My Tank was C4'd

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Arkenbrien, May 7, 2014.

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  1. NC_agent00kevin

    I stalk tanks a lot. I could earn more Xp doing other things, but I find it fun. I will spend 10 minutes follwoing a tank around if I have to. I will also sit at random locations that I know a vehicle will be passing through and wait with C4 on the ground. (there are also tank mines out there somewhere) I have a lot of clip of video of me C4 camping spots from trees, rocks, and even hiding in bushes.
  2. Ronin Oni


    You COULD have carbined him out of the air while he was floating along ya know.... Takes less time to swap weapons and kill an LA than it does to toss C4 and detonate it with it already in hand.
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  3. Marxsbeard

    It's totally not cool that an unreliable 700 cert weapon can kill my farm machine when I'm not paying attention. And it only costs them 200 infantry resources, plus another 100-200 in failed attempts!

    I just wish the guy shot you in the face after wrecking your ride. Then he'd get that wonderful feeling of flipping the bird to the tanker.
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  4. Arkenbrien

    ... The only thing I can think of is a quote from one of my favorite shows.

    I'll adapt it for you.

    "You to raise the number of members on this forum, but lower the average IQ."

    Seriously, if your not going to read comprehensibly, then do yourself a favor and don't post.
  5. The Rogue Wolf

    It seems to me that the OP was more angry that his "honorable duel" was interrupted by an outsider. To which I'll say this:

    The name of the game is "Planetside 2", not "One-on-one Duelside 2".

    If I see an ally and an enemy in the middle of a fight, I'm not going to think "Oh, those two are having a duel, it would be dishonorable for me to interfere". I'm going to think "I'm going to help my fellow [insert faction name here] soldier defeat the enemy". And then I will go about doing so with whatever tools I have in my arsenal.

    (Also, whenever the tank I'm driving is destroyed with C4, I will usually send a /tell to whoever did so... congraulating them. Because I know how difficult it actually is to do so under most circumstances.)
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  6. Ronin Oni

    I read it alright.

    It wasn't worth much of a reply though.

    You get what you give or something like that.

    You got C4'd.

    ... and?

    Sorry, not a big deal. So he was out in the middle of nowhere. Yeah... that happens in this game.

    You could just have easily been bombed by an enemy Lib that was out in the middle of nowhere too and you'd be just as dead (with less of a chance to do anything about it... you COULD have stopped the C4 if you noticed him a mere second or 2 early)

    So... yeah. Nothing wrong here, you just mad.
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  7. Arkenbrien

    ... You still didn't get it. You are only reading what you expect what to read. Since when did Libs come into play?

    I'm sorry if my point was slightly hidden, but it's not that hard. I'll walk you through it, since your having a problem with comprehensive reading.

    My point had nothing... NOTHING ... to do with QQ mah swagrider blew up wah wah wah nerf C4 plz.

    My point was that infantry can do a better job at destroying vehicles than other vehicles. Look at the situation again. I was in a pitched battle with an AV/AV Van. I was in an AV/AV Mag. He does some damage, but doesn't even come close to killing me. With me so far? I hide, hop out for repair, and some random infantry, out in the middle of nowhere, does something that Van could not have done: insta-gib the tank. C4 did a better job than what an extremely specialized vehicle. Maybe I should repeat that last part. C4 did a better job than what an extremely specialized vehicle.

    Personally, I don't think this should be the case.

    Recourse cost? No big deal. 200 infantry resources, 700 certs for two bricks. Seems like a huge investment, right? Wrong. Tanks cost 450 mech, 750 certs for APC, 1000 for AP secondary, plus sights, plus ability, plus armour, plus chassis. Several thousand of certs (I know you didn't specifically mention resources, but someone did).

    I've learned my lesson in being somewhat cryptic in my OPs, I'll make sure not to repeat that mistake.

    I'm going to give my brain a favor and not reply to this thread any more. Posting it in this format was a mistake. I'm sorry, Forumside.
  8. HellasVagabond

    Of course in reality C4 is not a counter to MBTs but hey this is a game....Whenever it suits some people....
    That being said devs should had never made it possible from people to bail from ESFs just to drop C4....This could be achieved by implementing a failsafe that forbids mid-air ejection IF the health of the ESF is not in red levels.
  9. Axehilt

    Well we've established your point now, but your point couldn't really be more wrong.

    The reality is infantry are absolutely terrible at killing vehicles. They are fodder outdoors.

    Will an infantry one-shot a vehicle that is playing recklessly or not paying attention*? Sure. But in every other situation, the vehicle has a massive advantage.

    I mean you're free to try playing infantry outdoors for a while to see how that goes. I assure you you'll make much less of an impact on the outdoor battle than as a vehicle.

    (* Failure to pay attention is the same as recklessness really.)
  10. MostlyClueless

    To kill you with C4 the enemy infantry has to touch you. You are faster than that enemy Infantry even when reversing.

    You have a gun that will kill them in one hit with an effective range of "If I can see them I can hit them"

    The odds are not in the Infantry's favor here at all.
  11. Halkesh

    What's the point of this thread ?
    Speak about C4 or speak about the frustration of being killed by something that is not supposed to be here ?

    This LA can be an angry peasant that you have killed before (in his vehicule or not), he want his revenge and he has it. Yes, it cause frustration, but does C4 need a nerf for that ? No.
  12. Marxsbeard

    C4 is 100 resources a brick. The average player is going to waste plenty trying to kill tanks. That is out of the same pool as grenades, mines, medikits, max suits, etc. Which, while they can be stockpiled, playing that aggressively will burn through stockpiles. Any decent tanker will have recouped his 450 mech by death. So cry me a river, the balance is in your favor. My once a month stock tank pull nets plenty of dead ezmode infantry.

    And, you play vehicles too much if you can spot a LA, and he can still place the C4 and detonate before you can kill him.

    IMO, all anti- tank weapons should be majorly buffed, while the mech resource cost cut to compensate for the limited lifespan. Make being tank without infantry support more dangerous.
  13. Ronin Oni


    Fact remains, that LA with C4 is 10x easier to counter and handle than an enemy vehicle.

    It takes 1.5 seconds to kill him with your basic gun FFS or OHK with your canon... it takes 3 seconds to throw and detonate C4... never mind actually reaching your vehicle.... which also moves faster than infantry.

    So you got surprised. BFD. Cry moar.

    And bloody hell I know there was no Lib in your scenario. What I was saying was that A Lib can just as easily, and in fact far more often will, gank you out in the middle of nowhere, however unlike the random LA who is also doing jack else, the Lib is basically un-counterable for your lone tank (even with top AA secondary) whereas the LA is easily effing countered.

    C4 is easily one of the least common causes of death to me in a vehicle. If you die to C4... YOU messed up.
  14. Arkenbrien

    The purpose of this thread was to prompt discussion on AV dedicated tanks vs C4 effectiveness. What it turned into, rather predictably was a flame war on me by certain completely blind individuals who think this is a whiny whiny fuss fuss QQ cry some moar thread, who seem to think that this is somehow related to my personal skills as a tanker (whatever), or some other completely unrelated junk. This is a thread de-railed, which is why I'm going to try to close it to save face for others. :confused:
  15. DG-MOD-02

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