NC shotgun harasser

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by IamDH, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. IamDH

    Are shotguns even in NC lore? Shotgun MAX , shotgun infantry weapons, shotgun harasser, shotgun..plane?!!
    I suggest we remove the Enforcer C85 modified and slam a guass tech machine gun on it

    ANYTHING.. Just remove the shotgun
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  2. Cougarbrit

    You forgot the common pool shotgun flash.

    SOE has a mission to provide shotguns for every imaginable playstyle and role.
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  3. IamDH

    Shotguns are bad balance wise and are pretty noob-friendly weapons
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  4. Sen7ryGun84

    You'd have to be crazy to try and use the shotgun flash wouldnt you? Has anyone ever used that thing with any great success?
  5. ih8Darian2

    New ES NC shotgun trees + Shotgun knife
  6. RHINO_Mk.II

    I want shotgun ammo that shoots shotguns (instead of pellets) that each shoot additional shotgun rounds at the target.
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  7. DJPenguin

    The shotgun turret is the biggest joke in the NC arsenal. There's virtually no reason to take it if you can aim a Kobalt. I'd much prefer a slow auto fire weapon that's not the basilisk.
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  8. FlameGankin

    Rolling around in the open, kinda alright. Sitting indoors at a capture point or something its hilariously good, as long as you kill the person before they leave your arc of fire, and hope to not get flanked
  9. Vikingo

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  10. Regpuppy

    I'm not even going to say remove the current ones or not to release them anymore... but damnit man, release a second line for all three empires just so NC can have a different option. Seriously, shotguns on everything as an (AI) faction trait alone is just driving me nuts. Even moreso when all the vehicle variants are useless and the infantry one is a glorified pump action/semi-auto hybrid that the other factions can get in some form.

    Srsly, our main faction thing is suppose to be Gauss weaponry anyway.
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  11. SmokeMcCloud

    Except for infiltrators. :(
  12. Groucho Marxist

    They seem like they'd be good for hit and run blitzes through crowds, but definitely something that's probably harder to use than it's usually worth. I always kinda hope I can get some one else's harasser or flash with the shotgun equipped so I can mess around with it without risking my own resources/certs ;)
  13. Van Dax

    Where the hell is the shotgun liberator turret?!?!
    Im sure that would be a solid option.
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  14. Phazaar

    /Signed. Sick to death of shotguns. I did not sign on for this crap...
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  15. Stew360

    Its a bad jokes , already made mutiples tread about this since early beta , it seams nothing as change so far

    Hope the futur is brighter for the NC in term of weapons design
  16. lothbrook

    The Enforcer Modified needs some serious attention, its fun to use but not very effective, lol.
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  17. Vikingo

    I am sure it is coming in the Liberator revamp along with the VS charge up cannon.... :p
  18. Obscura

    And thats because whisenhunt/higby got **** on by shotgun infils :D
  19. Niller

    Needs more shotgun. I want a secondary shotgun.
  20. Zotamedu

    Guess that's saved for the infiltrator update. Empire specific shotguns. TR get a full auto bolt action. The recoil will make it useless as a sniper but people will abuse the heck out of the full auto 750 damage at close range. The VS gets a charge up sniper with no bullet drop. The crying will be endless. The NC gets a shotgun sniper rifle.
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