My Tank was C4'd

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Arkenbrien, May 7, 2014.

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  1. Mxiter

    Situational awareness.
    It's not that hard to hit an infantry with FPC/Saron/Halberd.

    It's much harder to C4 tanks, especially the mobile swagrider.

    Improve or cert proxi radar.
  2. Stormsinger

    It's entirely possible he was a bail assault. Grab an ESF with ejection seats, find a tank occupied with a firefight (You're firing, so easy map visiblity)

    Bail out, apply C4, watch the 'splosions. It's cheap, but effective... and ESF's tend to land safely without pilots (Same goes for libs / gals) ... All he has to do is run back to his aircraft, and go for another run... provided it didnt drift behind enemy lines on it's way down.
  3. Vixxing

    I can only quote Tanya, my favourite commando-kick-***-girl from Red Alert "A brick of c-4, knocking on your door!"
    (i think that gurl invented blowing tanks up with C4! come to think of it i think PS2 stole Prowler from mammoth tanks!))
  4. Phyr

    I've done this before.

    To the OP, this guy could have been chasing you down, on foot, for a good 5-10 minutes, waiting for the perfect opportunity to give you his gifts.
  5. DaninTexas

    Congrats Rock. You met Paper
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  6. NeonNoodle

    You forgot "where's your scout radar and what happened to your secondary?"

    I consistently decide to travel in the most inconvenient ways. I had a mossie literally land on top of me while I was footing it from one base to another. He popped out the other side of the vehicle and I waited for him to try and gun for me. Instead he ran off oblivious that he ever landed on me...Guess he only saw a big safe open area to park his ride.

  7. DrPapaPenguin

    How terrible.
  8. Hosp

    Lord Zotz is pleased by this blood infused wine.
  9. AlexR

    Here's the story:

    I was chilling in my standart C4 LA setup flying around the Esamir wastelands looking for a good screenshot. And lo and behold, hundreds and hundreds of meters away from any base (the closest base was ~500 meters), was the perfect shot! I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EYES! A VAN AND A MAG! They exchange shots, and mag took some damage. Brimming with excitement, he dashed around a rock for repair. So i decided to be his poop-fairy and gladly placed my lovely c4 brick on that flying ufo-tank. BOOM. What's better is that he saw me about 10 meters away, when i was just starting my jump. There was no way he could stop me. I was on the opposite side of his tank. Granted, it only had about 50% health, enough for a single C4 to destroy, and he wasn't in the tank at the time, so the tank was inevitably destroyed. But then he killed me...

    why should I have to worry about a single High-BR Engineer in the middle of nowhere with lesser DPS than my C4 and AP VANGUARD he was just fighting?
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  10. Arkenbrien

    Because an LA shouldn't be wandering around uselessly in the middle of Esamir, where the chances of a tank coming by are nil, and most of the time the tank is an honorable tank hunter, not a spawn camping n00b. That LA should have been at the base where a decent number of HE Tanks were camping, sitting conveniently in a single spot, just asking for some C4. More certs for the LA, more pain to the enemy, and it advances the LA's faction cause much more than a random Tank in the middle of nowhere. That's why.

    Mockery to me is not funny, which seemed to be your point in that.
  11. Nerp

    I wonder how all the people who I c4 with my drifter jump jets feel when they don't even see me coming.

    However, I must say that I often miss my c4 from very high up, so I'd say if someone can get you from really high up, they're either really good at leading where their c4 will fall, or you're probably standing still.

    I have no sympathy for you if you see them coming and don't bother to stop them though.
  12. Arkenbrien

    Normally I agree with your last point, but there was literally no way I could have killed him. You exit the vehicle on the left, and he was on my right. I started to repair. I crouched, and I saw little feet jump about 10 meters away. I stopped repairing, pulled my main, but it was too late. I mean, I identified an LA in a split second by it's feet. Come on, I'm not completely clueless with how the game works.
  13. Nerp

    While I know this isn't practical, you had an option of how far from the rock you could have parked. Also, you may have missed the LA in your rush to get behind cover, resulting in him being able to sneak up on you.
  14. Arkenbrien

    Well, I asked why should I have to worry about a single low-BR LA in the middle of nowhere with greater DPS than the AP Van I was just fighting, and the answer is because there are single low-BR LAs in the middle of nowhere with C4.

    Just wonderful. Yet another moronic way for me to die.

    Thanks, all, for your informative, if biased, responses.
  15. Degenatron

    My main issue with your post is that you complain about something, but offer no solution. What exactly should be done to prevent this? Is there anything that can be reasonably done?

    Here's a question: why weren't you running Proximity Radar? I'll answer my own question: Because it's not worth having. And when you get C4'd when running ProxRad, you feel even more like a doofus.

    But I'll go one step farther: Prox Rad is geared towards Anti-infantry players who are hunting infantry. It does little good as a defensive upgrade, because to use it, you have to stare at your radar.

    So here is a simple suggestion that could solve your problem: Add an audible "Blip!" whenever the Proximity Radar picks up an enemy infantry on radar. It's a very simple addition, that would make proximity radar into a truly defensive upgrade that lets you know when you're in danger. Then, if you get C4'd and you don't have ProxRad equipped, then it's your own fault.
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  16. Hatesphere

    Really? I had no idea what players decided to do has to be set to your standards. honor, although a noble goal, is laughably naive. Many of these "honorable tank hunters" turn into spawn campers minutes later. a player pulled a tactic you didn't expect and killed you, why all the crying?

    I mean it sounds like you were lone wolfing, and got killed by a lone wolf. fair is fair.
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  17. iller

    Can't read the OP .... felt like I was being Graped in eye sockets while tied to a radiator
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  18. Hatesphere

    for decades and decades.
  19. Codex561

    So an LA was walking for 500m without you seeing him on Esamir. You didn't see an enemy in a plain field running towards you. So you post a thread in the forums instead of asking yourself what did you do wrong?!
  20. Axehilt

    1. If a second tank had rolled up on you at 50% HP and killed you, that would be fair.
    2. If a solo basilisk-eqiupped sunderer had done that, that would be fair.
    3. If an ESF had done that, that would be fair.
    4. If a Lightning had done that, that would be fair.
    5. But somehow a player catching a vehicle as infantry, moving into basically melee range, isn't fair?
    I'm almost universally on the vehicle side of the equation and feel like C4 infantry are underpowered outdoors. I would rather be any of those other vehicles than the flimsy slow-moving C4 user who is forced to get into melee to deal any damage. There are massive disadvantages to being infantry outdoors, and those disadvantages are not made up for by the fact that if you manage to get into melee range you can one-shot a tank.
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