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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Core, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. YamiNoTenshi

    I've only seen them die and cry, I hope that's not the only thing they do :/
  2. IMTasty

    I hope and fully believe that's the only thing they do. :p
  3. Lakora

    Well here's the issue, Lasers make clean wounds which actually is helpful for your enemies. Usually your lasers actually cauterize most wounds we have. While scrap metal make irregular wounds and we aren't cauterizing your wounds when our bullets exit your body.

    Target Practice, heck their ESF is a flying disc... PULL!
  4. Skiptis

    bring more sunderers to old stockpile mejts
  5. Shinrah

    Well Lakora, your wounds can cauterize all they want. Still wont help you much after getting bisected!
    And yeah, more sunderers to zeh stockade! I got 3k+ Exp from throwing mines at them! Love the new EXP buff for sundie kills, makes suicide runs actually worth my time!
    Still awesome tho, how screwed up FPS are in VHC´s now, constant stuttering and FPS drops. They really did a number on that patch.
    Anyway, was a nice little skirmish, until those Libs of ours decided to the mess the party up! Where´s your AA when you need it huh?:/
  6. Ulysees

    I don't know what was wrong with me yesterday, normally I think I am a good leader but yesterday i couldn't direct traffic in a one way road system with only 1 lane! It was supposed to be our armour training session and I instead made most of our armour team fight as infantry in pointless fights for half the night, couldn't sort out the co-ordination between our air, armour and infantry and then when I sacked off the armour session to just have a relaxing hour as infantry I found the fights where we were getting bombed to buggery by Libs or facing multiple armour contacts supported by infantry with a little over a squad of players at my disposal and instead of getting us sorted to deal with that I just left it upto the players themselves - it didn't go well but you live and learn and hopefully it was a one off so you won't get such easy pickings next time we meet :)
  7. YamiNoTenshi

    I'm pretty sure it was the dirty VS scum that sabotaged it somehow, they probably put a canister of "fun-gas" in your tank or something, revenge must be swift and merciless!
  8. Shinrah

    That just shows how easily the NC rabble can be deceived!
  9. IMTasty

    I gives this thread a slap on the ***. It's too far down for such beautiful banter.
  10. Shinrah

    Is it just me or is Miller quite empty since the patch? Mayby all VS decided to head to Amerish, tho I doubt that, but lately I feel like im busy retaking lots of bases against meagre opposition.
    Either that Blackhole we know as the Crown just increased in size, or we do indeed have less people around. >_<
  11. IMTasty

    Could be either, I know that I personally can't play atm. Not sure if more people have the same bsod issue as me though. But at the very least A LOT of people have been complaining about lower fps, lag and sudden fps drops, claiming the game is unplayable for them.And yeah, the little times I've been able to play, seems the TR zerg has flocked to the Crown more than usual. =p

    So might very well be the case, or placebo on your part and just been unlucky with empty bases. A bit hard for me to tell.
  12. YamiNoTenshi

    The FPS issues I had were solved by the hotfix they released yesterday and I've heard the same from many of our members so people should start coming back again soon :)

    Atleast that's what I hope, if they escaped through a secret wormhole and went back to earth I will be more than a little bit upset, who will take my bullets to the face then?
  13. Ulysees

    Not noticed any pop issues tbh - in fact was rather pissed off on Monday cos wanted to run our armour training session and just kept on running into platoon of goddammed infantry. Had some epic fights last night though as part of our Tuesday night dedicated infantry team (basically the same squad meet up every Tuesday and play together so we can develop the teamwork even higher than our normal standard) really liking the new base layouts means that a base cap is not a case of locking down the spawn any more since if there are a few people in a base they can work together and break out - still not got to defend a major facility yet though and try out the base tunnels though have been thrown out of Peris AMP station a few times when we had almost capped it as a 12 man squad cos a damn platoon comes back to defend it - not fair say I!!! Go the Crown TR and Vanu Zerg it's where your faction needs you. Honest!
  14. AquaKiller



    But yeah, the Crown is basically a huge vacuum of empire resources. It sucks everything in so whoever has it - looses the rest. :)
  15. Meraun


    Be aware of the WASP! its coming for you... Dont run... it wont save you!

    Join the hunt now! Join WASP
  16. YamiNoTenshi


    You were saying?

    Fear MS Paint!
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  17. Shinrah

    Try our newest invention:
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  18. YamiNoTenshi

    The TR won't stoop down to the level of the VS and use chemical warfare, our troops are competent enough to use weapons that require you to be in the same area as the enemy.
  19. IMTasty

    EDIT: No one is allowed to read further into this thread, nothing of importance happens here, no stupid derp moment that will forever tarnish my image. Now move along to the BRTD recruitment page, nothing to see here. :p


    I guess you could say that, makes for a bit of an awkward sentence though.
  20. YamiNoTenshi

    a. To lower or debase oneself.
    b. To descend from a superior position; condescend.
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