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  1. Garrett Black

    Darn I was playing literally all day, should have messaged you, I will try tomorrow.

    What time does most of the outfit play? I think easyf has alt on cobalt. saw him die in mattiace video not to long ago :)

    Oh and I was looking at your stats, 75 days of game play, cool.
  2. RHINO_Mk.II

    Your vid is set to private.

    I had been wondering what the M1TT tag was for.
  3. rguitar87

    Yep, Ghosts of MittMorren. Paying tribute to the guy who set the bar for PREY's standard of excellence. He was the boogie man to everyone who flew on TR and VS. :)
  4. Genserik

    Where is mitt anyways?
  5. rguitar87

    He's learning to fly in real life. No joke. :D
  6. Genserik

    I can see him trying really hard to pull off a reverse thrust maneuver.
  7. rguitar87

    Cesnas can only be pushed so far. :(
  8. The deli mane

    Actually saw him today, saved my bacon when I picked a fight with a few mossies. Seems like PREY is always in the right place to save my *** :D
  9. SCVinyl

    Hello, I'm BR 35-36 and I'm interested in joining Prey if new members are still being accepted. I have numerous other accounts of BR 20+, but I main NC on Waterson. I'm not the best pilot on the planet, but I've been searching for a while for a good air squad. My IGN is TFCxAddictx (I know it's stupid, but I made this account a while ago).
  10. Mikenuge

  11. SCVinyl

    Hey there Mikenuge, I added you a while ago but some stuff came up and I couldn't come on for a little while. Is there still a spot open?

    Whelp, guess not >.<
  12. Exaust

    HI im BR 61 and im interested in joining
    I have 65hrs in my reaver and 33hrs in my gal and there both pretty well certed out
    I have a mic and im active
  13. chrisbeebops

  14. Velicc

    Finally some good outfit...for me...or something...

    Yeah, BR 37, pretty well certed Reaver and slowly certing my lib.

    I fly preety decently, and I know mah shizzles.

    Mic and TS are good
  15. rguitar87

  16. Titan6

    I'd be interested in joining. I'd love to be a battle-Galaxy pilot.

    I don't have a mic at the moment, and I haven't really piloted in a few patches.
  17. SCVinyl

    Good luck, they're apparently 3good5allofus and don't seem to respond to any serious applications :p
  18. IamnotAmazing

    so what's with this whole spamming invites to everyone?
  19. Scientiarum

    YES!!! GIVE ME MORE REAVERS TO SHOOT DOWN!!! ...or... to get swarmed by and die a horrible death...
  20. rguitar87

    Spamming? To everyone? I've invited 4 people over the last month, they all were fine acquisitions.

    I'd rather that not be the case, I'm sure one of us is enough. ;)

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