Negating Nanoweave, 250 health is a big deal

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  1. Stew360

    Say the guys who almost play exclusively Heavy assault!/5428011263308214977/statsIf

    PS: if you think flak is so good so why are u not using it all the time ? And why are you defending NW ?

    The answer is obvious , you equip nanoweave 5 on every single loadout rigth ? Affraid to loose this extra unworthy health bonus ?
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  2. Callahan

    Hey guys. You sound mad. My 510 AMR 66 kills say you're full of it.

    So the real question here is; "Umad?"
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  3. Voiidd

    I like HA, the unworthy extra hp on NW goes well with it. Honestly I couldn't care less if NW gave % damage reduction instead of HP. The thing is, as a heavy or medic that extra defence is very usefull. It goes to suvivability, a simple tradeoff, general 25% defense instead of 50% specific one.

    I actually use NW4 on infiltrator, HA and medic and Flak for LA and MAX, engi is just for driving so its a 1 cert nano on that one :p
  4. rayvon

    Infiltrator calling other people lame ?
  5. LowTechKiller

    I'm sorry, but because of your translation I can't quite tell if you're making up a hypothetical situation using NS weapons, or if you actually believe NS weapons are overpowered. Please tell me you're NOT saying you believe NS weapons are OP.

    By the way, if Nanoweave was as game breaking and overpowered as you keep insisting, then everyone using it would have crazy KDRs, and that's simply NOT the case. Your opinion of Nanoweave is flawed, and no amount of new, repetitive posts using larger and larger fonts that express your flawed point of view will make it any more valid.
  6. Jkar

    The problem I see with this is that with a few medics behind your HA you basically have a mini MAX that on top of it all gets revived with full hp. Granted, he loses the disposable shield hp in order to do so but I don't know if this is the way to go with it nanoweave as it would turn the suit slot into a squad with support utility, screwing everyone else over that invested in it. Revive speed certainly isn't needed either as a max level medic tool already revives very fast.

    I think it should be more like kinetic armor for a MAX and as such be a specialized suit slot like flak armor is. It should work against small arms fire and weapons that have problems with nanoweave right now like sniper, scout and battle rifles should be put into a different weapon resist category that ignores the nanoweave resist bonus.
  7. kennonfodder

    Two different topics in one OP, they dont correlate imh. So to make Battle Rifles better its necessary to nerf the nanoweave?

    1) Nanoweave too strong: many people got the nanoweave 5 nowadays. But the old rule NW for 1v1/indoors and flak armor for zerg battles and outdoors/against vehicle spam is still valid. So the NW is not the ultimative superman tool for preventing a lot of dying. Being a heavy user of NW5, I know it´s easy to get killed by grenades, rockets, C4, HE grenades, Lolpodders. And in a 1v1 the rate of fire is more decisive than anything else.

    Should the Heavy be able to equip it? Difficult question, I hate the nerf army by heart, these guys mostly only care for their class/faction, and dont think about the playerbase in general and what game mechanics are negatively affected by the nerf cries (no Stew, I dont talk about you here)
    The heavy should never have gotten access to nanoweave armors, but it´s too late for a drastic change. Delete the 1000 cert investment? Increase basic health power? Any change will have a massive impact on every aspect of the game. How about a solution which does not implement nerfs?

    2) Battle Rifles are still are more difficult to use, yes. They are getting pawned by the carbines in CQC, and by the LMGs/ARs in med range. At long range they dont look good in comparison with sniper rifles or semi autos. Battle rifles are the death sentence in every 1v1. (love my warden, but see its limits). But so what? There are other challenging weapons in the game, not everything needs a buff. And some of the EZ mode weapons dont need nerfs. Why make everything the same?
  8. PWGuy93

    I play infiltrator at times, I went semi-auto.
    I do not expect One Hit Kills.
    Nanoweave doesn't effect my play.
  9. Vyss

    It's only really OP when paired with the HA resist shield. This turns it from a 250hp bonus to 455hp bonus and puts a HA effective HP at a whopping 2272. That's pretty much OP as all hell. Over 2x the hp of a stock infantry. 2272/143 = 16. It takes 16 bloody smg hits to kill a NW5 resist heavy. That's 64% of an Eridani clip and over half of a VS carbine. This isn't balanced at all.
  10. LowTechKiller

    How many SMG rounds does it take to kill a MAX?
    How many SMG rounds does it take to kill a tank?

    Different levels for different rolls. HEAVY assault isn't the same as Light assault or anything else. It's called HEAVY for a reason.

