My Tank was C4'd

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Arkenbrien, May 7, 2014.

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  1. Arkenbrien

    Here's the story:

    I was running my standard AP/AP load-out, cruising around the Esamir wastelands looking for a good tank fight. And lo and behold, hundreds and hundreds of meters away from any base (the closest base was ~500 meters), was the perfect target! I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EYES! An AP/AP VAN! WOW! We exchange shots, and I take some damage. Brimming with excitement, I dashed around a rock for repair. I exited my vehicle, and BOOM! A LA C4 pooper fairy, all the way out here in the middle of nowhere, C4'd my tank. What's worse is that I saw him about 10 meters away, when he was just starting his jump. There was no way I could stop him. He was on the opposite side of my tank. Granted, I only had about 50% health, enough for a single C4 to destroy, and I wasn't in the tank at the time, but my tank was inevitably destroyed. I killed the offending LA, just some sub-25 BR.

    I know that C4 is a little necessary because of spawn-camping tanking n00bs, but this is ridiculous. I was far away from any base, and there was no reason why he was out there except to destroy my Mag. Now yes, I should have made sure that there were no stupid C4 pooper fairies around, situational awareness and all. But why should I have to worry about a single low-BR LA in the middle of nowhere with greater DPS than the AP Van I was just fighting?

    Now for the obligatory anti-tank-pro-C4 whining, I'll get it out of the way so anything similar is repetitive and makes whoever thinks that anti-tank-pro-C4 whining is needed looks like a troll. If you are actually going to say something constructive, the kindly disregard the following.
    But situational awareness! You're a n00b! Middle of nowhere, remember? Yes, I should have noticed some random LA hundreds of meters away from a base charging my tank, but I was in the middle of a desperate battle, and I can't actually turn my turret around to check, can I? My gunner (who was actually somewhat competent) was busy hitting the Van.
    It's so hard for LA to C4 tanks! They deserve to kill tanks! Not hard enough, it would seem.
    K/D ratio! N00B! May your toothpaste dry, may you loose all your left socks, and may your dog never stop barking 1-4 a.m..
    Tanks have so much armour damage boost! Only applies to tank fights. Infantry with C4 have no problem killing tank, and have an easy second shot at doing so (as long as the tank doesn't move).
    There are many, many more, but I'm tired of trying to remember typical responses
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  2. Cinnamon

    Honestly if he was just hiding in the middle of nowhere waiting for a tank to stop by him then he's like some next level player.
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  3. iccle

    As a regular AV tanker I feel your pain, but your going to get nowhere on forumside with this, here this is the only thing i can offer to help:
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  4. IamDH

    What happened to you is just bad luck or he followed you. Your tank might get pushed off a bridge by a sunderer one day, doesn't mean sundies are OP. I do also think that you shouldn't have gotten out to repair without checking around
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  5. Paragon Exile

    I once hit a friendly galaxy with my drop pod, and it was sent flying into a tree and exploded like a bomb, killing 6 teammates .

    Drop pods r OP.


    Bad luck happens.
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  6. iccle

    More likely he flew unnoticed and abandoned his air taxi to drop near him, at least this is how i often have encountered this very same situation.
  7. -MJ12-

    LA rule no. 1: Be where noone expects you to be. A true master.
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  8. Arkenbrien

    He was on the opposite side of my tank. I only saw his feet as he lifted up with his jet-packs. Heard his Jetpacks. There was no way I could get to him in time. He didn't come out from behind the rock I hid behind or anything. He came from a direction of an open plain, so I don't know if there was a Mossy involved or not, but if there was it just makes C4 more moronic.

    There's a tank! I'll eject from my fighter aircraft and drop some C4!

    Yeah, just some bad luck. A double whammy considering the jewel of an opponent I was just fighting.
  9. Krayus_Korianis

    So you came to the forums to complain about being killed in a Swagrider with C-4... Now you know how everyone else feels when the VS uses C-4 as grenades.
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  10. Arkenbrien

    Yeah, 'cause the VS are always using C4 as grenades... and nobody else does...
  11. Prudentia

    oh yes the Empire specific C4 with the VS faction trait of throwing further...
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  12. Krayus_Korianis

    Uh oh, I guess I hit a nerve calling out the VS C-4 grenadiers.
  13. Konfuzfanten

    a) you didnt have proximity radar
    b) you didnt have a gunner
    c) you didnt check the area before jumping out

    And why shouldnt you get punished for those mistakes?

    When i run outside a random building play infantry, having a GREAT infantry fight, and eat a tank shell to the face (some times AP), from a tank placed on a hill top some 300 meters away(waaay outside minimap range - zoomed in to be useful in infantry combat), should i come here can complain about OP tanks?

    Yea its annoying and i hate myself for not check before i left the building. Then i respawn, remember where the tank was and continue the infantry fight or get a lib and make sure that forumside will never run dry of "lib-kill-my-farm-machine-NERF-NERF" threads.
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  14. CWorth

    Or in your whinefest you fail to think that a Vanguard can hold 2 people and they don't show how many are in the vehicle anymore.

    So in your run to hide behind a rock to repair his second turret gunner which happened to be an LA hops out and heads your way unnoticed due to your poor situational awareness and blows your *** up..

    You were simply outplayed ....nothing else.
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  15. z1967

    Sometimes people will go out of their way to personally remind you that this is not WoT. C4 happens and there is nothing you can really do about it in a case like this since you didn't see him until it was too late.
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  16. Sulsa

    The unpredictability of a truly open FPS like Planetside2 is what makes this game so awesome.
    It's the pure chance happenings in such a large environment that makes this game epic above all others.

    Something tells me that if you had seen the LA first, you would have won... ;)
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  17. smokemaker

    I am surprised you must be told this.... well no not really.


    Meaning, you can be killed ANYWHERE.

    You want safe, warp gate.

    Outside of wargate and in the middle of NOWHERE, fine feel safe.... But know the C4 is in route.

    What possible could you want to change?
    What should be nerfed?

    You want a mobile warpgate?
    So you can repair in safety?

    This is foolishness at its best and the way PS2 is headed. Watch, this kinda whine will get some cheese in a form of some crazy nerf.

    Personally, I think checkers or go fish might be your style.

    And Finally, you need better situational awareness.
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  18. Wyll

    So, you foun a target in the middle of nowhere and was stunned that there was a player near this target in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps there was an invisible Sundie lurking behind you.

    More than likely, I would rack this up to a case of poor situational awarness and forgetting about the Tanking Rule Of Safety: Never assume you are in a safe place.
  19. MasterCheef

    as an LA all i can say is


    i know ive done my fair share of causing tankers to rage. Sometimes a tank will back up unknowingly to my perch and i get giddy.
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  20. Casterbridge

    This needs to be a poster of some kind, to the internets!
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