NC shotgun harasser

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  1. Flashtirade

    There's already a Space America decal.
  2. Morrow

    NC from planetside 1 was renown for their use of the jackhammer, so yeah NC are a shotgun faction. I must say the vehicle shotguns in PS2 are just plain ****e compared to other factions and NS AI weapons. Either rework them or remove them
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  3. Cougarbrit

    Soooooo you want a Basilisk?
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  4. Alarox

    Shotguns suck. They're either:

    1.) Overpowered and get nerfed to underpowered in every situation except for their ideal range.

    2.) By default underpowered in every situation except for their ideal range.

    Things like Gauss and Railgun technology are much cooler and easier to balance...
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  5. p1nkbr0

    When I first started playing the game, i learned that the 3 factions each had unique traits, weapon-wise.

    NC was supposed to to have extremely powerful, but low ROF weapons, and high recoil.

    TR was supposed to have extremely high ROF, but very low powered weapons and middle of the road recoil.

    VS was supposed to have no bullet drop and very fast reload time and low recoil.

    What I'm finding out is that the NC generally has low power, low ROF guns with high recoil, and shotguns. It's not exactly why I was expecting to get into.
  6. AtheistPeace

    When I joined NC I thought we would get some really hard hitting low ammunition type weapons, Now there are some (Reaper DMR and the 20 round carbine) but those are really the only ones, what we really got were shotguns on everything.

    It doesn't even seem like we have the so-called gauss technology, I was hoping for railguns or something on our tanks but yet again, Nope.

    Please SOE can we have some gauss railguns and more lore driven weapons? ;)
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  7. TheBillOf3D

    Enforcer C85 modified was the first and last time I got a weapon without trying it in the VR.
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  8. R3volutionist

    Shotguns are NC lore. If you played planetside 1 you would know faction heavy weapons and pistols were both based on the Factions lore weaponry. NC had a shotgun pistol, jackhammer, and scatter max.
  9. LanceHavenbay

    Shotgun was great... they added armor damage and nerfed the rest of it. Fury is a better gun now, hands down. Esp. on the Harasser. The Enforcer Modified on the Harasser is a joke and a half.
  10. MrShooter
  11. IamDH

    They added armour dmg to an AI weapon?
  12. Locke

    The C85 really needs a balance pass. Atm even if you shoot at close range and miss by a little then you wont get a kill. That would be fine but the spread on the shotgun is tiny so it's pretty much 1 target at a time. It doesn't come close to the Marauder or even the PPA. It should have a much bigger fire arc with a lot of medium damage pellets to make it good at spamming at concentrations of troops.
  13. LanceHavenbay

    Yes. Because Enforcer was the only weapon that did not have armor damage. (; Both the PPA and the Maurader had armor damage. Then still have more damage than the Enforcer modified, as well as a splash radius, about 80meter+ kill ability and more ammo.

    The Enforcer modified is pos.
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  14. IamDH

    Its a huge pos tbh
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  15. LanceHavenbay

    Honestly, I don't think it should be an AI. It should be a close range AT or the air-hammer equiv. (both) Esp. since it has such a short effective range.

    If nothing else, the increased clip size cert, should be... explosive canister cert, allowing the weapon to do armor damage equal to an air-hammer, out to 20 meters. Hell. At 20 meters, there really is no reason not to do nice armor damage. It is a shotgun. You have to get close to use it!

    Hell, the Vulcan is AT and got buffed against infantry. That thing is a menace to everything! xD
  16. Morpholine

    To be fair, while the PPA can damage armor at those ranges, it takes a stationary target, a near-stationary platform, or both to do anything appreciable in that role, and it is easily outdone by the lowly Basilisk.

    And for the Harasser in particular, the weapons that shine are ones that can swoop in, quickly magazine dump (preferably with AOE damage), and bug out/repair during the reload. The long-duration-spammy nature of the PPA doesn't really fit well on the platform.

    That doesn't really mean the C85 Modified is a good option for the Harasser, but it is a better fit on it than on the Vanguard.
  17. LanceHavenbay

    Through extensive testing, I have concluded that the ppa is still extremely effective at AOE denial in infantry fights. The fact that it is spammable and accurate, allows it to keep constant pressue. However, because it travels and fires slow, it is often not suitable/prefer for users, as it rewards pretty much... assists.

    The C85 Modified, on the other-hand requires such an up close, precise hit, that it is near impossible to land solid shots, if any, without parking. On the Vangaurd, the shotgun is amazing, as long as you know when to pull back into cover. The problem is that most tank drivers use tanks as large sniper rifles, rather than... well... a tank. lol. I've rambo'd in on several verrryyyyyy long kill streaks with my friend manning the c85. I don't know how he does it, but we can keep a whole area in check if we have sufficient cover to move between.

    With a harrasser, you bounce far too much and move to quickly to get that clean show that the C85 Modified requires.

    I'd love to hear your feedback if it is counter to my testing. Grab a friend and stroll around VR with the C85 and the PPA. The PPA may not be glorious, but it can get the job done... kinda. XD The C85 Modified is more or less joke unless you idle forward.
  18. HerpTheDerp

    NC weaponry uses Gauss technology. So obviously they would be the leading faction in shotgun use, considering shotguns are probably the only weapon type that cannot be done using gauss technology.
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  19. llPendragon

    It's the only weapon I can honestly say I haven't considered getting. Not even at 3am on a Saturday night.;)

    TR got a Fury knock-off. I don't see why NC couldn't have a Basilisk copy.
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  20. lilleAllan

    Hate shotguns.

    Love Gauss Weapons.

    More Gauss Weapons pls.