-80% more hp than any other regular class on top of their already crazy versatility. HA is the only class than can engage any target in the game. And what do they sacrifice for this? They get more hp.
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  2. Jkar

    Nanoweave starts to protect against sniper shots at a whooping 11 certs. I didn't bother to get beyond nanoweave 3 with my heavy assault because for the mere cost of 61 certs you can laugh just about any sniper in the face and once I know where they are I just suppress or outright kill them. God help them if I have my Lasher on me and if not, I'll send a rocket at them and more often than not kill at least the bad ones that way.

    I rarely snipe so I'm writing this from the receiving end and I think nanoweave is ridiculous.

    Feel free to watch another video by an experienced sniper though to get a better picture.

  3. MrMurdok

    Easily resolved by buffing the damage multiplier on the Bolt Actions, Semi Auto sniper rifles and Battle Rifles.
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  4. Shatters

    yet it effects different weapons in a different way. NW's effect in CQC is barely noticable, while it is a world of difference for the longer range weapons.
  5. Kunotron

    Remove nanoweave. In exchange, snipers now get PS1 bolt driver aiming.
  6. Jkar

    No scope sway, multiple levels of zoom and ability to damage vehicles like in PS1 too?
  7. Hoki

    It was always 250, not 125. They just changed the tooltip.
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  8. LT_Latency

    Well I do use the rams 50m Alot. It a good gun if you know how to us it.

    You can check my kill board if you want from earlier today.

    I have a streak that is 22 kills and 2 deaths(one was to a harasser so i din't have a chance that time ) with 21 of those kills being head shots. That is just messing around as well. I can do way better.
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  9. Mustarde

    If by imbalanced, you mean that I am a dedicated infiltrator, yes I wear that badge proudly.

    I am completely fine with us having differing opinions on the KSR-35. I find it to be far less effective than other weapons, but you will note that I still managed to get 1200 kills and used it long enough to learn its pros and cons. I have done this with every infiltrator weapon, even if I don't use it regularly, just to keep my skills and playstyle varied and diverse. I'm glad you find it so powerful.

    What you call bias, I call experience. I have been burned by nanoweave while in the field countless times, and have easily lost over 2,000 kills to it over the last 2-3 months. While losing kills is not the biggest factor for me, having my position compromised is. That is the true cost of nanoweave to the sniper - leaving your target alive, and now focused on finding and killing you. If you have "no problem" with how nanoweave works currently, as an infiltrator you probably aren't spending enough time out there, or you lack the experience to truly recognize the effect it has on your performance.

    I'm not sure you can tell anything about my views on the infiltrator class, or the role of sniper rifles in this game, based on my stats. We do share a preference for the SR-7, not a very common viewpoint as most people I know favor the RAMS. I do blog a lot and make videos frequently, you can check those out if you really want to know how I play infiltrator. Currently as a member of the Black Widow Company, you'll generally find me attached to a squad fighting within 10-100m of targets using a suppressed bolt action with the default scope.
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  10. LT_Latency

    Why do you think it's fair to drop onto some random ledge way up high and shoot endlessly undetected??? The guns are not weak and can win straight up gun fights.

    In most gun fights outside of 20 meters then gun fight is the infs to lose, If you make your head shot they can't win.

    I don't hide at all, I don't have a silencer and most gun fights are battles where we are both shooting at each other and I do quite well.

    When you are with a squad you are rock solid because the enemy can't rush which means they are forced to stay in the range where you have the advantage over them because of your teammates.
  11. AMARDA

    I love Nanoweave, stops stupid OHK. Therefore it is better then every other armour choice. Being blown up, more ammo, more Grenades mean nothing to me if I can stop a sniper OHK me and making the game unfun for me.

    Therefore NW>Everything else because it stops me rage quitting.
  12. Hoki

    If getting headshot makes you rage quit then you are lying about not rage quitting. Rainbows probably make you cry.
  13. AMARDA

    Nah, it's just that when it happen repeatedly I get angry. Nanoweave makes it allot less common. Plus all the tears from Snipers makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.
  14. Hoki

    I don't know if it was pointed out, probably was, but it screws over low RoF weapons the most.
    Gaus Saw for example, takes 2 extra rounds to kill NW5 at every range.
    Same is true for the 143-125 weapons, 2 extra rounds at every range.

    Whats really ****** up is that it even does this to battle rifles. 2 extra battle rifle rounds to kill NW5.

    And of course, sniper rifle insurance for sad pathetic players that cannot handle getting sniped.
    Why are these players pathetic? Because if they cannot handle getting OHK by a sniper, then this is LITERALLY the only game they can play without curling up into the fetal position and drowning to death in their own tears.

  15. Vaphell

    why do you think it's fair to negate dropping onto some random ledge with a no-skill passive when it's clearly learn2play thing? Unexpected angles are sniper's bread and butter and once you see sniper kills in the kill feed there is nothing that says you can't look around you, spam darts and roll scout radar ESF to hover above your team - this thing is especially brutal as it takes a huge dump on inf's cloak.
  16. Dingus148

    I would have thought that a Stew thread was a sign that perhaps the argument should be dropped.
  17. Jachim

    GOOD. It protects against snipers. I'm glad that is working as intended :)

    I don't know how you guys are trying to do the math here, but high ROF/low ROF doesn't matter, TTK is increased regardless of the weapon you have with Nanoweave. Yes, snipers have it worse, but that is a good thing. Hopefully they'll do something more useful with their time. :)
  18. Shatters

    rather have a specific suit slot versus snipers, instead of a all-round best in everything suit slot that also happens to hardcounter snipers.
  19. Vaphell

    care to point me to the alleged intent? Something that says that 11c is enough to hardcounter the whole class of weapons?
  20. footjam

    Yes, they are right next to your non-existent poll numbers.