My Tank was C4'd

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Arkenbrien, May 7, 2014.

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  1. kokocabana85

    Are you angry at being killed by C4 or by a light assault? I play only as medic and engineer and I am that kind of guy that runs after smoking tanks for 5-10 minutes knowing they will get out and repair at some point. What if I had placed anti-tank mines behind that rock 10 minutes earlier and you set them off when you parked your tank to repair? What if the light assault simply shot you and then C4'ed your tank?
  2. AdmiralArcher

    his gunner was pre-occupied
  3. Saval

    Sometimes I hide in trees in enemy territory, and then drop my C4 on unexpecting drivers.
  4. ValorousBob

    Or maybe got Gal dropped, or possibly even launched out of a Liberator.
  5. ValorousBob

    Honestly, I've done that before. But usually just because the offending tank killed me while I was trying to C4 his friends. Or it's Roamcell.
  6. Sebastien

    Eh, it happens. I've had guys come after me fanatically because I killed them repeatedly.
    The question you should be asking yourself is; how much is enough?
    For me, it's never enough, I want more.
  7. TriumphantJelly

    So.... Instead of constuctive critisicm, you moaned about your own misfortune and how you sorted it out, clearly making you MLG PRO and "better than the OP".

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... :(
  8. TheBlindFreak

    Well, either he was just an idiot that happened to be hiding on the right rock at the right time, doing nothing productive otherwise, or he was a clever LA that tracked and stalked you and struck when you were most vulnerable.

    Either way, it can't be used as any sort of evidence against LAs and C4.

    Also, you shouldn't "worry" about them. Just expect players to gravitate towards high value targets like tanks. Don't get tunnel vision. Be aware that even LAs can take you out. You're much faster than them, so if you see them, just back away, line up a good AP shot, and rend their flesh into tiny chunks.
  9. GaBeRock

    Congratulations, you now understand what mattherson's like, all the time. :cool: Also, esf pilots would like to have a word with you concerning people in the middle of nowhere ruining our fun. ;)
  10. Astriania

    If a LA approached you from the direction of an open plain (so he must have been visible in the open for many seconds), and neither you nor your gunner saw him, I'm afraid this is a straight forward case of lacking situational awareness.

    This is a combined arms game, you have no intrinsic right to 'a good tank fight'. Would you be whining on the forums about your tank being taken down by a Dalton Lib, or lolpod or hornet ESF? What about being hit from behind by another tank or harasser you didn't know about?
  11. Dieter Perras

    man I hate when this happens
  12. DQCraze

    If SOE did tank armor like they do comp armor for every other vehicle, then scaled the resists in a 4 level tier system where the highest level gave you 50% reduction to high explosives, I think that would be better. The current system is kind of useless.
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  13. Konfuzfanten

    Yes im clearly better then OP, because the amount of times i get C4 can be counted on one hand. You know why? Because i got the mythical situational awareness DLC.

    And so he lost his tank because of the ineptitude of his gunner and himself.

    The fact that he and his gunner didnt check for enemies/took counter measures and that some ppl think that he shouldnt be punished, boggles the mind.
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  14. AdmiralArcher

    i think that C4 is annoying, but we should just take it away from the medic, otherwise there really isnt anything wrong with it
  15. Tuco

    C4 need to be removed from LA.
  16. Tuco

    You know what we call online PVP games where attitudes like yours prevails? We call them "failed online PVP games".

    You know what we call Hossin, Esamir, and Amerish? Continents where 90% of players won't go to because there are too many places for C4 fairies to hide.
  17. Tuco

    A1) Why would you put AT mines near some rock in the middle of nowhere?

    A2) Go ahead and try it
  18. MasterCheef

    riiiight. so i guess PS2 is a failed online pvp game?
  19. Kanil

    I looked up your stats. It appears you don't solely drive the Magrider. As such, you've probably been exposed to rolling your lightning, or just getting it stuck somewhere.

    Surely you're used to the idea of sometimes just dying to **** luck, yeah?
  20. faykid

    i am torn apart here
    i hate when LA's come out of nowhere and C4 my tank
    but when i manage to do the same, i feel so good. like, soo good. like sex
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