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Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Perls, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Trysaeder

    T1 Cylcer: 800 RPM
    T1B Cycler: 750 RPM
    T1S Cylcer: 698 RPM
    Cycler TRV: 845 RPM
    SABR-13: 600 RPM
    NS-11A: 645 RPM

    The next time you're wrong, don't be a dick about it.
  2. KodiakX

    I can't stress this enough. Trial the T1S Cycler if you don't got it. Pull out a stop watch. Time out how long it takes to reach zero bullets. Repeat with the T1 Cycler. Look at the identical ROF results. You have 30 minutes on trial to test between them.

    The numbers you are quoting seem like the beta numbers which were changed on the release patch.

    The next time you're wrong, don't try to be so smug about it.
  3. SilentStrike

    I don't know, I apparently am still learning that one hahah, sorry bout that
  4. KodiakX

    These stats seem more accurate but still seem a bit off based on in game testing. The T1 Cycler (according to the docs) would have a 3.2 per magazine (at 750 RPM) but it still clearly comes out at 3.5 per magazine each time (which comes out the same as 698 RPM of the T1S) when you test it in game. Even then if we're talking about a difference of 50 RPM then then fact you can grab a Compensator and Underbarrel Grenade Launcher really seals that deal.

    As for the T1B the main reason people don't talk about it is because it's a 3 round burst fire rifle only. That's why it has superior Recoil, because it's locked into a smaller recoil firing mode. The limited firing mode makes it basically a gimped version of the SABR especially when the fact the T1S gets that same 3 round burst fire mode which has low recoil as well in that firing mode.

    All good :)
  5. Trysaeder

    No, they are post release and taken straight from the game files.

    Which one has a possibility of being wrong, data from current game files or some guy with a stopwatch and an agenda?
  6. KodiakX

    You're totally right. What was I thinking? So I went into the data files myself and extracted all the weapon data as well and look at what I found:

    T1 Cylcer: 698 RPM
    T1S Cylcer: 698 RPM

    I was completely shocked! The numbers I extracted and then put into text without ever modifying them what so ever completely backed up my argument! Personally I'm going to just ignore the numerous sources of conflicting reports that all state different numbers since I know this data is definitely accurate since I just pulled it myself. There's no need to prove or disprove that these numbers are accurate at all because it's now on an internet forum and therefore must be true!

    That's really what it all comes down to, what can you actually prove? Anyone with a stopwatch (or smart phone with a timer on it) can prove or disprove what I am saying for themselves. They don't have to mess around with data files or decide which version of the "truth" works for them. They can hop in game and see for themselves.
  7. Ochemypie

    wow... im not impressed with SABR-13
    Not accurate in mid to long range. bullets travels slow.
    Couldn't get the trial because of the alpha squad bug thing
    so I bought it because ppl said its really good
    but turns out i just wasted my 7 dollars
  8. Swordlord

    Short to Medium: NS-11 Platinum w/ Foregrip, Suppressor and 2x Reflex (or NV)
    Medium+: T1S Cycler w/ Foregrip, Compensator and 3.4 Red Dot
  9. h1perkarma

    Shame you feel that way, was first gun I bought and last gun I'll ever buy. Whats the point in having a gun that fires faster if you can have a gun that kills them in less shots (less overall time)

    I mean I love my SABR13 and I have both that and the Cycler T1S, while I find the T1S amazing for close quarter battling, I spend the majority of my time behind my squad providing cover fire and pickin people from a distance, that's when the burst damage comes into play, 3 clicks bam, dead enemies.
  10. Patooie

    The T1B is my goto weapon. After maxing Tool and nano regen I put my certs into flak armor. I have a siege build with this maxxed and it makes a huge difference in survivability during the "lob fests" where I'm close to the front lines propping folks up. My utility build has nano nearly maxxed as I do seem to come out 1 v 2 and 1 v 1 with little health left and this bump seems to make a big difference in my survival rate.
  11. Kuraudo

    I've had a lot of success with the SABR over both the default Cycler and S variants. I guess it has a lot to do with how good you are at controlling your bursts, but I have actually had more success with it in CQC than mid to long range. It probably has a lot to do with how easy the SABR is to control between bursts.

