Nanoweave affects more than just snipers. It is a nerf to NC, long ranged combat & gameplay pace

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  1. MarkAntony

    In your imagination perhaps....
    You are only talking about balance between the factions. That is only half the balance concerns in this game.
  2. Stride

    I don't think that is what he meant. Each faction has it's differences and themes and is balanced slightly different. TR tend to have higher fire rates, NC tend to have more burst and slower fire rates, while VS have less bullet drop and damage falloff.

    Each faction have some weapons that fall into these themes "not all weapons" but the basic idea is that each faction have slight differences.
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  3. Kanil

    And my point is that these differences can result in a common pool ability affecting the factions to a different amount.
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  4. Shatters

    1: It would NOT be balanced. If a suit slot has 1 option that is superior in pretty much every way to the other options, it needs to be toned down. You are acting like there is only 1 balance in this game, and that is faction balance. Quess what, we also have class balance, sidegrade balance, suitslot balance, ect. Just because something is available to every faction, doesnt mean it doesnt ruin tactical tought and loadout diversity when it completely dominates the supposed "sidegrades".

    2: What is your definition of the word balanced? my definition of balance means that weapons, suitslots and attatchements are sidegrades of each other, which allows for more diverse and tactical gameplay. And in my book, that is a good thing.

    3: so your argument for letting NW stay as it is, is that people will always equip the OP stuff, and therefor it should stay OP? The point is to make NW a superior choice in SOME sutations, instead of nearly all of them.

    Hell, if it was up to you and your balance, every1 should run around as a HA with the same weapon, attachements and certs. because, you know, class diversity and loadout diversity just makes this game to damn complicated for the COD players.
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  5. Shatters

    Or just nerf that one suit slot down to the level of the rest. You know, because nerfing 1 suit slot is easyer then buffing 10 others,
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  6. Aegie

    What I find somewhat humorous is that people have started catching on that NW5 affects low ROF high damage per shot weapons the most and yet there is a general lack of appreciation for what this means balancewise among the factions.
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  7. anaxim

    Of course no one can tell if the asymmetrical balance of the NC weapons against the other faction weapons doesn't take in account the difference of the NW5.If they nerf nanoweave to make NC weapons not to suffer these extra 2 shots , maybe then they will have to nerf all NC weapons that benefit from that nerf.
    All I want to say is that maybe the NC weapons are(a little) more powerful in all the other lvls of nanoweave before lvl 5(than the other factions).
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  8. Aegie

    Nope, sorry.
  9. Patrician

    Now you're resorting to reductio ad absurdum. All factions have access to NW so it is balanced by definition.
  10. Patrician

    It's the only one that matters.
  11. Patrician

    So making them all useless?
  12. Shatters

    No, nerfing nanoweave down to the level of the other suit slots, in order to make the other options more competative with nanoweave.
  13. Patrician

    Now the anti-NW crowd wants NW reduced to be as ineffective as the other options are at the moment to give PS2 "a more diverse and game play
    ay"; but how does this affect your game? Why does it matter so much to you what everyone else certs?

    The bottom line is that NW increases the TTK in PS2 and that is a good thing as far as ex PS players are concerned. It's funny you bring up the CoD crowed really, as I thought that your hate of NW was a disguised call for a TTK decrease which would make PS2 more CoD like.
  14. zombieslore

    Your right that I did say that at the end a bit, props to you that noticed it and had the time to actually respond to it but you have to agree to a point with me, NW ruins the sniping portion of the game, sure NW can't stop snipers at 75m but they can stop them at 100m which most snipers fight at that range, and the fact that 11 certs can save you from a skilled marksmen or lucky shot that hit you in the head at most then 100m range is total crap in my opinion because sniping is already hard in this game and if you spend 11 certs can save you from a sniper bullet, thats just kinda stupid cause in no game is it this hard to snipe and that it's possible to tank a sniper headshot.

