NC shotgun harasser

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  1. IamDH

    Mine was dying to the beamer lol
  2. IamDH

    Shotguns aren't even NC lore which surprised me the most
  3. Messaiga

    Only if it is worthy of being an NC shotgun. This is why each pellet is the equivalent of a dalton shell, but there are 4 pellets.
  4. Liewec123

    my biggest hate about being "the shotgun faction" is that shotguns gimmick is a quick TTK within 10m and becoming less and less effective after that, yet people constantly call for nerfs for our TTK within 10m so we receive damage nerfs every few patches.
  5. IamDH

    Well each pellet heads in a certain direction and liberators attack from more than 200m so not a single pellet will hit where you aimed
  6. MilitiaMan

    And full auto machine guns aren't?
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  7. IamDH

    No they aren't
  8. MilitiaMan

    So a weapon that requires you to hold down the fire button with 100 rounds is more skill based than a weapon that has 6 shots and slow ROF?

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  9. firewolf

    Someone got the Araxium medal with it. They made a thread but I'm to lazy to dig it up.
  10. Iridar51

    You actually can do that it Aliens: Colonial Marines. Exploded my brain.
  11. IamDH

    Yes because the 100 round gun doesnt OHK you
  12. Serell


    Yeah guns that are only good in CQC, which force you to use tactics so you can encounter all your enemies at short range is noob friendly, whereas with a machine gun you can encounter your enemies at any range. ADS medium range, burst fire long range, spam hip fire at short range. :rolleyes:

    You should take a look at TF2, a very skillful FPS. Huge lack of easy spammy machine guns, but tons of shotguns and slow firing weapons that require good aim.
  13. Serell

    Underbarrel shotgun for shotguns. Hell to the yes.
    Would be good to have on a semi-auto shotgun, because the underbarrel shotguns acts like a PA shotgun that OHKs, so we can have two shotguns in one.
  14. soeguud

    Shotgun Shotgun. SOE due to a lack of imagination has given NC nothing but shotguns and shields. PITY US.
  15. gnometheft

    The enforcer modified just isnt viable when compared to an upgraded kobalt really :/ It's kinda fun, but ineffective for both harasser and the tank. Meanwhile the marauder farm brings in a bountiful harvest. Please consider giving us a guass weapon, it makes sense lore wise, and a slow firing high damage version of the kobalt would be kinda NC style as is.
  16. IamDH

    So you like the enforcer C85 modified?
  17. Serell

    Only tried it once while gunning someone else's MBT. Felt really meh. Didn't even help much when a Lightning drove in our face.
  18. IamDH

    Well the fact that you never see it around is enough to prove that its weak
  19. Flashtirade

    Empire-specific class: Shotgun.
    It's not even a human, it's just a shotgun with shotgun arms and shotgun legs.
    It fires Aegis shields. ;)
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  20. IamDH

    Lets sell shotgun decals too :)