    This is anecdotal, but I've faced off against LMG's and dropped them before their bullets penetrated my shields. I was constantly agonizing over what a terrible shot I thought I was with a Cycler, but with the SABR, I feel powerful and deadly and the game really opened up for me.

    In the end, I suppose it has a lot to do with player skill and preference. Sidegrades indeed.
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  12. r.Tek

    IS C4 really that useful on a medic? I personally think it would be useless, but I see some of you hear saying you love it now i'm starting to have some second thoughts. Also, what slot does the C4 take up?
  13. Redcleoud

    I like the Cycler T1S by tons. I only trialed SABR and not enough time to really comment trials are too short, esp without any upgrades. I did like it from the trial but still personally went with the Cycler S and won't look back ever. I like the S underbarrel nade launcher u can equip. And all 3 firing modees make it very versatile, with compensator and grip it really can pack the heat with manageable recoil at close-almost long range. Really great gun to upgrade for all situations so u can save some certs by not having any "specialist" guns aka CQC only or Long-range. 2x Reflex is main scope but if I need a little longer range 3.4 redot is win. Only issue is it has a longer reload than stock t1 and other weapons which u can't reduce.

    I got tool to 5, as any dedicated CM should (obviously max it eventually, but 500 can be a lot imo need to go for some other things before going for that unless u literally only play CM). I went with nano armor, but can see Flak being useful in many situations. I'll prolly go for revive grenades before max out app.
  14. Gorox7

    It is not a must-have, but gives you at least a bit of anti-armor capabilities. And you can insta-kill MAX if you are lucky/skillful.
    It goes in the utility slot, you keep your grenades.
  15. r.Tek

    Yeah I decided to go ahead and get it earlier since it's double EXP. Thanks.
  16. }{ellKnight

    Just got the T1S yesterday. Awesome gun!
  17. Vortok

    Double C4 is good since you can kill any tank you manage to sneak up on and put sunderers into burning status, which'll kill them quickly enough if there's no engineer nearby (or if anything else damaged it beforehand, it just dies).

    I have a single brick and to be honest it is kinda underwhelming - mostly because a single C4 will generally only irritate an enemy vehicle unless other people are damaging it too, in which case the C4 may not have been needed. Good for gibbing an enemy MAX but it's about the same as C4ing a tank... have to get close enough without getting wrecked. You could try to lure them around a corner, but results may vary. If MAX Flak Armor gets buffed along with the other classes this week I would expect a lot of MAX players (those that actually put certs into 'em) to start running that, so C4 against them may start being less effective too.

    Since it's the utility slot, though, you're giving up resto/med kits. Woo. If you're putting enough certs into medic to think about getting C4, you likely already put enough into your heal aura that you don't need to burn your utility slot on self healing anyway.

    So basically double C4 is where it's at, but that's 700 certs.
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  18. Perls

    Some of you tend to forget the fun factor at times. C4 is fun. Period. Stick it to a flash and have drive it into a sunderer where people are spawning = hilarious.

    Yesterday I had a silly mag trying to run me over so I dropped it and blew it when he drove over it = dead mag. He may have been a little damaged (probably was) but was no where near critical. C4 does damage, takes up no slots that I'm aware of, and adds more versatility. I am however, sad, that getting two costs so much in certs consider the ridiculous cost it is to refill them (100 per, 90 on the second tier I believe).

    As for weapons, the stock cycler is still (in my opinion) the most solid weapon in the game close to mid.

    I'm going to give the T1S a shot after reading this thread though, just to mix it up.

    I have the sabr13 with comp/grip/HVA, and was extremely overwhelmed. Especially when I equipped the same setup on a CARV-S which literally took me from effective to ridiculous in terms of K/D at any range. Yes that's a heavy weapon, just stated it since I"m so annoyed with dropping 300 pts in the sabr and it's effectiveness is garbage. It's damage at long range is a joke all things considered, I get better results out of the stock cycler.
  19. Tipper

    Cycler TRV definitely. The rate of fire on that gun is insane. Foregrip, soft point ammo and reflex sight and you can kill anything in CQC. Without soft point ammo it's decent at range too.
  20. Gorox7

    I personally love NS-11a. It is very versatile, extremely accurate and reloads really fast. Reflex 2X, soft point ammo, laser sight allows me to go face-to-face with HA and win.

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