    By the way...balance doesn't mean that all soldiers are the same. Balance means the TR HA, the VS HA, and the NC HA are relatively the same.
  11. Vyss

    Balance includes everything in the game. If you think otherwise...not sure you think at all. They are called heavy because they carry heavy weapons. If there armor is supposed to be that much better as well, then it should have it's own disadvantages (Can't ride in gunner slots, slower run speed). An infantryman is not supposed to be able to take a tank round and keep on going.

    The max is supposed to be the infantry tank and soak up tons of bullets. It really should have double the hp but half the damage since it was originally for pushing into points and breaking up defenders.

    There's a reason HA are by far the most player class and it's because they have way more survivability than any other standard infantry and pack the strongest AI weapons, only infantry based mobile ranged AV weapon and the best nades in the game.
  12. Shatters

    The problem is that NW both outclasses every other suit slot there is big time and screws up a whole weapon-class. While it only increases the TTK by 0.2 seconds for most weapons, it increases the TTK for sniper rifles by 2 to 3 seconds. And because of the dodge the sniper bullet dance after being hit once, good luck on hitting that second shot on a moving target.

    NW was already the main choice for people when it supposedly gave 125 health instead of 250. Other certs like flak armor and shield are much more specific (only gives more defense versus INDIRECT explosions) and situational, while NW5 is going to help you at nearly every point.

    Also, with the infiltrator update comming soon, this is going to get fixed one waay or another anyway. And i rather have nanoweave nerfed then the sniper damage (or headshot multiplyer) increased for the sake of balance.

    IMO, NW can go a few directions:
    1: Small arms resistance on most parts of the body instead of a flat HP bonus.
    This way nanoweave wont help versus explosions anymore and make it a anti-infantry specific suit slot.

    2: Reduce the HP NW5 gives to 125, like we tought it was before SOE changed the description instead of fixing the bug.
    People had no problems equiping this suit slot when it supposedly gave 125hp more, yet it will make the other suit slots worth it over NW in certain situations.

    3: Leave it as it is an buff various suit slots up to the power level of NW. Buff various weapons that get a much longer TTK as a result of NW5 as well. probably the worst and most time comsuming option of the 3.
  13. theo1170

    I have one simple solution to solve all of this, very simple, make sniper rifles do even more damage with head shots than what it does now, at least enough so that having NW won't save the victim when they are at full health and shields.
  14. Kaon1311

    Quick question to the snipers. Just curious.

    Why do you think you should be able to one shot every player with a headshot?
  15. PWGuy93

    When I play sniper, I don't think that at all. I use semi-auto, thus two or three shots required - which to me is much more challenging and entertaining. Bolt action rifles to me mean very close range and really good cover. I rarely find those two together.

    One Hit Kills to me are over powered and cause people to logoff. I would rather have them online so I can attempt to shoot them again, then their medic...
  16. Shatters

    Because SOE themselves advertised the high-end BASR as being able to 1-hit kill infantry, except for HA's with thier shield up.
    Because not being able to do so makes the bolt action sniper rifles practically worthless. Combined with their slow velocity and slow fire-rate, shooting a follow up shot is inpossible 9/10 times.
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  17. Shatters

    But sure, if i get a suit slot that makes me very unlikely to die in CQC then i will stop complaining about your suit slot that makes you very unlikely to die at long range.
  18. MrForz

    Because it's a huge pain in the *** to snipe correctly and that when you've made all the necessary preparations at extreme ranges to kill your static HA sending Striker missiles at everything that moves you'd want to see it rewarded instead of 'lulz nanoweave' and reminding him that he's got to keep moving next time.
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  19. StarBacon

    I think this is the best solution. Instead of looking at nanoweave as a health boost, let's look at it as a % resist against all damage types assuming 1000 health+shields (i.e. 1250 damage to kill someone with nanoweave 5 is equivalent to someone having 1000 health+shields with 20% resist:

    1250 damage * (100%-20% resist) = 1000 damage:

    Thus, the health bonus can be converted to a % resist at all levels:

    % Resist = 100% - [1000 / (Total Health + Bonus )]

    Health Bonus: +100 / +125 / +150 / +200 / +250
    % Resist Assuming 1000 health+shields: 9% / 11% / 13% / 17% / 20%

    If nanoweave armor was converted to JUST resist against small arms fire for the body + limbs, it would reward skillful aiming because headshots are not protected. The % resist values against small arms fire should be increased compared to the % resist against all damage:

    Nanoweave % Small Arms Resist for body+limbs: 10% / 12.5% / 15% / 20% / 25%
  20. Bloodlet

    I recently started playing again. I had no idea they changed nanoweave. When I last played a lot back in January most people were complaining about everyone in Flak and that Nanoweave was useless (despite this I still used NW since I'm not a sheep). Since my return, even with a NW buff I still manage to take people out just fine as if nothing has changed. NW seems fine to me.