Nanoweave affects more than just snipers. It is a nerf to NC, long ranged combat & gameplay pace

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  1. BoomBoom4You

    Nanoweave is fine, people need something to complain about and NW is the flavor of the month. I rarely, RARELY either kill someone with very little health left, or die and find my enemy had very little health left. In the grand scheme of things, it rarely even comes into play.
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  2. Patrician

    In this you're wrong; I didn't state that You all would go after those other things to be nerfed. I asked if you would.
  3. CaligoIllioneus

    The other suit slots are too restricted in purpose, that's the problem. Flak, the second most popular one, shined the most when vehicles dealt way more splash, now it's basically for AI mines and grenades and little else. Ammo pouch is useless 99% of the time. Grenade bandolier is extremely situational, I can only see it used for concussion grenade spam or a LA that quickly throws lots of grenades into enemy infantry pockets. Advanced Shield Capacitor is worse than it sounds since most of the times you either kill the enemies or get killed, and if you kill them you have time for the normal shield recharge.

    So I agree with the poster above that says that even if Nanoweave gets nerfed people will still use it, because compared to all those options, it makes you live longer when shot, which happens all the time.
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  4. Shatters

    Thats exactly the point. Nanoweave is so strong ATM, that it could get nerfed and still be a very viable choice. Only this time, people might concider another suit slot over NW5 in a specific situation. Extra HP will always be the easy choice, since it will always be usefull in every situation where you will take damage. I want people to think: Oh, there are alot of tanks outside and im going trough the open field, better equip flak. Or: I am not going to be near a engineer for awhile, better take extra ammo with me, instead of: hurr durr nanoweave5.
  5. Shatters

    as for point #1, see post above. I Dont want to remove NW from the game, i want to tone it down and make the other choices more viable by nerfing the strongest one down to the level of the other choices.

    Front, side and top armour are visible on the MBT's. You know when they have those and you can work around them. No such thing as nanoweave. not only wont i know who is running around with it, but even if i do, i cant do anything else then putting another bullet in your head.

    The reload cert-line are much less of a problem, since:
    1: The reload-time reduction is very marginal, especially when you want to make every hit count.
    2: It doesnt screw over a total line of weapons.
    4: Tanks are still balanced with the increased TTK from the increased reload. Unlike the long-range weapons vs NW.
    5: At best you are going to get a second or 2 advantage out of the reload certline, in a tank fight that is going to last about half a minute (assuming no gunners). The problem with nanoweave is that it increases the kill-time of the bolt action from ~0.5s (assuming perfect headshot) to ~4s (best case scenario. Usually your target will be doing the anti-sniper dance after the first hit). That is a 800% increase in TTK.
    TLDR: Tank combat is still balanced with the increased reloadspeed. Nanoweave is causing huge problems versus slow fireing weapons on longer ranges.
  6. NovaAustralis

    How about this...
    Rather than nerf Nanoweave, just buff Bolt Action Sniper Rifles to ignore Nanoweave.
    There problem solved.
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  7. MarkAntony

    That's where we'll just have to agree to disagree.
    Since unless you or I change our opinion on this we'll be discussing a topic which we define differently. And that'll get us nowhere.
  8. ChrisEarth

    Maybe the problem with the whining snipers, but the problem with the suit slot will be still the same.
    As long as the NW gives you this huge amount of additional HP, almost nobody will change to another suit - especially in CQC.
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  9. SwordofCyric

    But people will never think that.

    Even in an open field people will rather have NW since winning infantry duells is more awesome than dying to two hits from a tank instead of twi.

    Even when away from an engineet NW, killing infantry until they run out of ammo is more awesome than dying in the first infantry duell with many spare bullets left you never get to fire.

    A weak buff that is applicable in 100% of the situations is always preferable to a strong buff that is situational to the vast majority of people.
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  10. Patrician

    Or, as we're always being told that PS2 is a team game, you stop being a solo sniper and go out as a team/duo and coordinate your fire; there, NW sniper problem solved!
  11. Patrician

    But this will not happen; even if NW is nerfed back to 125HP (although there is evidence that it was always 250HP and the tooltip was incorrect) it will still be the cert of preference, for HA's at least anyway. Even if you're going to be crossing open ground, flak will not help you survive sustained fire from MBT's enough to be used above NW, as there is more danger from HA's and snipers.

    As for ammo pouch or grenade bandolier, I doubt there'll ever be a time that will make either of them a viable choice as they are so incredibly situational that it's highly doubtful that you'll live long enough to make full use of either.

    So the other options need to be made more appealing and NW needs to be left as is; snipers bolt action rifles should, maybe, be buffed as to headshots, but perhaps it would be better if snipers stopped trying to play solo and worked more in teams, as the rest of the classes have to.
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  12. NovaAustralis

    I agree with your teamwork remark.
    That should apply in all cases. Nanoweave or no Nanoweave.

    My suggestion was to give back the BASR a niche capability.
    That being the ability to bring down Nanoweave wearing targets.
    So Nanoweave users have to be wary when in places they can be sniped. (The downside to Nanoweave)
    (Also, because currently Sniping is so broken as to not be worth it. Render distance, etc...)

    This leaves in place the other benefits of having Nanoweave (rightly so).

    *I'm not a 'solo sniper'.
    (Furthermore, while there a certainly solo players who snipe, there are also a lot of snipers that are in a squad, spotting and selecting targets for the benefit of that squad.)
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  13. Jex =TE=

    A) since when is 100m "distant"

    B) wtf has it got to do with you how other people play the game. So just because you disagree with something it should be removed? Fine, I disagree with you - please remove yourself from the game.

    logic fail.
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  14. UberBonisseur

    Did you even read the title of the thread ?
  15. Shatters

    You mean like....
    dunno. Got no clue. Every class in this game can very be effective on its own. Especially infiltrators should be able to do so, since the more of them at the same spot, the less effective they get, unlike pretty much every other class.

    And saying snipers should team up in order to kill some1 at long range, is the same as saying you shouldnt be allowed to kill somebody in 1vs1 in CQC. total crap argument.
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  16. Trysaeder

    There's a continuum of balance and I think people would cry too much if nanoweave was compeletly removed, but this is well said.
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  17. Shadowyc

    Ooh. What if made you move slower with Nanoweave on? O: Like, start out at 50% base speed, then move up to 75% at max rank. Would that help with its balance, as a start?
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  18. Patrician

    Not at all; you've either deliberately decided to not comprehend my post, or just haven't comprehended it. Take a look around these boards and you'll come across countless posts from people stating that "PS2 is a team game and players should work in a team and not solo". This answer has been used to counter ESF posts, MBT posts, HA posts, LA posts, and pretty much any other whine post you can think of. I was simply reusing that same argument with sniping; if one, solo sniper cannot take out one player with a headshot, as PS2 is a "team based game" play as a team and coordinate your targets.

    As for your "1vs1 CQC" argument, I would suggest that it should not be a definite kill unless it's two of the same class and loadout. For example LA vs HA should not be a guaranteed kill for the LA, ever, HA vs HA, if one has only a pistol and the other LMG, the pistol user should not expect a win. There are many situations, in CQC alone, that 1 player shouldn't have a guaranteed win over another.
  19. CptFirelord

    What's that? NC with the highest damage weapons are QQing because they can't OHK someone with Nano5 like EVERYONE ELSE? Cry ME a reaver.
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  20. TheBloodEagle

    Seems like we should just remove everything "bothersome" and turn this into CS. Will people be satisfied then?
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