NC shotgun harasser

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by IamDH, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. SirBurning

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  2. ManualReplica

    Shotgun attachment for NC shotguns please.
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  3. Cougarbrit

    Everyone knows the sneaky class with low hp would be more OP with shotguns than the sneaky-ish class with a jetpack that can hide and maneuver in any base.
  4. Morpholine

    What the NC really need is a ES shotgun that can fit an under-barrel shotgun, and a shotgun main turret for the Vanguard.
  5. KenDelta

    Harasser shotgun is bad , I want the old one with 5shells per champer.
    Yes the old one that would 1 hit infantry at 30meters.
  6. WaRadius

    Need a deployable shotgun turret for engineer, shotgun medical applicator, shotgun sensor dart and shotgun jump jets.
  7. IamDH

    I'd prefer we get a machine gun or something
    Shotguns are just plain bad
  8. KenDelta

    well our lore keeps YELLING "Gauss technology!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" all I saw in the game was "Bullets" , shotguns , more shotguns and even more shotguns.
    Yes I'd love if our theme got changed into "Gauss rifles" other than "ShotgunsThatWillBeNerfedEveryGU/ShotgunsThatCantBeBalanced"

    As for a Harasser ES-AI weapon , a Gauss turrets , shoots as fast as the kolbat , 200 dmg per bullet.
  9. IamDH

    Exactly what i had in mind
    Shotguns aren't lore, they can't be balanced and have limited range which makes it bad on vehicles
  10. Udnknome

    In PS1 NC were the shotgun faction. There was a common pool weapon (sweeper) that wasn't as powerful, but yea, NC mostly had shotgun weapons. There was a shotgun pistol, shotgun BFR, Shotgun Max, and Shotgun HA weapon. Most vehicle weapons were common pool types with similar play style, except Vanu.

    This created a very unique playstyle for NC. Where other factions would cover a room with zone defense and everyone aiming at the door and not crossing the "streams", NC had to set up ambushes with killzones to lure the enemy into the room and attacking them from blind angles at close range.

    In PS2, NC Faction specific trait has more or less been taken away by providing the other factions such a wide variety of shotguns, even making the Jackhammer irrelevant. Jackhammer was a feared and respected weapon in PS1, much like the Lasher and MCG is for VS/TR now. Also, the Scat-Max has been nerfed into oblivion, (whatever your argument is)> it was always limited to being a door guard, I guess people don't like that--much like they don't like land mines.

    In short, NC doesn't really have a faction specific trait anymore because the other factions have access to the same trait, it is no longer specific. I'm guessing these new NC specific vehicle weapons (even on ESF?) are supposed to be a way give it back to us. Only time will tell if that happens.
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  11. Messaiga

    I will take a shotgun liberator turret, but only if it is a variation of the Dalton Turret. This means that it fires 4 shells in one shot, with a spread of 2, but it takes 4 from the ammo supply each time and has the same reload speed. I can't wait to practically 1HKO MBT's with this thing.
  12. Messaiga

    It can be on the Jackhammer. But it has to be a separate slot from Ext. Mags. Also can we please get a sound revamp for the Jackhammer, please? Higbeh Pls. ALSO I WANT SLUGS ON MY JACKHAMMER, HIGBEH PLEASE!
  13. Mekaniz

    I'm pretty sure NC will get Orbital Shotgun Strike, with effective range ending 10 meters below flight ceiling. But it will instagib everything hugging the flight ceiling, so it will still be considered OP.
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  14. Udnknome

    This would be fine, but with the shotgun aspect in mind, you would practically have to be touching the MBT when fired in order for it to be this effective. ;)
  15. Messaiga

    Daltons deal splash damage to everything, including MBT's. Therefore, we don't have to be completely accurate. It'll be everything the Air Hammer should have been.
  16. Bearcat

    Nothing says "freedom" quite like buckshot.
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  17. SpaceKing

    I don't think we have shotgun rockets, shotgun snipers, shotgun tank shells, shotgun eye beams, shotgun knife, or shotgun Skyguards yet
  18. Messaiga

    The mission is still in progress. I await a day when I have a shotgun rocket. If it is Lock-on it will be like a Striker, but you only fire once. :D Hell I want a damn camera guided shotgun rocket!
  19. eldarfalcongravtank

    a cloaked infil once killed me while i was repairing my tank behind cover. one of my most humiliating deaths
  20. IamDH

    Are you seriously suggesting you put a shotgun on a BOMBER?