    You sir, are right, but does those rocket podding aircrafts help their faction by farming people thats spawning from a sundie, is a ZOE max inside a biolab just killing people coming out of the teleporters helping his faction or farming, does the NC (wait one, can't think of a really good one for the NC, best I can think is AP Enforcer vangaurd farming tanks, not a really good example. Please help me if you can think of one.) These people aren't helping their faction but insanely farming people, no their not directly but I'm not trying to say that, Sniping is just really dumb in this game and having the ability to spend 11 certs to save you from someone that hit you from far away in the head is just dumb, in not game has someone survived a sniper bullet in the head, even across the map like battlefield.
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  15. Patrician

    The other options aren't used as much as NW , which if they were useful, they would be used. So they're not useful, therefore they're useless.
  16. Shatters

    1: Its a good thing "as far as YOU are concerned". i dont share that opinion, at all. As well as many others.

    2: Nanoweave makes most long range weapons (bolt action and semi-auto for example) near useless on their intended range versus a nanoweave user.

    3: If people dont have a universal best suit slot, then diversity on suit slots will increase, and adds variety. And that adds another layer of gameplay to planetside2. Spawning 24/7 with the same loadout shouldnt be as effective as some1 that puts some tought in his equipement every time he spawns.

    4: Current weapons are not balanced around the extra HP nanoweave gives, especially the weapons explained in #2. Also, high damage/low ROF weapons are hurt more by nanoweave then the high ROF/low damage weapons.

    5: Planetside 2 aint planetside 1. The weapons and stuff is not balanced around a "high" TTK (altough i find the TTK pretty long already, especially on HA's)

    I am not saying Nanoweave should be removed. I am saying that nanoweave should be nerfed, in order to make the other suit slot options worth concidering depending on the situation.
    Buffing the other suit slots to the level of NW5 will still not fix anything. We would need whole weapons reworked in order to deal with NW5 as it currently stands.
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  17. Shatters

    Seriously, are you trolling me? I sure hope so... Otherwise it would be pretty sad.

    People currently barely use the other suit slots bacause nanoweave is far superior. It is not because the other suit slots are worthless, it is because the other suit slots are worthless COMPARED to nanoweave5.
  18. Shatters

    So a pistol with 500k damage (also on vehicles), 5000 ROF, unlimited ammo, acces to scopes and awsome accuracy would be balanced if all factions could use it?

    We, are telling you, that there is more then the faction vs faction balance. There is individual balance, in order to add more viarity to the game. If everybody would run around with a infiltrator with said pistol, the game would become very boring very fast.

    We dont have a super soldier class for a reason. There is a reason that we cant carry 10 weapons, shield, turret, repair/heal tool and mines with us in a single loadout. It is there to add layers of complexity to the game. If there would be a best-in-slot weapon/suit for every situation, then why even bother with the others? might as well remove them.

    Then again, this is not COD. You are required to put some tought in your loadout. Take these examples:

    1: Supressor or not?
    2: mines or healt-kit?
    3: ESF, wraith flash or on foot?
    4: Sniper or SMG?
    5: Cloak 1 or cloak 2?

    Heavy assault:
    1: Shield 1 or shield 2?
    2: Dumbfire, g2g, g2a or anihilater?
    3: Weapon for close range, mid range or long range? What type of weapon?

    What would happen if we had a weapon that was best at all ranges, a supressor with a drawback or a do-it-all-and-better-then-the-others-launcher (like the striker but even better)?
    It would kill diversity. Everybody would run around with the same loadout, which would be boring as ****.

    Also, with the current easy of respawning / being revived in this game, I dont agree with a increased TTK being good for this game. If reviving and spawning gets less rediculous then it is now, then a TTK increase might be good for the game.
  19. Patrician

    OK, let's say you get your way and NW is nerfed, in all likelihood it would still be the "go to" cert simply because it's more general than any of the others. And let's face it, two of the others are, pretty much useless, grenade bondalier and ammo pouch, due to engineer ammo packs and the likelihood of being killed before you get to use either. That just leaves flak as an alternative and I already switch between NW and flak , depending on the situation now.

    And then what would you be calling to be nerfed? Front, side or to armour for MBT's because it affects the "Balance" of tank weapons? MBT reload cert because, again, it changes the TTK of the player using it as against one that doesn't? Bottom line, when will all of you that continuously cry for nerfs be satisfied?
  20. UberBonisseur


    Also, I'm right because post n°100
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