Negating Nanoweave, 250 health is a big deal

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  1. Flying Mug

    Yes and that is definitely because there isn't enough long range OHK and not because half the time you try to stop doing the antiheadshot dance and ADS you get plinked by some Infiltrator on a hill 200 meters away.
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  2. Lagavulin

    Look, can we please stop this 'nerf-of-the-month' nonsense about Nanoweave! It's absolutely fine and sniping is an easy, low-risk activity. I enjoy sniping now and then myself when I feel it accomplishes something (or I just feel like doing it), but why the hell should it be even simpler in any way to rack up easy kills?!!! It is a bit boring if you do it for very long mind you, but nanoweave has nothing to do with that!
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  3. Jkar

    It's not just sniping, it punishes all weapons that trade bullet spam for accuracy, most notably battle rifles, semi auto scout rifles and of course sniper rifles. Nanoweave is also too versatile, it should be small arms resist for body shots like a bullet proof vest not a flat out hp increase that works against every kind of damage and thus defeats or lessens the impact and purpose of alternate suit slot options like flak armor.

    I also want to point out that it's a "suit" upgrade not a helmet upgrade, so obviously shouldn't work on head shots.
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  4. KAHR-Alpha

    I also want to point out we're not actually wearing a "suit", and are just moving artificial avatars in a virtual environment whose rules are defined by balance needs.
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  5. TeknoBug

    Having NW4 and NW5 are a huge difference maker, I think the game could get by with NW4 and get rid of NW5, NW5 makes it much more difficult to get kills with than NW4 does- I know because my VS infil and NC HA runs around with NW5 while the rest are NW4.

    Oh and all battle rifles are the same minus the bullet drop on VS version, battle rifles aren't worth using IMO, I prefer the scout rifle instead.
  6. MrIDoK

    That's completely false.

    200 damage per shot means that it takes 5 shots against vanilla infantry, which become 6 up to nw4 and then 7 at nw5. For a battle rifle that's a huge hit in performance. It's already hard to hit 5 times infantry before they rush into cover, with 7 shots needed you are never going to take that guy down, which means that he will get into his weapon's range far before you can deal enough damage.

    Increase the minimum damage of battle rifles to 249. What happens? it's still 5 shots against vanilla infantry, but it's STILL 5 up to nano4 and 6 against nano5. Of course, such a high lower damage is absurd as the maximum is 250, but you should get the idea:
    Increase the damage enough to counter nanoweave but not enough to require less shots against vanilla infantry.
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  7. Jkar

    Which is why I'd like to see nanoweave be transformed from pure hp boost to a small arms resist armor. We already have different resist types for AV weaponry so why not for infantry weapons? A high caliber weapon category could be created for semi auto weaponry like battle, sniper and scout rifles which are unaffected by nanoweave.

    Nanoweave would become a close quarters suit slot focused on soaking up small arms fire, flak armor will have some of it's use back and accurate slow firing weaponry won't be redundant because everyone is running around with jack of all trades nanoweave.
  8. The King

    Not really, the default semi sniper rifles are much more efficient. That' where it is at in this game.
    Using the others with body shots is pretty useless.
  9. KAHR-Alpha

    I was comparing that to trying to get headshots only. I agree that overall the auto sniper rifles feel more efficient, hence why I recently picked the KSR-35 (I prefer using lower magnifications).
  10. The King

    Ahh, okay.
    Same for me, the lower mag is the best to use. IMO.
    I want to get that for my infiltrator soon. You don't really have to rely on the hold breaths with that. :D
  11. SifuBob

    I feel that the Semi - Auto scout rifles and the Battle Rifles could do with a buff. Maybe just starting small would be the way to go. I feel that the bullet velocity needs to go up, personally. Or, maybe just having access to HV ammo? both perhaps? Also, increasing accuracy when ADS and Strafing would be great too. I am not sure if increasing the damage is needed, but a buff of some sort is needed to make them worth using.
  12. ent|ty

    Tell that to the NC guy that kept Bolt rifling me with headshots everytime I poked my head above cover.
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  13. LowTechKiller

    You cannot compare real life physics with game physics. In real life, no one could withstand the number of body shots that this game allows either. Also, in real life adding armor and helmets improves your survivability. However, in this game, composite armors and different helmets are just cosmetic additions that do absolutely nothing to your stats.

    Besides, battles in this game are RARELY 1v1 in a vacuum. There are tons of outside damage-causing influences that will effect your survivability against a single soldier.

    Like I've stated before, if Nanoweave and overshields are "adjusted" or removed, then what's left to make the Heavy Assault "heavy"?
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  14. Serell

    Nanoweave doesn't just hurt rifles. It also hurts any kind of burst damage weapons, i.e. shotguns. Full auto-guns don't ever notice nanoweave, but nanoweave severely hurts slow firing burst damage weapons, because that extra bit of health they have is going to require an extra shot to take them down. I died way too many times when my enemy only had one health pip left and I couldn't get my extra shot in.
  15. Stew360

    Wrong nanoweave is a Huge problem as a whole ( weapons balance problems ) as well as resistshield and HA shield value , making them way to OP and bullet sponge screwing up almost all weapons balance and it become more and more obvious as long as player progress and get higher rank of NW and HA shield

    these thing as to go or get tweaked down a LOTS ...

    Nanoweave and HA shield Nerf weapons damage , the only classes that is acceptable to have a Resistance to smalls arms are the MAxs suits TR and NC

    ZOE maxs should not have any resistance at all ZOE as to go as well and should have never been introduced in the first places , SPEED and MAXS should never make the pair , the charge ability is fine since it as a cool down , a Speed toggle ability is Not
  16. umbrellapower

    The HA overshield is enough for the HA to win any theoretical 1v1 situation against every other class. Resist Shield and Nanoweave is really silly and overkill.
  17. KenDelta

    Nanoweave is nothing big , I only get pissed when I put a sniper round into someone's head and they just walk away.
    In most combat situations it's pretty much useless.
  18. Jachim

    There was no buff to nanoweave, guys. If there was, please link me to the patch notes that says it was buffed, it's always been 25% at level 5.

    You guys obviously weren't here for the months and months that Flak was the only viable option... and not everyone uses nanoweave, I use it only on about 50% of my builds. Flak is still hugely beneficial especially for medic and support types.

    You people are not looking at this from the perspective of the overall meta. Open your eyes! Why do you think nanoweave suddenly became a thing? It's because almost all explosive damage has been nerfed or essentially removed from the game! Armor is nerfed hard, prox mines are way easier to spot now and cost more due tot he overall increase in costs for resources, etc.

    OPEN YOUR EYES. SOE is to blame, but removing Nanoweave is simply a bandaid solution to the overarching problem of the infantry-focused meta now.
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  19. Balrogos

    Oh cool nano gives more Hp now :) earlier 25% from 500hp =125hp more on rank 5 now gives 2x more cool :D
  20. Jachim

    So I guess only the people who use sniper rifles are complaining about nanoweave?

    Good. They're useless and have no place in Planetside 2.

    Teamwork requires people to attack objectives, defend points, etc.. snipers sit in the hills shooting afk people or those who stop briefly to type. Completely, and utterly useless and I'm glad they're forced to find more useful things to do. :)
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