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Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Perls, Nov 24, 2012.

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  2. Pyros

    Dumb statement and also wrong. Heal applicator sure, even though one point before last rank is good enough until you have more stuff, nanoregen upgrades are fairly bad overall and half of them do nothing including the last point(200certs wasted right there if you have it) and nanoweave armor is debatable and the last point is so extremely expensive you'll get more benefits from a lot of other stuff like getting 2 bars of C4 and revive grenade for only 100certs more.
  3. Dankshasta

    Fifth is second to last, not the last rank. There are Six ranks of these, remember? You called me dumb, but you didn't read it right, lols.
  4. KodiakX

    I come away in a lot of combat situations (at 20%) with a bubble or two left and healing up so I definitely think Nanoweave is worth it. I am not sold on the 25% 1000 point investment yet but eventually I'll pick it up. For those 1000 certs I could completely gear out another class making it hard to really want to invest heavily into yet but at the same time you figure in a long enough time line there's no reason not to get the extra 5% if you plan to use it.

    I've also heavily considered Flak because a lot of the times I am playing in an organized group I'm actually in the rear to provide support and I want to say most of my deaths come from Grenades or explosives and not direct gunfire. However in general game play almost all deaths come from Gunfire so the Nanoweave is the clear winner.

    I have maxed out medical applicator, ress grenades, and healing ability. Triage is garbage and I don't plan to bother with such a low % regen in vehicles. Nanoweave is currently 4/5. Currently working on the second rank of C-4. I unlocked the Medical Applicator to max rank first because honestly rank 6 is leagues above rank 5 and totally worth saving up for.

    The slower rate of fire is actually inaccurate. If you take a T1 Cycler and empty a clip into the wall while timing it and take a T1S Cycler and empty a clip into the wall and time it the times are identical (3.5 seconds or so each time). The only two differences are higher base recoil (as you mention) as well as longer reload times. Otherwise the guns function identically both damage wise and ROF wise. If you don't believe me take the challenge, get out a timer/stop watch and test.
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  5. Azloki

    What is your in game name KodiakX?
  6. KodiakX

    Kodiak on Mattherson
  7. Dankshasta

    Yeah I agree the Triage is junk in the early grind. I'd say it is a luxury item for buying only after your toon is is well rounded. I'm behind you quite a bit, because I've only received 900 certs, but your plan looks pretty similar to mine.

    BTW- I use the stock cycler with a x2 reflex, and a Sabr with a x4 scope, and high velocity ammo as my main load-outs.
  8. Perls

    Since I've invested 330 points in the stupid sabr, I was thinking this was my issue. I actually prefer iron sights to scope, but maybe I just need to stop being stubborn and get a real scope for this puppy. I mean hey, what's another 30 pts.
  9. Dankshasta

    Well the scope is effective, but it is a pain in the ***. I should probably change mine to a reflex type, to be honest.
  10. CrimsonDaemon

    If you don't believe me take the challenge, get out a timer/stop watch and test? Really? Nice manners there, kid. Though if that is truly the case, I am happy to be corrected if they do share the same rate of fire.
  11. FirstPersonWinner

    You actually have a slow trigger finger then, because I can unload mine faster than a cycler. The High Veocity Ammo helps because then after I unload my Semi-Auto/Burst thing-ama-gun my bullets are the ones that hit first at any range. Compensator makes up for all the recoil this causes.

    It may also be because, even at close range, I don't shoot from the hip. Ever. Mainly because you can't with a SABR-13, but I still can kill almost anyone in close range. Only have an issue with shotguns and heavies that get the jump on me. You just have to have good aim and not be too jumpy.

    To train go use a sniper rifle on Left 4 Dead 2 Advanced or Expert difficulty until you get used to not wasting ammo and making every bullet count.
  12. Pyros

    Ok my bad then thought you meant 5th after the initial since you start with 1 in each of them already, as in you NEED to max them. Still Nanoregen is pretty terrible upgrades, it's cheap though but it's really not high priority imo since all it does is make it so you can nanoregen a bit longer. I'll assume you meant 4th for nanoweave then, since there is only 5ranks on this one and the 5th one is worth 1000certs. There's a ton of stuff better than that for that price. Point still stands, I don't see why you would make fun of someone for not having 5pt in Nanoregen and 4pt in Nanoweave before getting revive grenade, C4 or different weapon loadouts. I'd only agree on the medical applicator being vital to your role as a combat medic, the other 2 aren't such great upgrades that you need to have them more than the other stuff.

