Negating Nanoweave, 250 health is a big deal

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  1. BigIronRanger

    Read before Reply please:

    Nanoweave: The problems with this certification are not easily noticed by the majority of the player base of Planetside 2 as most of us tend to use fully automatic weapons but if you take your time to use semi-auto/bolt action weapons you will quickly come to realise how much nanoweave actually impacts you negatively.

    This suit slot gives you a straight up health increase of 100 for the first rank and 250 for the final and is probably used by 9/10 of the games population. In any 1v1 situation where both parties are using full auto weapons nanoweave isn't really noticeable because it only really will let you survive 1-2 bullets which on average is only a 0.8 - 0.17 second of a difference between life and death yeah not a big deal huh but now lets reduce the RPM's and left click spam.

    First up is the Battle Rifle which is the Warden for the NC, AMR-66 for the TR and Eidolon for the VS they all do the same max damage of 250 at 10 meters but the minimum damage of the VS is lower at 167 at 125 meters compared to the 200 for the TR and NC. Now lets get down to numbers; theoretically it should take 4 hits at 10 meters to kill someone with no nanoweave that's a 0.72 second ttk and 5 hits with a ttk of 0.9 seconds with nanoweave on yeah that seems pretty fair but lets go out a little further.

    At 125 meters the AMR-66 and Warden do 200 damage that's a 5 shot kill with no nanoweave at 0.9 seconds ttk seems reasonable doesn't it but now throw on nanoweave at 125 meters and it takes 7 hits! thats a whopping 1.26 second ttk which is almost double the quickest ttk but wait don't go any where Vanu for your Eidolon is much worse at min range it will take 6 bullets to kill someone without nanoweave that's a 1.08 second ttk if they happen to be wearing nanoweave that gets increased to 8 bullets! that's an abysmal 1.44 seconds ttk if you manage to get all your bullets on target.

    The average accuracy for semi-auto weapons is around 30-40% that is for every 3 bullets you fire only 1 will hit now to get those 100+ meter kills you will need to unload your whole clip to down someone that doesn't seem very welcoming now does it? and now you see why people don't use the battle rifles it's a long range weapon that obviously sucks at CQC, can be out gunned by anyone with decent aim who isn't using a shotgun at medium range and at 10 meters its max damage is reduced (where is the logic there) meaning you have to empty almost all your clip to kill someone at long ranges.

    Semi- auto weapons are barely viable in Planetside 2 even though I remember vaguely SOE saying that they buffed them but I don't seem to think they did or are they trying to pull a placebo on us any how nanoweave just seems to exacerbate things increasing the ttk drastically and practically making using semi-auto and long range weapons a nightmare only to be had by those brave or masochistic enough.

    I could write a whole another wall of text focusing on scout rifle/semi-auto snipers and how nanoweave negates there usefulness but i think you have done enough reading for the moment.

    SOE please further buff semi-auto weapons or reduce the impact of nanoweave as you are unfairly and indirectly making the game much harder than it already is for those who do not prefer spraying and praying and who like a more tame approach this is coming from an avid close quarter and infiltrator player.

    Your sincerely BigIronRanger
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  2. Stew360

    YOU CANT balance thing with NW in mind if you do so these thing will become hugely OP agains all vanilla armor users , Nanoweave as to go plain and simple or have to go back to 125 certable in 1 shot like the LA speed boost ... Also HA should never ever have acess to the NW by any mean ...
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  3. SmegForBrains2

    Yep no place in this game for long range fighting i mean everybase is CQC even though the map is what like 36 km^2.
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  4. K3STR3L

    How many nanoweave threads do we need on this forum? Was Stews thread not enough?
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  5. UberBonisseur

    That's because of regenerative shields and magic medics, not nanoweave.

    Moreover, NW only increases your TOTAL durability by 12.5%.
    It's not as bad as everyone says.