    Yeah no, I tried it a few times by rebinding the key to the keyboard and I couldn't get a lower time, which is about 2.9secs to 3secs a clip. That's about very slightly faster than a normal cycler and it still shoots 10bullets less. You'd need to unload in 2.15 for it to be equal and I never got close to that. I'd try using autohotkey or similar to send keys even faster but the game doesn't accept external input for the fire key, probably to mess with aimbots a bit. If you can actually fire in 2.15 secs then I definitely suck and your SABR does more dmg, I just don't think that's the case.
  13. KodiakX

    There's a really easy way for you to test their rate of fire. Pull out a stop watch. Press start on the watch and hold down the left button. Press stop when the bullet counter reaches zero. I have done this at least 100 times on each weapon and every time it's come out to be the same result around 3.5s - 3.7s on each weapon every time. It's so easy anyone of any age can give it a spin.

    Not really sure why you're offended by this suggestion but then again I've found over the years people who call people "kid" are usually kids themselves which would explain it :rolleyes:
  14. Perls

    All I know, is that I maul people with the cycler. It's ridiculous. I try to step outside of that and add some versatility (sabr), even my heavy assault has 4 different weapons to try, but I always find my way back to the cycler lol.

    Guess it's just my gun. Probably just put a suppressor on it like I did in beta and go ninja medic.
  15. Vibe

    Can't decide whether to use NS11 or T1S Cycler. Since you guys say that T1S has higher recoil, does the compensator even help any? I used it on SABR-13 but it didn't really help.

    Also, NS11 has the same ROF as T1S Cycler?
  16. Trysaeder

    The SABR has 7% less DPS than the default Cycler, which is equal or more DPS than every default NC or VS gun save the Orion. It is absolutely capable of killing people at any range, with added long range capability to that increases its flexibility over the default gun. The biggest reason it isn't seen more often is because the Cylcer is the best assault rifle in the game, and is accurate enough over any engagement distance to make most other rifles redundant.

    The only other TR rifle worth considering is the RF3 or whatever it's called nowadays; that thing has the highest DPS of any aimed weapon with great accuracy out to medium range
  17. Trysaeder

    You're not saying anything useful with that phrase, so stop doing it.

    This is correct, the SABR shoots 10 rounds per second. 3 seconds to empty a 30 round clip.
  18. SilentStrike

    I honestly think the guy was talking about the fact that:
    Gun A: 40 round clip 3.5 seconds
    Gun B: 30 round clip 3.5 seconds
    that means
    gun A has a rate of fire of 11.428 rounds per second
    gun B has a rate of fire of 8.571 rounds per second

    that means gun A fires 2.857 rounds per second FASTER than gun B

    its not rocket science that if a 30 round clip and a 40 round clip unload at the exact same time that the gun firing the 30 round clip actually has a lower fire rate due to the fact it is only putting out 30 rounds in 3.5 where as the other gun is putting our 40 rounds in 3.5

    40 / 3.5
    30 / 3.5

    come on man seriously? we learn this in what? 2nd grade? 3rd?

  19. KodiakX

    The compensator on the T1S Cycler will reduce the recoil to less than the base T1 Cycler so yes it helps. You can also use the compensator to offset High Velocity Ammo for less bullet drop at range (but again at the cost of more recoil).

    The guy I was addressing was talking about the T1 Cycler vs T1S Cycler and not the Cycler vs SABR discussion. Visually (in game) if you compare the weapons the T1 Cycler has two additional pips under speed compared to the T1S Cycler. The argument keeps getting made that because of these two pips, clearly the T1 Cycler has a faster ROF. However in real tests where you actually time how long it takes to empty each weapon they come out identical regardless of what the UI states.

    What grade do they teach reading comprehension in again?
  20. Vibe

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