    NW resisting Bolt-action headshots is ******** though
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  6. K3STR3L

    I see people keep saying this. I have a level 5 LA and he seems to die by OSK from snipers fine. Had a level 3 NC take me out the other day with one shot, oh the shame.
    Nanoweave is fine it's the players screaming nerf all the time that are not.
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  7. Stew360


    NW as been buff few months ago it was no big deal pre buff even if it was a edje ,

    NW now grant you 250 hitpoint fully cert that mean + 25 % straight up health bonus , 1000 hitpoint (vanilla players ) 1250 hitpoint ( nanoweave users ) it take 2 more shot to kill you with 6 shot weapons it mean all lower ROF weapons become as weak ( damage per shot wise ) as TR fastest ROF weapons agains regular infantry , but remain a lower bullets count magazine and so on all the balance get screw by this infamous hidious nanoweave BS

    it is a HUGE problem 1 shot or 2 shot in this game balance Matters a whole lots and make a HUGE difference in the ttk

    medic healing ability or Shield that regen faster DO not change the straight ttk itself in CQC Nanoweave does
  8. KAHR-Alpha

    Just checked in the VR, the Eidolon has the same stats as the two others at range.

    And anyway, I extensively use battle rifles, scout rifles, BASR, auto-sniper rifles, and slugs, and nanoweave does NOT bother me, it's fine as it is.
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  9. Van Dax

    eidolon drops to 200 at 65m just like the others.
  10. The King

    That's because, the infiltrator has to be very close to you. Dude had to adapt.
    If you say he was far away, like 200m or so, then that is false as they cannot do that.
    At 100m, the sniper rifles only do 1100 to the head....SAW users can easily kill these snipers that are within these ranges.
  11. maxkeiser

    NW is fine as it is. Been in the game since the beginning.

    People drop quicky enough as it is already. New players can get nanoweave in a matter of hours.

    No changes required.
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  12. BigIronRanger

    After a certain range you cant get one shotted even if its a headshot which is the whole point of sniper rifles RANGE.

    The stats spreadsheet i got it from says different and care to show us your stats because it is not fine at all.

    My stats spreadsheet says different.
  13. KAHR-Alpha

    People just need to understand this is not Sniper Elite, and going for quick body shots with properly timed cloaking is much, much more efficient.
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  14. KAHR-Alpha


    And I won't show you my stats as I want that nick to remain unrelated to my ingame character, bet's say I'm BR79, and I got:
    - 438 kills with the SR-7
    - around 300 kills with slugs on my Haymaker
    - 375 kills with the AMR-66
    - 249 kills with the HSR-1
    - 212 kills with the KSR-35 (I'm one of the only few who use this great weapon)
    - 143 kills with the TSAR-42
  15. Jkar

    The way nanoweave is implemented is just weird. The name suggest some material to strengthen your armor like a bullet proof vest. How nanoweave should work is give you bullet resist to body shots and nothing more. Modern military helmets don't protect against head shots either they're there to protect against shrapnel. If you stick out your head you're dead, if not from the bullet penetrating your skull then from it's impact giving you head trauma or snapping your neck.
  16. whitupiggu

    Have to agree. NW was implemented in such a stupid way. Giving a flat health bonus means it is effective against everything that does damage. It should give small arm resistance.
  17. XRIST0

    I use nanoweave 5 on my medic , in all honesty i still get outgunned sometimes .. either they are using it too , or it really doesn't make much of a difference .

    Its only an extra 2 bullets to get the kill on a nanoweave 5 player ..

    The only solution i can come up with is just use it too if its such a big deal .

    I spent 1000 certs on nanoweave 5 , for 1 class .. it had better do something for me
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  18. Vortok

    Small arms resistance might work.

    The number of times I've shot a HA with a tank shell while they had their (obviously Resist) shield up and they survived a direct hit is starting to get annoying, and that's with a Lightning. I'm not sure if any of the Prowler weapons can one shot a nano 5 Resist shield HA - not particularly easy to test. If a AP Lightning shot (direct + splash combined for a bit over 2k) isn't enough to kill though, I imagine surviving a Prowler direct hit (none of which break 2k combined damage for a single shot) can happen as well.
  19. Spude

    I think the only problem with nanoweave is that you survive sniper rifle headshot.
  20. Vanudrax